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760 Treating Liu Zhang to a Meal

 After Yuan Zhou cleaned himself up, he went downstairs and started preparing the ingredients. Outside the restaurant, the customers started lining up waiting for the restaurant to be opened.

"I'm here today to fulfill my promise. But of course, I am still planning to order one serving of Lucky Rice," Meng Meng said with her phone raised while live streaming.

"Naturally, after eating this meal, I will make a wish so that everyone will have a chance to eat Yuan Zhou's restaurant's food," Meng Meng replied to the messages on her screen.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Don't worry, guys," Meng Meng continued speaking to her viewers.

Meng Meng was here because she previously mentioned that she would repay Yuan Zhou if she could win the 100,000 RMB reward. A person would be more energetic when something good happened. Therefore, Meng Meng's condition had improved considerably when streaming recently. The number of viewers had also increased. The combination of the two created a positive cycle of growth.

Fortunately, the rice soup could not be sold as a stand-alone dish. Otherwise, Meng Meng would come here everyday to have a bowl of rice soup for breakfast.

While Meng Meng spoke to her viewers, the restaurant was opened.

Yuan Zhou opened his restaurant at the usual time. Regardless of whether it was on the aspect of ingredients preparation or other affairs of the business, Yuan Zhou had always maintained a level of stability. The restaurant had been opened for more than a year and no major blunders were ever made.

If there was one thing Yuan Zhou was doing differently today, it was his invitation to Liu Zhang. As the saying went, toss a peach, get back a plum. After eating the raw liver and figuring out the way of preparing it, he had to repay Liu Zhang. That was why, after discussing with Wu Hai, they decided to have Wu Hai order and pay for the dishes Liu Zhang wanted to eat. Yuan Zhou would then pay Wu Hai back.

For Yuan Zhou, this was his way of working around the rules set by the system. However, Wu Hai was of the opinion that Yuan Zhou was doing something completely unnecessary.

As usual, Meng Meng streamed while eating after she entered the restaurant. The other customers were already used to this. In any case, Meng Meng would not be filming the other customers without their permission. Therefore, everyone was eating harmoniously without conflict.

During the meal, one interesting thing happened. A new chef who had just entered the industry and wanted to step on Yuan Zhou to gain some popularity had arrived to challenge Yuan Zhou with some reporters not long after the restaurant opened.

This kind of people would never stop existing. Of course, this incident was quickly settled. Yuan Zhou had not done anything yet, and the chef had yet to even finish his words when Chu Xiao appeared out of nowhere and started throwing insults at the new chef. Just like that, the entire incident ended.

The new chef left, defeated. As for the reporters he brought, they wanted to interview either Yuan Zhou or Chu Xiao but when they noticed that the customers were staring at them in an unfriendly manner, they knew that things would turn bad for them if they continued interrupting the meal.

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Since Chu Xiao was already here, he decided he might as well line up to grab a meal as well. However, when he saw the menu, he was rather unhappy to see that there were no new dishes. Chu Xiao wasn't particularly interested in the Chengdu School's Sichuan Cuisine dishes after he tried the few popular dishes of this cuisine. As for the other dishes at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he had already tried them all. Therefore, he had been waiting for Yuan Zhou to release new dishes.

Coincidentally, Yuan Zhou was taking a short rest after finishing a dish. Therefore, he replied, "I am researching a lost dish."

Lost? Dish?

This term attracted the attention of many customers. Any new dish of Yuan Zhou was sufficient to attract their attention. Now, with it being a lost dish, the customers got even more curious.

Wu Hai's reaction was especially intense. His eyeballs almost popped out as the images of various lost dishes appeared in his mind. As he pictured the dishes, he stuffed two mouthfuls of rice in his mouth to prevent himself from salivating.

"Is it meat or vegetable? What cuisine is it?" Chu Xiao asked.

"When will it be ready?" Wu Hai would always be interested in only this one thing.

"I'm still researching the dish. It will be released tomorrow," Yuan Zhou answered. In truth, he already knew the cooking method of the Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail. However, he would only release the dish after he cooked and ate the dish tonight.

"Is it really a lost dish, Boss Yuan?"

"Where did you get the lost dish, Boss Yuan?"

"I can't wait."

"Boss Yuan is a great chef indeed. He can cook existing dishes great and now, he has even started cooking lost dishes. It's our lucky day."

The customers started discussing, all of them looking forward to it. Many customers were also praying that the price would be more affordable. Otherwise, they would not be able to eat as much as they wanted.

Dishes would mainly go extinct for three reasons. Firstly, the cooking method was too complicated and failed to be passed down. Secondly, the ingredient combination was too complicated and was not passed down. Thirdly, the creator of the recipe had not taught anyone the recipe at all. Apart from the second situation where even the ingredients were unknown and were basically impossible to restore, the other two situations represented an extremely high difficulty of restoration.

Therefore, most people would not believe it if it was any other chef claiming to have restored a lost dish. But since it was Yuan Zhou, the only thing the customers felt was anticipation.

"I'm only afraid that none of you would dare to eat it when it is released," muttered Yuan Zhou before he started cooking the dishes on the new orders given to him by Zhou Jia.

None would dare to eat it?

The customers started speculating. What did that mean? Was the dish very expensive? If that was the case, he would probably say something like the customers would not be willing to eat, rather than would not dare to eat.

Wu Hai was the first to announce his stand, "There exists no food that I do not dare to eat." Wu Hai was a qualified painter but also a qualified foodie.

Chu Xiao glanced at Wu Hai. Although he wasn't exactly friendly with Wu Hai, he still found himself in agreement with Wu Hai on this.

Yuan Zhou was cutting the meat into shreds with his head lowered. He was currently preparing the Yuxiang Shredded Pork dish. Therefore, nobody could see that a sly grin was hanging on his face.

Chu Xiao ordered an Egg Fried Rice set meal and left after eating. As for Wu Hai, he walked to the door and stood there after receiving a phone call.

One thing worth noting was the fact that he was standing at the door instead of leaving. After all, the dishes he ordered had yet to be finished. He could not allow anyone to report him for not finishing his food and ended up being blacklisted.

Wu Hai waited for a short while before Zheng Jiawei arrived with Liu Zhang. Why was Zheng Jiawei involved? It was simple. Wu Hai wished he could personally bring Liu Zhang here. Unfortunately, he was very very bad at directions.

One could say that there were four realms for direction idiots. The first realm was those who did not know north, south, east, and west, but was still capable of navigating themselves through maps. The second realm was those who did not know north, south, east, and west, did not know how to read maps, but still knew how to use GPS applications. As for Wu Hai, he was in the third realm. He did not know north, south, east, and west, he did not know how to read maps, and did not know how to read a GPS application.

As for the fourth realm, it was a realm of a total idiot that would be gone the moment that person went unsupervised. It was rumored that humans like this existed for real, but none of them had appeared in Yuan Zhou's restaurant for now.