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 After Chen Wei answered the call, before Guo Rui could even say anything, Chen Wei spoke, "Congratulations. But I am currently very very busy. I will call you again when I have time. Bye." Then, the call was ended.

Guo Rui was somewhat dumbfounded. He was not able to say anything before the call was ended. Now, he was forced to swallow all the words he had to say. He sighed when he recalled that Sister Wan had mentioned that Chen Wei was very busy today. It was never easy to start anything, it would seem.

Qin Luo patted Guo Rui's shoulder and waved her hand before drawing a tick on the air with her finger. This coupled with the serene smile on her face instantly improved Guo Rui's mood.

They did not use traditional sign language to communicate, yet Guo Rui was able to understand what Qin Luo was trying to say all the time. This was something unique to the two of them. Qin Luo was trying to say that it's fine. Chen Wei was merely very busy and would agree the moment he's free.

Then, Guo Rui proceeded to invite all the customers that were currently in the restaurant, regardless of whether he knew them or not.

Sister Wan was the first to agree. They already knew each other so doing him this favor was nothing. In any case, she was of the opinion that this was something romantic. Ling Hong did not really care, but since Guo Rui had extended him the invitation, Ling Hong agreed to help if he had the time for it.

"By the way, even the most loving couple would be in conflict at times. How do you deal with any disagreements?" This was what Sister Wan was curious about.

"Why do you ask, Sister Wan?" Ling Hong asked before Guo Rui could answer.

Of course, Ling Hong was not as stupid as Wu Hai who would directly remind Sister Wan that she had no boyfriend. Rather, Ling Hong phrased his question in a tactful manner.

"I am merely curious. Do you have any problem with that, Ling Hong?" Sister Wan asked as she looked at Ling Hong with an incomparably gentle gaze.

"I have absolutely no problem. In fact, I am quite curious as well," Ling Hong decisively shifted the conversation and started looking at Guo Rui expectantly instead.

Guo Rui did not seem affected by this question. Beside him, Qin Luo immediately blushed and lowered her hair bashfully.

"Hehe, in truth, we rarely quarrel," Guo Rui scratched his head and said with a smile.

"Do you mean you will always listen to her?" Sister Wan asked.

"Not really," Guo Rui shook his head.

This time, Sister Wan did not say anything. She gazed at Guo Rui, waiting for him to elaborate.

"You see, Ah Luo is so pretty. Each time I got angry and wanted to get into an argument, all my anger will be gone when I see her staring at me with her eyes opened wide. The only thing I would have in my head is how adorable and pretty she is," Guo Rui said, his gaze never leaving Qin Luo.

"Oh..." Sister Wan was slightly stunned.

"In other words, the mere sight of her will banish your anger, right?" Sister Wan asked in a somewhat helpless manner.

"I remembered a short story," a customer suddenly interrupted.

"What is it?" Ling Hong asked curiously.

"A story about how it feels to have an incredibly handsome boyfriend," the customer said.

"When arguing, just by looking at the boyfriend's handsome face, all the anger vanishes from the girlfriend," the customer elaborated without keeping them waiting.

"Yes, exactly. I feel like Ah Luo is incredibly pretty. My anger will vanish when I look at her," Guo Rui nodded repeatedly in agreement.

"Heh, you are showing off your loving relationship to a simple question. This is way too ruthless of you," Ling Hong snorted.

As for Sister Wan, she sank into silence, her heart bruised.

"No, I swear I'm not showing off. That's really how I feel. Heh heh," Guo Rui scratched his head as he giggled in a silly manner.

Qin Luo pulled at Guo Rui's sleeve, hinting at him to stop talking.

Ling Hong could not be bothered to look at him anymore. He agreed that Qin Luo was good looking, but not to the point where she was super incredibly beautiful.

Done with showing off his loving relationship, Guo Rui took the chance to wander around the restaurant asking about the photography session while waiting for food to be served.

After all, this was the real reason they came here today.

"Hi, I am going to be taking some wedding pictures. I wonder if you are willing to be in the picture? I will be doing it tomorrow at noon," Guo Rui asked.

"Why do you want me in the picture?" asked the confused customer after pushing his glasses upward.

"You see..." Guo Rui started explaining the reason.

"Sure," the glasses-wearing customer gladly agreed.

"Thank you. Thank you. Sorry for bothering you," Guo Rui thanked repeatedly while Qin Luo smiled happily at the customer as well.

"Hi," Guo Rui moved on to the next customer but was stopped before he could say anything else.

"Sorry, I cannot agree to that." This was a girl, her long hair was dyed brown in color and she was dressed rather fashionably.

"Not a problem. Sorry for bothering you," Guo Rui said with a smile.

"My reasoning is that marriage is an affair of two people getting married. If I am getting married to my boyfriend, I will also hope that only the two of us will be in the wedding pictures. Sorry," the girl explained after thinking about it.

"Don't worry. I understand," Guo Rui nodded.

"Sorry. It's just that we don't share the same opinion on this," the girl nodded and turned around again.

As for Guo Rui, he moved on to the next customer.

"Hi, I have a question..."

"A weird couple and a weird request," the girl muttered and continued eating.

As Guo Rui continued asking, some customers agreed while some disagreed. Of course, the number of customers agreeing was somewhat higher. After all, this was a happy occasion and people would normally be willing to send their blessings to others.

As for those who disagreed, most of them shared the same opinion with the girl earlier. Of course, there were also some who simply did not like to be in pictures.

There were also some who believed that the first wedding picture they should be in must be for their own wedding and thus would not be able to help.

After he was done asking, Guo Rui returned to Qin Luo and started eating.

"It's still the food here that is the best, right?" Guo Rui said after taking a bite off the food.

Qin Luo nodded and picked up some food from her bowl and stuffed it into Guo Rui's mouth.

"Of course, Ah Luo's food is the best," Guo Rui said flatteringly after eating it.

This was their honeymoon period. Therefore, they would be very sweet even when eating. Even though Yuan Zhou had not added any sugar in the food, they still felt like the food was sweet.

After finishing the meal, they walked out of the restaurant and stood outside waiting for the lunch time to end. After all the customers and Zhou Jia left, they entered again.

"Hi, Boss Yuan," they greeted Yuan Zhou.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You're here," Yuan Zhou nodded.

This was the first time they had come to this restaurant after their wedding. This was, in fact, their first greeting to Yuan Zhou today.

"Um, we need Boss Yuan's help with something," Guo Rui knew that Yuan Zhou must be tired after the lunch hour. Therefore, he went straight to the point.

"Sure. Ask away," Yuan Zhou nodded.

Yuan Zhou had naturally heard what was going on when they went around the restaurant asking the other customers. Of course, some might believe that it would be disrespectful to not ask Yuan Zhou first. Fortunately, Yuan Zhou did not mind and was still calm.

In truth, Guo Rui and Qin Luo did not want to bother Boss Yuan while he was cooking. Therefore, they only asked him after lunch time.

"You see, we are hoping to use your restaurant as the background of our wedding pictures. I hope Boss Yuan can agree to that," Guo Rui and Qin Luo bowed and looked at Yuan Zhou seriously.

"Inside the restaurant?" Yuan Zhou asked with a calm tone. They could not tell if he would agree or not.

"No, that will only disturb your business. We are thinking of taking the pictures from outside the restaurant. Of course, your restaurant will be shown in the picture. If you disagree, we will be using the street as the background instead," Guo Rui nodded and explained.

"No problem. I agree," Yuan Zhou nodded.