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756 Yuan Zhous Conscience

 "If you are not busy, come and pick me up. And also, Boss Yuan. We got separated by accident," said Wu Hai naturally.

"No problem. Where are you now?" Zheng Jiawei asked clearly.

Thus, Wu Hai told his location to Zheng Jiawei. Of course, he didn't omit the lanterns with the Feng paintings.

"It's not easy to find this place. Is there anything else for reference, like the names of nearby stores?" Zheng Jiawei didn't feel strange at all about Wu Hai's description. He seemed to be used to that and thus, just continued asking for further guidance.

"Oh, yeah. I can send my location so that you can come to me," Wu Hai thought of Yuan Zhou's words and answered immediately.

"Okay. Let me teach you how to send your location," Zheng Jiawei said naturally as he was setting out.

Having been taught for five times by Zheng Jiawei, Wu Hai finally sent out his own location successfully. So now, there was nothing he could do but wait for Zheng Jiawei.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was just standing and waiting there silently. He would wait patiently until Wu Hai was picked up by Zheng Jiawei; otherwise, he wouldn't leave.

It was not difficult for him to leave by then. He was quite clear about the address of his restaurant and thus could take a taxi home.

He always went to the bank, tax bureau, or even went to buy furniture by taxi before. There wasn't a place that a taxi driver couldn't find. If there was, he would change to another one.

Zheng Jiawei had many years of experiences in looking for Wu Hai. For such a severe direction idiot like Wu Hai, never listen to him for too long. Otherwise, one wouldn't be able to find him anymore even if one originally should have been able to.

Zheng Jiawei picked up Wu Hai successfully very soon. Then, Wu Hai called Yuan Zhou again.

"Zheng Jiawei is here. Boss Yuan, come over here and let's go back together," Wu Hai said as if it were obvious. Yuan Zhou couldn't get lost. Otherwise, who would be responsible for opening the restaurant?

"Okay. Where are you now? What's the name of the store?" Yuan Zhou asked cleverly this time. He directly asked about the name of the store.

"Little Zhang Hot Pot on West Wuhu Road. It's Gate 3 of Wanli Housing Estate across the way. Where are you, Boss Yuan? Shall I come to pick you up?" Zheng Jiawei's voice passed from the other end of the phone. He expressed his current location very clearly.

"No need. I'm different from Wu Hai. I can find this place and I will come on my own. It's not far." Yuan Zhou refused at once.

Then, Yuan Zhou hung up the phone immediately even before Zheng Jiawei could say something. He walked for about five minutes and found a taxi.

"Master, take me to Little Zhang Hot Pot on West Wuhu Road." Yuan Zhou got on the car and told the driver the address.

"Little Zhang Hot Pot?" The taxi driver knitted his brows. He might not be a foodie and thus didn't know the restaurant.

Yuan Zhou added again, "It's across the way of Gate 3 of Wanli Housing Estate."

The taxi driver looked at Yuan Zhou surprisedly and said, "Little Bro, I don't know where the Little Zhang Hot Pot is, but we are now on West Wuhu Road. Walk along this street for 300 meters and you'll see Gate 3."

There was actually one more word the taxi driver didn't say for fear of hurting Yuan Zhou's self-esteem, "The area behind them was exactly Wanli Housing Estate."

Yuan Zhou remained composed and said naturally, "My friend is waiting for me anxiously. I'm going to send him the toilet paper. So, you know?"

"Oh, yes, yes. You indeed need to hurry." The taxi driver revealed a look of "I understand" and set out at once.

Taxi drivers in Chengdu liked chatting. Though the distance was very short, they still struck up a conversation. As for Wu Hai, to whom the toilet paper was going, he just waited for Yuan Zhou together with Zheng Jiawei without knowing anything.

"Better take some paper when going out next time. The distance is so short that some taxi drivers will refuse to take passengers," the taxi driver said enthusiastically.

Then, he further indicated that many of his colleagues ripped off their customers severely nowadays. When there wasn't a traffic congestion, they actually charged more than 30RMB for a distance worth less than 20RMB.

Yuan Zhou nodded his head approvingly. Even if he was a native, he also had the same experience of being ignored or ripped off by some taxi drivers.

"I was almost late when I went to the airport last time," said Yuan Zhou.

