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752 Internet Celebrity Dish

 Not only had Yuan Zhou agreed to have his restaurant's outdoor featured in their pictures, but he had also agreed to let them take pictures inside the restaurant after his business hours. Of course, he had a request.

"One thing to remember is to never enter the kitchen. You can only take pictures where the customers normally dine in. That will be the rule."

"Not a problem at all," Guo Rui quickly agreed. It was a pleasant surprise for them to be allowed to take pictures within the restaurant as well.

Done with their business, the two left the restaurant and started strolling around Taoxi Road, scouting for good locations for their wedding pictures.

"A hardware store, a grocery store, a restaurant, and a real estate company. I have never noticed that although this is a short stretch of street, there seem to be all sorts of stores here."

Guo Rui said after they took a stroll around the street. As a response, Qin Luo gestured with her hands.

"That's right. Boss Yuan is the perfect example of a person who sounds cold but is, in fact, a warm person. He is obviously kind enough to allow us to take pictures at his restaurant yet he is speaking with a tone of indifference. If people didn't know what we were here for, they would probably think that we were debt collectors," Guo Rui agreed with what Qin Luo gestured.

Qin Luo raised her hands and waved it like a Fortune Cat. When Guo Rui saw that, he burst out in laughter as he said, "I know, I know. You're always right. I will listen to you."

Guo Rui spoke as he pulled Qin Luo's hands down. He sounded helpless when he spoke, but in truth, he was speaking in a very loving manner.

As a response, Qin Luo nodded with a wide smile on her face.

This was how the two would usually interact. They would not use regular hand signs but no matter what Qin Luo gestured with her hands, Guo Rui would be able to understand her.

They were indeed a match made in heaven.

After Guo Rui and Qin Luo left, Yuan Zhou arrived in front of his restaurant with his chair as he prepared to start sculpting again.

"Those two sure are lovey-dovey," Yuan Zhou shivered when he saw how lovey-dovey the two were behaving at the distant.

"Forget it. I'll focus on sculpting," Yuan Zhou muttered as he looked at the radishes in the basket.

"An empty lantern will be a nice to sculpt," Yuan Zhou immediately decided on what to sculpt.

To be exact, Yuan Zhou was sculpting something like a lantern with a delicate design in the middle of it.

In short, Yuan Zhou was trying to sculpt something extremely difficult. After all, he was doing this to improve his sculpting skills.

"I won't start with the lantern pole. I'll start emptying the insides first," Yuan Zhou planned as he studied the radish he was holding.

He only started sculpting after he was done with the planning.

While Yuan Zhou was pushing the difficulty of his sculpting, something else was happening online.

The origin of this was Meng Meng and her viewers.

At first, Meng Meng's picture was only being spread in a small circle. But as time passed, more and more people were spreading it.

The reason for that was simple. Someone had randomly shared the picture before winning Meng Meng's lucky draw reward. This happened to two different individuals.

And thus, as more and more people started sharing the people, it grew wildly.

[I thought only pink dolphins or pretty boys are popular on the internet? Why is plain white rice getting so popular?] four-o'clock.

[You guys are behind the times. I know that a few people have won some lucky draws after sharing the picture. I have an exam tomorrow. I will try sharing the picture to improve my luck as well. I heard that sharing the picture will really give you good luck.] uut2527.

[Bullshit. When I took my exams in the past, I shared a few koi fishes for good luck but still failed.] Walking Alone.

In the past, the Internet once had a trend of sharing koi fish pictures for good luck. Now, the same was happening to the Drip Cooked Rice of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Because of this, Yuan Zhou's restaurant gained new publicity and had attracted quite a huge number of new customers.

Even those who were courting girls tried sharing the picture for good luck.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Of course, the Internet had a habit of blindly following the trend. In truth, many of those sharing the picture had no idea what they were sharing.

[Shit, is this for real? You can get good luck by sharing the picture of rice soup?] Moved By You.

Someone gave an extremely misleading explanation: Do you think this is a simple rice soup? This rice soup is the same bowl of soup that saved the USA's Foreign Affairs Minister once when he was poor and starving.

This person gave the explanation like it was the absolute truth. Of course, things on the Internet should not be believed blindly. If someone believes everything they saw on the internet, that person was probably an extremely innocent person. There were too many people on the Internet and anyone could say anything they wanted there.

However, anything that became popular on the internet would attract conversation in the real world as well. Therefore, the people that frequented Yuan Zhou's restaurant could not avoid being questioned about this, Yin Ya included.

"Little Ya, have you been to Yuan Zhou's restaurant recently?" asked her colleague that was sitting in front of her.

Yin Ya's seat had been moved to the front, while this colleague was an old employee here. It was a rare sight for this colleague to partake in gossip like this.

"Yes. But I have been busy and haven't gone there for about a week," Yin Ya replied with a slight smile.

"Do you know about the Drip Cooked Rice?" the colleague asked while trying to hide her curiosity.

"Drip Cooked Rice? One of 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine?" Yin Ya asked seriously.

"Yes, yes, exactly. So is it true?" the colleague repeatedly nodded and asked.

"What's true?" Yin Ya was confused.

"The good luck. I saw the video. That streamer had really won 100,000 RMB at the lucky draw after sharing the picture. There are also stories of people getting a girlfriend the same day they shared the picture," said the colleague.

"Oh. I know the food at Yuan Zhou's restaurant is good. But I am not aware if it brings luck or not," Yin Ya shrugged helplessly. After all, anything could happen. For example, one's ex-girlfriend might have only returned after being dumped by her prince charming.

"Fine, I will just give it a try just in case," the colleague did not ask anything else and took her phone out. She was obviously preparing to share the picture as well.

Yin Ya stopped her musings on the ex-girlfriend and the prince charming. She looked at her colleague and smiled. If sharing a picture could truly bring good luck, poor people would no longer exist in this world.

Of course, she had still decided to pay Yuan Zhou's restaurant a visit during dinner time.

Apart from Yin Ya, other regulars of Yuan Zhou's restaurant like Wu Zhou and Zhao Yingjun were asked about this as well.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou was seriously sculpting. One could say that he had not done anything at all yet a hurricane was brewing for him.

The system displayed, "Ding. Congratulations, host, for having obtained an Internet celebrity dish. New mission issued: Dominating the Internet."

Yuan Zhou who would never be disturbed while sculpting, who would forever remain calm during sculpting, suddenly trembled, failing his sculpting.

He composed himself before looking at the notification. What in the world was an Internet celebrity dish?

And what in the world was this new mission? Dominating the Internet?