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757 Eccentric Liu Zhang

 The old man had mentioned that the person making the liver was very easy to recognize. That was indeed the case. At the very least, that was the case for Yuan Zhou.

When Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai reached the food market, the evening session had not started yet. Very few customers were around and even the vendors there were lounging around lazily.

To get fresh livers, one was supposed to come early in the morning as the livestock would be slaughtered then.

But according to the old man, this particular person would only come selling livers before the evening session started. That was why Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai had arrived at this time.

"What a weird timing," Yuan Zhou sighed inwardly.

While Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai were passionately staring at the entrance of the food market, a person arrived.

He was dressed in a light blue Tang attire, with a black coat on top of it. His hair was neatly combed back, and he was wearing a pair of black cloth shoes. When he walked, his steps were steady. A smile hung at all times on his face, giving off a very amiable feeling.

The reason why this person was very easy to recognize was because he had a very nice beard. The beard reached his chest, with the upper part of it white and the lower part of it black.

His face did not seem too old, and his beard was very clean and neat.

"It's probably him," Yuan Zhou turned and said to Wu Hai before walking towards the newcomer.

If this was any other occasion, Yuan Zhou would probably feel too shy to directly speak to a stranger like this.

However, this person was a person capable of making a dish that even the system had claimed to be impossible to make. Therefore, Yuan Zhou spoke forthrightly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hello, I am Yuan Zhou. This is Wu Hai. We are introduced here by the rickshaw-riding grandpa," Yuan Zhou introduced himself.

Yuan Zhou had only spoken after he stood still in front of that person. That person seemed patient as he stood there smiling while waiting for Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai to speak.

"Oh, I knew you would be coming. I am Liu Zhang," he spoke with a smile while stroking his beard.

"You are the boss of that extremely good restaurant and is very good at cooking. And you are that mustached guy," the person spoke in a firm tone. It would have been hard to guess his age from his voice alone.

"Sorry for bothering you," Yuan Zhou said.

"How did you know we will be coming?" Wu Hai had fewer misgivings and asked after sizing up Liu Zhang's beard.

Liu Zhang smiled and said, "Simple. He is a chef while you are a foodie. I have heard many things about you two."

The rickshaw-riding grandpa was a person who loved telling stories. Therefore, it wasn't weird for him to have spoken about the affairs of Yuan Zhou's restaurant while eating with Liu Zhang.

"Wow, so you do know me," Wu Hai rubbed his mustache.

"Mr. Liu, do you mind letting me prepare your dinner today?" Yuan Zhou asked.

Yuan Zhou had long made up his mind. He would come and have a free liver meal before treating this person to a meal in return.

"I can't wish for more. That old man had mentioned that the taste of your food is worth the price you charge at your restaurant," Liu Zhang said.

"We won't be holding back then," Yuan Zhou did not bother beating around the bush and said with a nod.

"Let's go in. I reckon the lamb livers are ready by now," Liu Zhang said as he stepped forward.

Yuan Zhou started bringing out the attitude of a student as he prepared to observe and learn. As for Wu Hai, he was curiously looking everywhere, his gaze stopping at Liu Zhang's beard every now and then.

One ought to know that Liu Zhang's beard was indeed very conspicuous. One single look and anyone would be able to see that Liu Zhang had taken great care of this beard.

"Hahaha, there is nothing to learn. You will know after you try it," Liu Zhang said with a smile when he saw Yuan Zhou's solemn attitude.

Yuan Zhou gave a serious reply, "I don't know how to make this dish. I hope to learn about it from you."

"There's nothing to say about it. You will know soon," Liu Zhang said indifferently.

From his tone, Yuan Zhou could see that Liu Zhang was not trying to keep him in suspense and was speaking his mind. Therefore, Yuan Zhou calmed down.

"Don't mind him. He's always so serious all the time. But of course, being serious will ensure that one does well in his job. After all, I am also a serious person," Wu Hai remarked.

"Hahaha!" Liu Zhang couldn't hold his laughter in.

Yuan Zhou pretended like he had heard nothing.

"Lad, your mustache is interesting, and you, as a person, is interesting as well," Liu Zhang said.

