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755 Follow Me To Act Cool Part 2

 With regards to Wu Hai's unreliability, Yuan Zhou had already predicted it. But since he was missing now, Yuan Zhou had to continue asking.

He opened his mouth and asked again, "Speak normally. Tell me an obvious landmark building that I can easily see."

This time, Yuan Zhou spoke solemnly and seriously and even the expression on his face became stern. After all, it was he who brought Wu Hai here. But now, he was missing even before they arrived at their destination. How should he explain to others about this shameful thing?

"Isn't it obvious enough? Look at the lanterns outside the door. They are obviously so conspicuous. And it's also fairly easy to recognize the male Feng and female Huang..." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and looked up at the lanterns again.

"Tell me right now." Yuan Zhou interrupted Wu Hai's words concisely and vigorously.

"Why don't you tell me your location so that I can come and find you?" Wu Hai looked around and really couldn't find anything to be the object of reference. There was nothing special except for the countless houses. Therefore, he changed to another method of speaking.

"Okay." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and felt it was also fine that way. He could calculate the number of steps and thus there was supposed to be no problem.

"Then where are you now? What landmarks are there?" said Wu Hai.

Having been asked by Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou began to look around at the surroundings.

It was a street around him. Based on his sight, the street was slightly narrower than the one where they had entered just now. However, he was supposedly sure it was the one that he had turned a corner into.

But as for the specific location --- Yuan Zhou unfolded the map he drew and then answered decisively, "I'll call you later." Then, he hung up the phone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Wu Hai took the phone and became a little muddled, not knowing what had happened.

After hanging up the phone, Yuan Zhou began to look for the way. As an experienced veteran, he must show his superb skills of finding his way.

"Just now, I came here from here. Is it this alley?" Yuan Zhou stood up and looked back. There were three alleys behind him.

"This one or that one at the side? When I made the call just now, I didn't move my feet. So the direction of the tip of my toes indicates that I didn't turn around just now." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and thought carefully. He lowered his head and looked at his own toes.

"How many steps did I exactly walk just now?" Yuan Zhou muttered and then took a few steps backward.

Yuan Zhou didn't calculate his steps just now as he was looking for Wu Hai. Therefore, his previous calculations were all for nothing.

After he walked for a few steps back, however, Yuan Zhou found this alley wasn't the one that he had believed to be just now. Then, he felt a little hesitant.

He walked back and forth over there for at least ten minutes, but he still didn't find the place where he had stopped just now.

In the eyes of others, Yuan Zhou's behavior was quite idiotic. That was because they would never understand the sorrows of a direction idiot if they didn't get lost.

Even the same road was different in each of the four seasons. It was different in the evening, compared to the morning. And it even looked different one minute later.

Therefore, never think it was an exaggeration for Yuan Zhou to look at his own toes and count the steps. It was the only method that a young man, who had no sense of direction but still liked leading the way, could think of.

Only after he ran about for quite a while did Yuan Zhou realize one thing.

"It's supposed to be impossible for me to get lost." Yuan Zhou was thinking about this question with a serious expression on his face.

"Wu Hai is all to blame. He didn't keep close to me and just wandered off randomly. See? Now he's lost. And he even caused me to become confused about my steps just to look for him." Yuan Zhou disdained such a person who injured both others and himself like Wu Hai very much.

Yuan Zhou hadn't figured out how to solve the problem of him getting lost when Wu Hai called him first.

"Boss Yuan, are you okay? Have you found a landmark building?" Wu Hai asked with a caring tone.

"No worries." Yuan Zhou's words were short and concise.

He was still thinking of the solutions to solve the problem of them getting lost. Anyhow, they couldn't ask the policeman for help. How embarrassing it was for two adult men to look for a policeman and tell him that they got lost; furthermore, needing his help! The scene was so embarrassing that Yuan Zhou refused to think of it anymore.

"Boss Yuan, are you sure you haven't found that great master and started to eat his dish already?" Wu Hai's tone was full of accusations.

"Not yet. I'm waiting for you." Yuan Zhou stayed put.

"Okay. Where are you now? I will come to you," said Wu Hai again.

"Come on! With your ability to find the way? Forget it." Yuan Zhou looked at the unfamiliar surroundings and refused.

"What shall we do now?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and looked at the paintings of Feng on the lanterns.

"You call your agent. Yours is a smartphone, right? Send our location to him." Yuan Zhou couldn't help praising his own resourcefulness.

"Well, good idea. How do I send the location?" Wu Hai agreed with him and then he asked.

"I'm just a chef," said Yuan Zhou euphemistically.

The operation of sending locations was beyond the capabilities of Yuan Zhou, who seldom used smartphones.

"Let me ask Zheng Jiawei." Wu Hai hung up the phone proactively this time.

Yuan Zhou found one disadvantage of himself, that was, he had only a few ways to ask for help. It seemed that he had no way out but to ask people to send locations to him for now.

"Should I ask Jiang Changxi or Yin Ya?" Yuan Zhou took his phone and thought about this serious question.

Yuan Zhou opened the contacts in his phone---

Sister Jiang, Great Beauty Yin, Little Chu, Three-Year-Old Wu, Zhou Jia --- There were just a little more than a dozen people in total.

Yuan Zhou was screening for the right candidate in his mind. After all, it wasn't a good solution for himself to be trapped here. He still had to open the restaurant in the evening.

As for asking Yuan Zhou to ask for directions, that would be really putting him on the spot. After all, he was an adult man rather than a kid.

The key problem was that he wouldn't be a direction idiot if he could find it with the help of the map and others' instructions.

"I better call Zhou Jia." Yuan Zhou considered for quite a while and then chose the right person to ask for help.

In his opinion, he had asked Jiang Changxi once for her help and he felt embarrassed to ask for her help again. In regards to Yin Ya, he didn't want to bother her now because of such petty things.

For Zhou Jia, he didn't have that kind of worry, not only because she was his own employee but also because Zhou Jia always behaved composedly and was quite trustworthy.

"Boss?" Zhou Jia was quite surprised when she received the phone call.

"Um. Do you know how to turn on the GPS service?" Yuan Zhou sounded quite solemn as if he were talking about some scientific research.

"I only know how to send the location of Wechat to others. Are you talking about that?" Zhou Jia answered earnestly.

And she didn't ask why Yuan Zhou asked this question.

"Is there anything else?" Yuan Zhou didn't know how to send the Wechat location and thus asked conveniently.

"I guess so. First, open the interface of Wechat..." Zhou Jia explained the procedures once carefully and earnestly and then waited for Yuan Zhou's answer.

Yuan Zhou's learning ability was beyond all doubt. Therefore, such a petty thing like sending the location to others was mastered by him very easily.

"Um. That's it. See you this evening." said Yuan Zhou.

"Okay. Bye, boss." Zhou Jia said goodbye to him politely.

Having hung up, Yuan Zhou took his phone and thought of one important thing, that was, he didn't use Wechat at all. Before he had the system, he had always used QQ. But after he had the system, he spent most of his time studying cooking and didn't even use QQ as much as before.

Therefore, he had no way to send his location out to others even if he was told the steps.

Yuan Zhou became a little upset. Why did troublesome things come one after another? However, everything went well with Wu Hai, on the contrary.

"Is Zheng Jiawei busy now? I have an emergency." Wu Hai opened his mouth and asked.