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750 The Affair of Two

 "Woof!" The Alaskan Malamute barked at Broth again before rubbing its head on Broth's head.

Broth remained silent and only gave the Alaskan Malamute a cold and aloof glance.

When the Alaskan Malamute and the girl saw this, they grew excited. As for Yuan Zhou, he felt like beating someone up. He could clearly feel that the glance earlier was filled with contempt.

"Is this a dog demon or something? It actually knows to look at someone with contempt?" Yuan Zhou maintained calm while his heart berated endlessly. As a Maltese, Broth actually dared to look down on an Alaskan Malamute?

Yuan Zhou kept his silence while the girl introduced her silly-looking dog to Broth.

Broth was still as aloof as ever. This remained until the Alaskan Malamute could no longer control itself and opened its jaws in an attempt to bite Broth. Finally, Broth revealed its might with an incomparably majestic and vicious "Woof!", a bark comparable to a tiger's roar.

This bark finally calmed the Alaskan Malamute down. It plopped itself down on the ground and no longer moved. Only when the girl pulled at the leash did it quickly scrambled up and hid behind her, looking very terrified.

The girl felt very awkward at this.

"Broth is only a small dog. You're such a big dog. Are you stupid? It's not like Broth will bite you," the girl started reprimanding the Alaskan Malamute.

"Um, Broth will never bite anyone," Yuan Zhou added while looking at the terrified Alaskan Malamute.

"I know why, Boss Yuan. Broth is very intelligent while my Tuantuan is too stupid," the girl said in an embarrassed manner before walking away with the Alaskan Malamute.

After they left, Broth threw Yuan Zhou a sideways glance. From its eyes, Broth seemed to be saying, "I won't bite a human, but I do bite dogs." Yuan Zhou couldn't help himself and shook his head. It would seem like that silly dog wasn't that silly after all...

Today, two customers that hadn't come for a long time had arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It was a man and a woman that were holding hands.

"Oh? After the wedding before Chinese New Year, I have never seen you. I thought you moved," Ling Hong said.

The two were precisely the newlyweds, Guo Rui and Qin Luo. The other customers might have no impression on their names. However, they were known as a pair with one who talked endlessly while the other never talked much.

Ling Hong had once asked Guo Rui one question. Because of that question, Guo Rui had quite an amount of respect toward Ling Hong. When he heard Ling Hong, he immediately answered, "We have been busy with our new house renovations and work."

Guo Rui changed his tone and added, "The moment we had some free time, we came."

Ling Hong nodded without saying anything. He continued eating while Guo Rui and Qin Luo sat down and started ordering after their turn came up in the queue.

"Twice Cooked Pork and Egg Fried Rice Set Meal. Also one Lotus Leaf Rice and a Jin'ling Grass," Guo Rui made his order and paid in cash.

Qin Luo was the same as ever. She was silent with a smile forever hanging on her face. Sitting beside Guo Rui, she did not seem to have anything to add to the order. In truth, everything Guo Rui ordered were her favorite foods anyway. Therefore, she did not need to write down or gesture for what she wanted.

"Why is Brother Chen Wei not around?" Guo Rui asked.

"I think his main company is coming to conduct an inspection today. As the head of the Security Department, he is very busy," Sister Wan answered before asking, "Why are you looking for him? If it's anything urgent, I have his number. But you have to let me know why you are looking for him. After all, it is not proper for me to go around handing his phone number."

"Yes, I am looking for him for something," Guo Rui had no intention to hide anything. He added, "We took our wedding pictures at Cape Haijiao before. The photographer is quite skilled, but we keep feeling like something is missing from the pictures. After discussing among us, we decided to retake the pictures."

Sister Wan nodded and waited for Guo Rui to continue. She did not attend their wedding. Therefore, she was not aware that Chen Wei was the best man during the wedding.

As for the reason why Guo Rui had not invited his best friend to be the best man, nobody in Yuan Zhou's restaurant knew it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Both of us are thinking of taking a new set of wedding pictures with the restaurant as the background," Guo Rui made his intentions known.

There were outdoor and indoor wedding pictures. But regardless of whether it was outdoors or indoors, Yuan Zhou's restaurant did not seem like a suitable place. Therefore, this attracted the curiosity of not only Sister Wan as even Ling Hong who was busy eating got his interest piqued.

"Taking wedding pictures at Yuan Zhou's restaurant? What are you thinking about?" Ling Hong asked.

"Think about it. We first met each other in this restaurant. Then, we got to know each other better and subsequently fall in love with each other in this restaurant as well. The three major stages of falling in love had all happened here. Therefore, I feel like this restaurant and its customers. Regardless of whether they know us or not, they are the witnesses of our love story. This is the most fitting place to take our second set of wedding pictures," Guo Rui explained clearly.

Ling Hong gave his evaluation, "You youngsters sure are creative."

"What do you know? This is romance," Sister Wan greatly approved of this reasoning. She continued, "If my future significant half is someone I know from this restaurant, I will take my wedding pictures here as well."

"Sure, but you need to first get a significant half," Wu Hai casually interrupted. He had been silently focusing on eating all along.

"Wu! Hai!" Sister Wan was instantly infuriated. With a fierce expression, she shouted his name. Wu Hai who was still eating felt a chill down his spine. He quickly raised his head to see Sister Wan gazing at him gently.

Wu Hai could feel that hidden behind the gentle expression was killing intent. In every situation, fleeing was always the safest option. Therefore, Wu Hai once again revealed his ultimate prowess of eating quickly before rushing out of the restaurant.

Ling Hong was a person who had personally witnessed Sister Wan shifting her expression from fierce to gentle. He inwardly concluded that women were an extremely terrifying species. The speed in which a woman could switch her expression was unprecedented, and they also had a knack at disguising their true feelings. He vowed to never get himself involved with a woman.

With Wu Hai's interruption, everyone forgot that to take wedding pictures at this restaurant, they needed to discuss with Yuan Zhou instead of Chen Wei.

Sister Wan passed Chen Wei's phone number to Guo Rui. As Guo Rui was rather impatient by nature, he immediately called Chen Wei upon receiving the number. Only then did everyone knew why they were looking for Chen Wei instead of Yuan Zhou.

Other couples would normally only have the two of them in their wedding pictures. Guo Rui and Qin Luo had decided to do something different instead. They wanted the restaurant and the customers as the background of their pictures.

Whether it was Chen Wei or Ling Hong, or even Jiang Changxi who they did not know well, they still hoped to have those people in the background. An example of a concept they had in mind was them hugging each other at the front while the other customers ate at the background.

This sounded rather weird. At first, Guo Rui had hesitated. However, it was as what Qin Luo told him. The wedding was an affair concerning only the two of them while the pictures would be a memory of the two. Why did they need to be bothered with what others would think?

And thus, Guo Rui came to a decision to do this. Of course, they needed to get the others to agree to this first. As far as Guo Rui was concerned, the "warmhearted" Chen Wei was the easiest to convince.