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765 Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail

 Actually, Wu Hai was to blame on this matter. He didn't state it clearly before he left.

"But Little Hai only told me to treat Master Liu to dinner." Zheng Jiawei was confused. However, it wasn't a wise decision to maintain the stalemate, so Zheng Jiawei figured out a compromise. He said, "Let's do this, Boss Yuan. You take the money back now. When Little Hai finishes drawing, I will ask him."

Yuan Zhou had to take the money back helplessly. He knew Zheng Jiawei wouldn't bother Wu Hai when he was drawing and hence couldn't help sighing inwardly. Zheng Jiawei was really a stubborn person that never bent the rules.

On the other hand, Liu Zhang began to make a call after he came out from Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Just because of that, Zheng Jiawei and Yuan Zhou had time to argue about this matter.

"I found a restaurant where the boss makes better Mantou than you do."

"You don't believe that? When did I ever joke about delicacies?"

"Just come to Chengdu now and you'll know what exactly is happening."

"After you buy a train ticket to Chengdu, I will tell you the concrete details."

"The Thousand Thread Mantou you are best at is also outmatched by others now."

There was a little bit contempt and provocations contained in Liu Zhang's tone. Simply speaking, he was trying to provoke his old friend. Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai would absolutely be surprised if they saw this scene. This was because Liu Zhang had always been a cool-headed master in their hearts.

He said a few more words and seemed to have achieved the goal. Since his old friend was coming to Chengdu tomorrow, Liu Zhang became quite delighted. Only then did he return to Zheng Jiawei's side.

Zheng Jiawei had told him earlier that he would drive Liu Zhang home.

After the two people left, there was only Yuan Zhou left in the restaurant. The drunkards who came to drink liquors were all in the neighboring pub and Shen Min was attending to them over there, so Yuan Zhou didn't need to worry about them. He returned to the kitchen and prepared to cook something delicious for himself.

He was experimenting with the new dish, Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail. Yuan Zhou busied himself in the kitchen for a while with great confidence and then, the delicious Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail was prepared.

The plate was a round one that greatly fit the style of the dish. There were some big roosters painted along the edges, looking gorgeous and beautiful.

The chicken tails in the plate nevertheless looked like peach hearts with the sides big and fleshy and the middle having a conspicuous bone. There were about ten chicken tails in a plate. And along the edge of the plate, there were some mushrooms which the scent could reach his nose.

Let me just eat it in the courtyard. I'll get a pot of liquor and prepare some hot peppers to eat together. Hmm, that will really feel great. Yuan Zhou thought for a while in his heart and then began to lay the table.

It was fairly boring to lay the table alone, therefore, Yuan Zhou started a friendly conversation with the system again.

"System, why does the chicken tail look like the peach heart so much? Is it newly cultivated?" Yuan Zhou didn't see the living chicken personally this time. Instead, he got the processed ingredients directly. Therefore, he asked curiously.

The system displayed, "No. The main ingredient of this dish is jungle fowl..."

Yuan Zhou immediately interrupted the system even before it finished talking. He asked in surprise, "Are you talking about jungle fowl?"

The system displayed, "Yes, the jungle fowl."

"It's a Second-Grade State Protection animal. Are you sure I can eat it?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help supporting his forehead.

"How many years would I stay in jail if I eat them all?" Yuan Zhou looked at the Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail that emitted alluring fragrance and had a feeling of being cheated.

"System, do you intend to send me to prison to conquer the stomach of those prisoners?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help complaining.

The system displayed, "The deed of eating hunted animals under Second-Grade State Protection is also considered to be a criminal act. The accusation would be Covering Up Or Concealing Criminal Proceeds Or Earnings From That."

"The criminal suspect could be sentenced to a maximum of three years, fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or surveillance with an additional penalty of fines, or he would be fined separately. For serious violations, the criminal suspect would be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment between 3 to 7 years with an additional penalty of fines."