The taxi driver immediately said righteously and justly, "When you come across such kind of things again next time, do ask for the invoice. Give him the money and then make a complaint. If he doesn't provide you with the invoice, don't give him the money. This is the rule. You customers must know how to protect your own rights."

Seeing Yuan Zhou nod his head continuously, the taxi driver returned to normal from his indignation, "These taxi drivers go too far. The reputation of the taxi industry has just been ruined by these bad guys. As a result, we, honest taxi drivers contrarily suffer losses due to their dishonesty. Nowadays, more and more customers prefer calling taxis through the smartphone."

"Really? I haven't learned how to call a taxi through the phone yet." Yuan Zhou didn't know how to answer him, thus he just said that to comfort him. And at this time, he had also arrived at his destination. The distance was indeed very short. Precisely speaking, he just needed to cross a traffic light and a street before he arrived.

"Good character. Keep it up," the taxi driver said seriously.

The taxi driver's praise almost made Yuan Zhou stumble while he was getting off the car. What the hell did that mean?

Yuan Zhou had already seen the shop sign of Little Zhang Hot Pot before he got off the car. He also noticed that Zheng Jiawei and Wu Hai were standing at the door.

Yuan Zhou had barely got off the car when Zheng Jiawei and Wu Hai came up to him.

"There you are." Zheng Jiawei greeted Yuan Zhou first.

"It's indeed not far. You arrived so quickly," Wu Hai also opened his mouth and said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The taxi driver, who hadn't yet left, looked at Zheng Jiawei and Wu Hai with a puzzled look and then drove away.

The gaze of the taxi driver was so conspicuous that even Wu Hai noticed that. He directly opened his mouth and asked, "What's wrong with this person?"

"He might have recognized you, Great Artist," said Yuan Zhou primly.

"That's true. After all, I'm fairly well-known." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said proudly.

Now that everybody was there and there was still some time left, Yuan Zhou didn't want to waste time and thus, proposed to continue looking for that vegetable market.

On this point, Wu Hai couldn't agree more and Zheng Jiawei just followed Wu Hai's instructions. Therefore, led by Yuan Zhou and aided by Zheng Jiawei, they finally found the vegetable market mentioned by the rickshaw old man. Just as he said, the vegetable market was not obvious though it was quite big. They had to get into an alley first before they could see the entrance of the vegetable market.

The car was unable to get in there and they really were unable to arrive by taxi.

"Turns out it is this place. It's really not easy to find it." Wu Hai looked at the entrance of the vegetable market and sighed with emotion.

"Not bad." Yuan Zhou just maintained his composure.

Although they had found the right place, it wasn't the right time and the old man who was good at cooking liver raw wouldn't turn up at this time of day, either. So, the three of them prepared to go back home.

"Let's come again next time. We don't have much time." Yuan Zhou checked the time naturally.

"Yeah, you are right. It's time for dinner." Wu Hai's words always relate to food.

"Let me drive you guys back." Zheng Jiawei swung his hand.

"Thank you so much," Yuan Zhou nodded his head and said courteously.

"You are welcome. Let's eat dinner together," Wu Hai waved his hand lightly and then said to Zheng Jiawei.

"Okay. Let's go to Xiao Hai's home for dinner today." Zheng Jiawei nodded his head happily.

"Wrong. We eat in Boss Yuan's restaurant." Wu Hai corrected him.

"Yeah. My treat," Yuan Zhou thought of the conversation between the taxi driver and him just now and said in his own conceit.

"This journey is really worth it." Wu Hai nodded his head immediately for fear that Yuan Zhou would regret his words.

"Thank you so much, Boss Yuan." Zheng Jiawei thanked him at once.

"Don't mention it." Yuan Zhou remained the same. He just looked composed as usual and got on the car naturally.

During dinner, Wu Hai naturally flaunted to others for quite a while in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It was more difficult than winning the lottery to look for delicacies together with Boss Yuan, not to mention being treated to dinner.

And naturally, he aroused much envy of other customers in the restaurant. Wu Hai was very clever. After this meal, he often came to Yuan Zhou and went out together to look for that old man.

Yuan Zhou always had good luck. After going there about five or six times in vain, they finally met the person they wanted.

The dish that even the system believed to be impossible was finally about to appear!