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754 Follow Me To Act Cool Part 1

 "Boss Yuan, you are really not good at talking," Wu Hai said contemptuously.

"Are you?" Yuan Zhou retorted back with a surprised expression.

"Of course." Wu Hai nodded his head without hesitation.

"Ho Ho." Yuan Zhou lowered his head and didn't reply anymore.

A person that had no EQ at all surprisingly dared to say he was good at talking? Yuan Zhou was contemptuous inwardly and didn't even try to conceal that.

"Can you sculpt later? I have something to say to you," Wu Hai said earnestly.

"What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou raised his head and asked when he heard Wu Hai's words.

"It's the liver raw. You didn't you forget it, did you?" said Wu Hai.

"No." Yuan Zhou shook his head affirmatively.

"Shall we go today? It's a nice day and there are still three hours left before dinnertime," Wu Hai checked the time and then said.

"Ok. I'll take you there," said Yuan Zhou.

"I'll wait for you. You pack up your things." Wu Hai nodded his head immediately and then said.

"Are you going to go like that?" Yuan Zhou stood up and asked him while he was looking at Wu Hai's home wear.

"Of course not. You go inside to pack up your things and I'll go back to change my clothes. It won't take much time." Wu Hai shook his head.

"Hurry up. I don't have too much time," after saying that, Yuan Zhou carried the wooden bench back into the restaurant. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It didn't take much time for the two men to get packed. Yuan Zhou changed into gray sportswear, which made him appear comfortable. And Wu Hai was wearing a thin casual woolen-cloth business suit which also made him appear to be what he was not.

"It turns out that you do have decent clothes." Yuan Zhou couldn't help sighing with emotion.

"Of course. Every one of my clothes are bought and prepared by Zheng Jiawei." Wu Hai nodded his head proudly.

"Zheng Jiawei really did a good job." Without asking about the reason, Yuan Zhou could figure out the reason why Zheng Jiawei was so meticulous.

He had definitely been severely tortured by Wu Hai's aesthetic appreciation. After all, not every person has such a noble and graceful aesthetic appreciation as him. This was what Yuan Zhou complacently in the heart.

"How are we going there?" When they walked to the street intersection, Wu Hai turned to ask Yuan Zhou.

"I've checked the route. Let's first take a bus to Wuhu Road and then go where the great master usually appeared according to the map given by that old man," answered Yuan Zhou immediately. He had done the preparatory work in advance.

"Good. Which bus shall we take? Shall we go in this direction or that direction?" Wu Hai walked to the bus stop directly. He asked while reading the information on the bus stop.

"We don't go there by bus. We take a taxi." Yuan Zhou stood in front of the bus stop in order to take a taxi.

"The bus is good." Wu Hai walked back and suggested.

"You have no sense of direction, please stop showing others the way." Yuan Zhou immediately contradicted him.

"All right." Wu Hai shrugged, indicating that he didn't care about that.

The reason why Yuan Zhou didn't take the bus was very simple. He couldn't tell at which bus stop he could take the bus correctly. As a result, he would rather take a taxi. Yuan Zhou's reason was simple and crude.

They took a taxi and got off the car when they arrived. Yuan Zhou paid the taxi fare proactively. After all, he was the one who brought Wu Hai here.

"It's supposed to be this place." standing at the street intersection, Yuan Zhou took out the map given by the old man and confirmed.

"How shall we proceed?" Wu Hai looked at the side street in front of then.

Wuhu Road was a main avenue, of which the two sides were tall buildings. On the left was the back door of a large mall including a supermarket while on the right were restaurants. The restaurants were mostly red and their doors were open. They looked like either hot pot restaurant or something similar.

There were also some alleys on both sides of the avenue. Some had small stalls while some had side gates to the residential areas.

"Go straight for 0.75km and then turn left. Turn left again after another 200 meters. Then you'll arrive at the vegetable market and that person should be right there," said Yuan Zhou seriously while looking at the map.

