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759 The Lost Dish

 Yuan Zhou only voiced his question inwardly, while outwardly, he still maintained his serious expression.

This time, the system replied quickly. It only took the system a short while to display words in Yuan Zhou's mind.

The system displayed, "The new dish has been registered, Raw Lamb Liver."

"Any improvements for the recipe?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

Yuan Zhou knew the system well. Each time a new dish was registered, the system would do some altering to it, perfecting the dish.

The system displayed, "No possible improvements for now."

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Of course Boss Yuan is a great chef," Wu Hai nodded before Yuan Zhou, the actual person that was praised, could say anything.

"Haha, yeah. Boss Yuan is a great chef," Liu Zhang nodded.

"You're a great chef as well. This Raw Lamb Liver is, in fact, a lost dish. But you have managed to make it again," Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

One ought to remember that even the system was of the opinion that this dish was impossible to make. Yet Liu Zhang was able to come up with it; furthermore, it was so perfect that no improvements could be made. This was the first time Yuan Zhou saw someone prevailing over the system.

Then, the three talked for a bit before Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai left.

"Master Liu Zhang, remember to come to the restaurant tonight," Yuan Zhou reminded when he reached the gate.

"I know. I still have to line up to get into the restaurant as well," Liu Zhang knew the rules of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, Yuan Zhou was now a popular individual in Sichuan.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"I think you are the only boss who would require someone to line up even when you're treating someone to a meal," Liu Zhang remarked.

"There's no helping that. Boss Yuan is the Compass," Wu Hai shrugged.

"Haha, Compass indeed. He would follow all the rules strictly," Liu Zhang agreed with a nod.

On their way back, Yuan Zhou no longer counted his steps. Instead, he stared closely at Wu Hai to avoid having him wander off alone.

The moment they reached somewhere they could get a taxi, they took one back to the restaurant.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou was still paying for the fare. After all, they had already agreed on that.

"See you at dinner," Wu Hai waved at Yuan Zhou.

"Um, goodbye." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

The moment Yuan Zhou entered the restaurant through the back door, the system spoke again.

The system displayed, "A mission is available for the host."

"You mean the dominating the internet mission?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"As a future master chef, I have to always stay prudent," Yuan Zhou replied.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The system displayed, "As the host has already completed the first stage of the mission, the host may directly redeem the reward for the first stage, a lost dish."

"Wait a moment. A lost dish?" Yuan Zhou's interest was piqued.

Although the number of dishes Yuan Zhou knew was not much, but each of them was of top-notch quality. As a chef, he had a certain level of understanding of history as well.

And a person who knew history would naturally be aware that many dishes had went extinct, becoming lost dishes. Naturally, Yuan Zhou had once wondered if the system would reward him with lost dishes in the future.

The system displayed, "The reward is available to be received."

The system did not give him an answer. Rather, the system repeated the message.

"I'll take it," Yuan Zhou redeemed the reward directly without saying anything else.

The system displayed, "The mission and reward have been released. Host may take a look."

"Show me," Yuan Zhou said.

[First stage of dominating the internet] Having one dish spread wildly on the internet and acknowledged by the masses, becoming an Internet celebrity dish.

(Mission tips: As a future master chef, the host needs to conquer the internet, to possess a dish that is known everywhere on the internet. Go, young man. Go conquer the universe.)

[Mission reward] Lost dish: Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail

(Reward tips: This is a delicacy that had once conquered a renowned painter, Zhang Daqian. The host may take the first step of his conquest now.)

"Mushroom Roasted Chicken Tail? I have never heard of that dish," Yuan Zhou said as he studied the mission.

The system displayed, "This is a restored version instead of the original recipe."

"Even having a restored version is good. But Zhang Daqian's era is not that far away from mine. It has only been 118 years since his birth," Yuan Zhou said as he recalled Zhang Daqian's date of birth.

The system displayed, "When the great painter Zhang Daqian passed away, the host had yet to be born."

"Cough, cough. Are you insulting me?" Yuan Zhou was stunned by what the system said.

The system displayed, "This is a misconception. Host, don't abandon your training."

"Hoho, I am a man with abdominal muscles," Yuan Zhou immediately pulled his clothes up to counter what the system said.

His abdominal muscles could be clearly seen.

After proving himself, the system sank into silence. Therefore, Yuan Zhou refocused on the dish again.

After knowing the history of this dish, Yuan Zhou shifted his attention to the mission description.

"First stage? System, this is a mission with stages?" Yuan Zhou asked, but he was not expecting any reply. Even so, he still waited for the answer by reflex.

The system displayed, "Yes. This is a mission with stages. In the next stage, the host needs to create three Internet celebrity dishes."

"Holy sh*t. System, has some transmigrator took over you or has your soul been swapped? Or have you reached enlightenment?" Yuan Zhou cried out in alarm.

One ought to know that in the past, each time Yuan Zhou asked anything about the next mission, the system would always say the same thing: the host's authority was insufficient, he needed to work hard, or something like that.

This was the first time the system had told him about the next mission in such a straightforward manner, even if the reward was not mentioned.

The system displayed, "The host is now an intermediate chef."

"Looks like leveling up has its advantages," Yuan Zhou said as understanding dawned upon him.

The system displayed, "The reward for the second stage of dominate the internet mission is a lost dish."

"Tsk tsk, this is a great reward. I am very pleased with it," Yuan Zhou nodded.

"But what dish is it?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "Host, your level is not high enough to know this. Please work hard to level up."

"Hoho, I only praised you once and you returned to how you were. That praise has been for nothing," Yuan Zhou remarked.

The system did not give him any reply. Yuan Zhou waited for a bit and when he saw that the system did not intend to reply, he started studying the new recipe.

"The main ingredient used in this dish is rather peculiar. It is of no wonder that this dish gone extinct," Yuan Zhou lamented after he studied the recipe.

That's right, the so-called chicken tail was, in truth, the chicken's butt. In the modern age, people were living a better life and was no longer willing to eat the butt of the chickens and ducks they bought.

Even though after proper handling and preparation of the chicken, what one would eat was indeed the tail instead of the butt, the masses were still unwilling to eat that part of a chicken.

And yet, this was precisely what Zhang Daqian loved to eat.

"Now that I think about it, I haven't really eaten a lot of that part of the chicken as well," Yuan Zhou mumbled with a frown after he thought about it.

"Then again, the chicken tail will indeed taste good after proper preparation. After all, that is the part of the chicken that gets a lot of exercise. Therefore, the meat would be solid and delicious," Yuan Zhou was not afraid that the dish would not taste good.

The only thing he feared was that others wouldn't accept it. After all, everyone knew that part as the chicken's butt instead of the tail.

"I'll try it myself tonight. It should go well with liquor," Yuan Zhou decided to try this lost dish while drinking liquor tonight.

"It's almost time. After a bath, I will need to start preparing for dinner," Yuan Zhou checked the time before going upstairs.