"Of course. I am a charming and witty man," Wu Hai said as he rubbed his mustache.

"Hoho," Yuan Zhou gained a new understanding of Wu Hai's shamelessness.

While speaking, they reached the section of the market where mutton was being sold.

This market was rather huge. There were three long rows of stalls selling pork alone. There was also a long row of stalls selling beef alone. This was something rarely seen in other markets.

After all, Chengdu was located by the southwest of China. The people here ate more pork than beef. Normally, there would only be one or two stalls selling beef in a market. As for mutton stalls, only one or two would appear during winter. During other seasons, one wouldn't even be able to find any mutton stalls.

But here, there were three stalls selling muttons. Liu Zhang brought them to the stall at the edge of the market.

"This person is very honest while doing business. His lambs were fed with grass to ensure that the flavor of the meat will be stronger while the odor unique to muttons become weaker. Each day, he would kill two lambs. One in the morning and one in the evening," Liu Zhang explained as he walked.

This explanation was clearly meant for Yuan Zhou.

"Um," Yuan Zhou nodded and followed behind Liu Zhang like a student.

Anyone bestowing knowledge would be worthy of being treated like a teacher.

As for Wu Hai, he was more curious about the difference between mutton and beef.

"Old Liu, you're here. Here, this is the fresh lamb liver," said the man at the stall before Liu Zhang could even say anything.

"Thank you," Liu Zhang took out a straw bag and accepted the lamb liver.

"You're welcome. When are you going to prepare some livers for me again? It goes well with liquor," the man asked in a forthright manner.

"Sure, keep some for me tomorrow and I'll prepare a bowl for you," Liu Zhang agreed directly.

"Deal. I'll look for you tomorrow," the man replied.

"Sure, sure," Liu Zhang said as he walked away with the lamb liver.

"This lamb liver sure is small," Wu Hai said after comparing it with cow liver.

"But the lamb liver is fresher," Liu Zhang said.

"Um. But it has the odor to it as well," Yuan Zhou frowned.

"This is the liver of a freshly slaughtered lamb. It is very fresh and if you place it in other containers, it will be tainted with the smell of the container. Using a straw bag is the most optimal way to disinfect and remove the odor from it. The blood would drip out of it and by the time I reach home, I only need to clean the liver," Liu Zhang explained.

"Thank you, Master Liu," Yuan Zhou solemnly thanked.

Liu Zhang had the bearing of a master indeed. He did not know Yuan Zhou, yet he was willing to tell Yuan Zhou the secret of his dish down to the little details of it.

There was a saying that the disciple would overtake the master after being taught everything. Therefore, the masters needed to hold back when teaching. If that was the case for masters and disciples, it would be even worse when teaching strangers. It was clear that this Liu Zhang was a very magnanimous person.

"Don't worry. I am looking forward to your cooking as well," Liu Zhang said as he leisurely walked.

It took seven minutes to reach Liu Zhang's house on foot. They talked as they walked and reached not long later.

Liu Zhang's house was located in a nearby neighborhood. He lived in a single-storied house with a little courtyard. In the courtyard was a tiny wooden table. Around the table, some raw ingredients were planted, giving the courtyard a verdant and lush look.

While walking in the neighborhood, many old people could be seen lounging around in their rocking chairs, swaying back and forth in a leisure and serene manner.

"The scallions, ginger, and garlic are all planted by me. This way, it will be easy for me to get some when I need it," Liu Zhang explained when he noticed Yuan Zhou looking at the plants.

"You will be able to control the flavor doing this," Yuan Zhou nodded.

This house was not remote yet serene. It also had enough space to plant a small number of vegetables to be self-sufficient. This was, in a way, a dream lifestyle.

"Have a seat. I won't bother serving you drinks. The lamb liver can't afford to wait," Liu Zhang said as he entered the kitchen with the liver.

"No problem," Wu Hai immediately sat down. He did not look around and silently waited for food.

This was a good habit of Wu Hai. Whenever there was food to be had, he would be sitting there obediently. One could say that this behavior resembled a dog greatly.

As for Yuan Zhou, he could not stay calm as his gaze was locked onto the kitchen. He had always been one that was very curious about things he did not know.