"Sounds good. It doesn't feel far." Wu Hai nodded his head and then followed Yuan Zhou going forward.

"0.5km equals to 500 meters, so 0.75km equals to 750 meters. My shoes are size 40, about 25cm long. And my stride length is supposed to be 37cm. Plus the length of my foot itself 25cm, the total length of two steps is 114cm. But I should deduct the repetitive length of my foot in the two steps, so the remaining length happens to be 1m. So I am supposed to walk for 1500 steps." Yuan Zhou calculated the steps required swiftly in his mind.

That's right. Actually, Yuan Zhou couldn't find the right way. With the map in his hand, however, he felt it was not difficult to find it. Besides, he could calculate the position strictly, so he believed that there should be nothing wrong.

Yuan Zhou observed his steps and tried to make sure every step was uniform while walking forward. He counted how many steps he had walked silently and appeared both serious and earnest as if he were doing a certain scientific experiment.

"Ta Ta Ta". The regular footsteps of Yuan Zhou sounded gently in the alley.

"1499. Time to turn a corner." Yuan Zhou read silently and then turned to look back subconsciously.

When he did that, Yuan Zhou didn't stop walking according to his usual habit. Therefore, he turned the corner conveniently when he turned his head around.

"Um. The following route is a straight line about 200 meters long. It turns out to be so easy." Yuan Zhou felt relieved in the heart and continued calculating.

"Wait. Something seems to be wrong," Yuan Zhou suddenly stopped and muttered to himself.

While knitting his brows and thinking carefully, he turned his head and noticed the bustling crowds behind him. He completely had no idea of the sense of direction.

In the crowds, there were grandmas that were looking after their grandchildren, young girls that were window-shopping and also very young middle school students that were playing and joking.

"Something seems to be missing," Yuan Zhou said to himself.

"Oh yeah. Where is Wu Hai?" Yuan Zhou suddenly clapped his hands and remembered that Wu Hai was supposed to be following him, but now, there was nobody behind him.

"Where has this little brat gone?" Yuan Zhou stayed put and began to wait for him.

Yuan Zhou had very good patience. He stood where he had been and waited for five minutes in silence. But Wu Hai still didn't turn up after that.

"He can't be lost, can he?" Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and then left that spot. He walked forward and backward, looking around for him. He even went into the nearby alleys to look for him.

"He got lost so easily. Is he a 3-year-old?" Yuan Zhou complained.

After that, he naturally had to call him. Yuan Zhou took out his phone neatly and began to make calls.

Fortunately, Wu Hai shamelessly left his phone number in Yuan Zhou's contacts. Otherwise, Yuan Zhou really wouldn't know how to contact Wu Hai.

"Du Du Du". After a while, the phone was answered.

"Wu Hai, where are you?" Yuan Zhou asked point-blank.

"I'm looking for you." There was a little noise at Wu Hai's end, but he answered quite straightforwardly.

"Where are you?" Yuan Zhou prepared to look for this direction idiot by himself.

"I'm at the place where we parted. I didn't walk far from there. You ought to see me," Stroking his own mustaches, Wu Hai looked around and then said.

Obviously, Wu Hai's words indicated nothing. Yuan Zhou totally didn't know where they parted with each other.

"Are there any landmarks around you?" Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and asked.

"A red house. It's a hot pot restaurant. And there is an electric line pole at the side." Wu Hai described very carefully.

Yuan Zhou looked around at the surroundings according to Wu Hai's description and found it was exactly the same over here. There was nothing different.

"Tell me some other conspicuous things," Yuan Zhou asked again.

"There are red lanterns painted with Feng outside the door. And I see others are painted with Huang. It's easy to recognize them," said Wu Hai.

Yuan Zhou laughed scornfully. What a joke! He was a chef, not a biologist. Was there any difference between Feng and Huang?

EMPTY Feng Huang means phoenix in English. Of them, Feng means male phoenix while Huang means female phoenix