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762 Treating Someone to a Meal

 Liu Zhang's order did not affect anyone else. He sat there and waited quietly after he was done with the order.

The many customers in the restaurant proceeded with what they were doing. Some focused on their food like Wu Hai, some did not talk much, and some enjoyed eating while chatting.

Everyone minded their own business in harmony.

"Where is the Fruit Pancake from this morning? They aren't quitting, right?"

"Don't worry about it. The old man's son is getting married today. That's why he's not around."

"Good. I will feel weird if I stop eating Fruit Pancake in the mornings."

This was a conversation between two girls. They were dressed in office attire and were office workers in a nearby office, making about 4,000 or 5,000 RMB per month.

They could not afford to frequent Yuan Zhou's restaurant even if they only ordered the most basic of the dishes on the menu such as Egg Fried Rice and Clear Broth Noodle Soup. Therefore, they would only come occasionally as a way of rewarding themselves for their hard work.

They still needed to go through Taoxi Road to reach their office. Therefore, they would still be able to see Yuan Zhou's restaurant every morning.

No two identical leaves existed in this world, and no two people have the exact same thoughts. The existence of Yuan Zhou's restaurant had a different significance to everyone.

For Wu Hai, the restaurant was everything. For Ling Hong, this was a place to hang out when he was bored. For Master Cheng, this was a place for him to learn about cooking. For Wu Zhou and his girlfriend, this was a place for them to have a date, and so on. Of course, there were also some who saw the restaurant as merely a place to eat.

"I hope the Fruit Pancake old man would live to a ripe old age."

"So that you can buy Fruit Pancake every day?"

"Of course."

"Won't you get bored of eating Fruit Pancake everyday? Have you heard of the saying that you are what you eat? Look at your face. It looks like a pancake."

"Get lost. You like to eat melons. Look at your body."

This was banter between close friends. Ever since Yuan Zhou's restaurant got popular, more and more stalls selling snacks or breakfast had opened in front of his restaurant. The scale of these stalls was also growing without stop. A year ago, there was only one steamed bun stall at Taoxi Road.

Now, there was a soy milk and Fried Breadsticks stall, Sesame Seed Sticky Rice Cake stall, Fruit Pancake stall, and many others. Not even Yuan Zhou himself realized that he was slowly changing the entire street.

The best witness to this were the two office workers earlier. One had to eat breakfast in the morning to maintain energy levels. These two had been working here for a few years. In the past, the options for breakfast were very lacking. Now, they could choose to eat what they like.

Not long ago, a middle-aged man selling Fried Breadsticks had to shut his stall due to some family affairs. This was why the girl that enjoyed Fruit Pancakes was so worried. In fact, the girls were aware of the reason for the changes going on here. Therefore, they had favorable impressions about Yuan Zhou.

Unknowingly, Yuan Zhou was now labeled as a good person.

"Let me tell you something, Boss Yuan. Queen Jiang is treating me to a meal today."

"Zhou Jia, let me tell you something. Today, Queen Jiang, also known as Jiang Changxi, is treating me to a meal."

"Tycoon Ling Hong, Jiang Changxi is treating me to a meal today."

After Ma Zhida entered the restaurant, he started telling everyone he knew that Jiang Changxi was treating him to a meal today. His face looked glossy and was filled with joy, looking like someone who had won the lottery.

Although Jiang Changxi was not one of the ten cancers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, she was no less popular than the cancers. Therefore, many people raised their eyebrows when they heard what Ma Zhida was repeating.

Before anyone could ask what's going on, Ma Zhida already blurted out the whole story. He started telling everyone everything about his bet with Jiang Changxi, including the extension of the bet.

The other main character of this story, Jiang Changxi, was currently looking at the menu with her assistant, Tang Min. They were whispering, trying to decide on what to eat today. She did not say anything concerning Ma Zhida's words, so one could say that she was tacitly agreeing to what he was saying.

As for Tang Min who had been tasked with filling up the money box every now and then, she was throwing indignant gazes at the smug Ma Zhida.

She had the urge to pull at Ma Zhida's ear to tell him that if it wasn't for Director Jiang occasionally filling up the money box, the money box would have been emptied long ago.

Moreover, Tang Min also remembered that she had seen even Boss Yuan filling the money box with money. Without all this, Ma Zhida would have lost his bet.

She wanted to tell the truth, but she dared not. Without Jiang Changxi's permission, she would not dare to say a single word of truth.

Although Ma Zhida was behaving smugly, he did not order anything too expensive. He only ordered a Yuxiang Shredded Pork and a Jin'ling Grass. This improved Tang Min's opinion of him.

As the saying went, free food would always taste good. The food at Yuan Zhou's restaurant had always been good, but it tasted even better today.

After Jiang Changxi and Tang Min finished their food, they waited for Ma Zhida who was eating at a leisurely pace.

Since this was a free meal, a free meal by Jiang Changxi to boot, Ma Zhida was eating carefully and slowly.

"Your eating speed is way too slow," Tang Min muttered.

"I can't help myself. Queen Jiang is treating me to this meal. I have to take my time to meticulously enjoy the food," Ma Zhida promptly replied.

"Oh," Tang Min felt awkward that she was overheard so she closed her mouth and stopped talking.

After Ma Zhida finished eating, Jiang Changxi and Tang Min rushed away. Jiang Changxi had just returned and there was a lot of work waiting for her at her office.

She was only here today to treat Ma Zhida to a meal. Now, she had to get back to her work.

On their way back, Tang Min could no longer hold back and spoke, "Director Jiang."

"Yes?" Jiang Changxi had always been a straightforward person at work. However, she was still rather gentle towards people like Tang Min who had followed her for a long time.

"That Ma Zhida earlier, the money box bet, I don't think it's your loss," Tang Min said.

"You are distressed because of that?" Jiang Changxi looked at Tang Min and smiled.

"Yes. I don't think it's your loss," Tang Min nodded.

"True. Without me, Boss Yuan, and Ling Hong filling up the money box, Ma Zhida would not have won the bet," Jiang Changxi spoke while walking.

"Then why did you treat him to a meal?" Tang Min was displeased with Ma Zhida's smug look.

"A win or loss is not important," Jiang Changxi said with a smile.

Before Tang Min could ask anything, Jiang Changxi continued.

"It's like how when I was still a student, I would give up my seat on public transport whenever I saw an old man or old woman. It's like how I would now buy some fruits or vegetables if I see some old people selling it."

"It's not because I am kind. I am merely hoping that the others would do that to my loved ones if they were placed in that position one day," Jiang Changxi explained.

Tang Min was stunned. She seemed to understand what Jiang Changxi said, yet still seemed confused at the same time. However, she no longer asked any questions and followed Jiang Changxi back to the office in silence.