"Ho Ho." Looking at the crimes listed by the system, Yuan Zhou appeared composed but felt helpless in his heart.

"So you hope your host can take a trip to prison?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "The jungle fowl provided by the system is purchased legitimately. It's actually raised scientifically by humans rather than the wild one. So the accusation of eating wild animals won't happen. It's not illegal."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I broke into a sweat due to fear." After saying that, Yuan Zhou wiped the nonexistent perspiration on his forehead and complained.

The system displayed, "No need to panic, Host."

"I didn't panic. I just don't want to go to jail because of eating several chicken butts." Yuan Zhou complained.

The system displayed, "This jungle fowl isn't that jungle fowl."

"It's so good to be able to eat domesticated jungle fowl," said Yuan Zhou.

The system displayed, "The jungle fowl come from the bird type, genus gallus, phasianidae, galliformes, also known as Red Jungle Fowl, Camellia Chicken, or Zhuye. It's said to be the ancestor of the modern chicken. The original production area is from the southern part of Vietnam. As the creature is similar to Two Camellias, it is called Camellia Chicken by the natives."

"Wait. What type of animal is the Two Camellias?" Yuan Zhou felt puzzled.

The system displayed, "That sounds that animal produces sounds similar to when people speak the two words of 'Two Camellias'. That's the reason why it's called Camellia Chicken."

"Oh. Two camellias." Yuan Zhou muttered.

"Two camellias... Two camellias..." Yuan Zhou said again with a poker face. However, he totally couldn't imagine how the chickens sounded all along.

"What a strange kind of chicken." Yuan Zhou summarized.

Nonetheless, the system wasn't affected by Yuan Zhou and continued displaying.

The system displayed, "The body type of jungle fowl is very similar to that of domestic fowls, but it is slightly smaller. The feathers are more gorgeous than that of domestic fowls. Those tail feathers are black and have a green metallic luster and the remaining two tail feathers in the center are the longest while the lower part is sickle-shaped. Therefore, its tail is large and heart-shaped."

"No wonder the middle part of the tail tilts so much." Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion.

The system displayed, "The jungle fowl lives on fruit, seeds, tender leaves, tree leaves and various kinds of wild flower petals. When this system raises the fowl, it provides fresh flowers over other foods. Therefore, its meat is fresh and delicious. Furthermore, it has a slightly delicate fragrance and has very little offensive smell. All in all, it's most suitable to be used as the raw ingredient for the Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail."

"Well, where have the remaining parts gone?" Yuan Zhou asked subconsciously.

The system displayed, "The remaining parts..."

"Stop it. I suddenly don't want to know that anymore. Thank you, System." Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the watermelon of which only the central part was taken and hence stopped the system immediately.

What a joke! If he let the system finish its words, he would definitely have a feeling that he was even inferior to a chicken. So it was better for him not to know anything about it.

Yuan Zhou gave a thumbs up to his own resourcefulness.

The system was quite cooperative this time. As soon as Yuan Zhou stopped it, it didn't display anything more.

"Alright. I can taste the new dish securely now." Yuan Zhou was quite satisfied when he found the system was so cooperative this time.

"Seldom do I have a chance to sit here, drink some liquor, and eat some dishes. It feels so wonderful." With a pot of liquor held in his hand, Yuan Zhou sat beside the stone table and enjoyed the sight of the not very round moon.

The Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail was a hot dish. When Yuan Zhou carried it out of the kitchen, he directly put it on the table. The hot steam floated slowly with the fragrance in the courtyard.

One of the characteristics of this dish was its fragrance.

As it wasn't within the business time of the restaurant, the system didn't turn on the protection facilities. As a result, the fragrance directly floated out and filled the courtyard. Yuan Zhou felt the mixed fragrance of the dish and the flowers were really not bad.

However, the fragrance wasn't so wonderful to the drinkers who were drinking liquor on the second floor of the pub...