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748 Soaked Rice

 The customers in the restaurant stared at each other in silence. Even Yuan Zhou sank into silence as he continued cooking, not even bothering to listen to the conversation anymore.

It was Wu Hai, who never knew what shame, that spoke, "Why not hold it in the restaurant then? You were already there, right?"

Chen Wei had a solemn expression, one that did not show what he was thinking. As for Sister Wan, she had a helpless look on her face. This Wu Hai seemed to truly suffer from brain damage.

"Due to the misinformation by the matchmaker, we didn't even know who the other person was. I have the habit of arriving early anyway," Sister Wan said.

"I see." Man Man nodded.

Wu Hai stared at Chen Wei for a bit before suddenly speaking.

"Oh, no wonder you ran so fast the other day. So it's not that your general manager that was looking for you. I knew a head of security like you wouldn't be afraid of a manager. After all, you two are at the same rank," Wu Hai said confidently.

At this, nobody was looking at Sister Wan and Chen Wei anymore. They shifted their gazes onto Wu Hai instead. Of course, Wu Hai was not fazed by this. After all, this had been proven to be correct by Wu Lin.

"Sister Wan is a very good person, but I prefer the adorable type of girl," Chen Wei suddenly said.

"I told you that is enough. You said the same thing the other day as well. I am a very flexible person who can get along well with anyone," Sister Wan suddenly said as she glared at Chen Wei.

Chen Wei instantly shrunk from this outburst. He sank into silence and said nothing. As for Sister Wan, she flipped her hair and regained her gentle disposition, as if she was not the one who had burst out in anger earlier.

Her change came so quick the others were stupefied by it.

"Oh, looks like it didn't work out," Man Man muttered.

"I think so as well. Look, Chen Wei is so scared now," whispered another customer.

"But I really think Sister Wan is very good," a different customer praised Sister Wan.

"A woman's heart is always unfathomable," Yuan Zhou lamented inwardly.

"The noodles are here. Enjoy your meal, Sister Wan," Zhou Jia said as she served what Sister Wan ordered.

"Thank you, Jia Jia," Sister Wan thanked with a smile.

"Hi." People were constantly leaving and entering the restaurant. A short-haired girl entered.

This newcomer was none other than the colleague of Yin Ya. She seemed to be called Xiaochen and she rarely came here alone.

Of course, each time she came, she was very polite. She would always greet Zhou Jia, leaving quite a deep impression on the others there.

"Hi, Sister Xiaochen, what are you ordering today?" Zhou Jia gently asked.

"I'll think about it for a bit. I have yet to make up my mind," Xiaochen said as she pushed a lock of hair by her ear and picked up the menu.

"Sure. Take your time with the menu. I will go do something else for now," Zhou Jia nodded and left.

"Wow, Boss Yuan has released so many new dishes," Xiaochen was salivating as studied the menu. At the same time, she was sighing on behalf of her purse.

"Twice Cooked Pork, Braised Pork With Soy Sauce, Mapo Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken, and Steamed Sweet Pork. I want to try all of them," Xiaochen muttered as she went through the menu.

After going through the menu three times, Xiaochen called Zhou Jia over again.

"What are you going to order, Sister Xiaochen?" Zhou Jia asked.

"Do you have Soaked Rice here?" Xiaochen took a look at the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine before she asked.

"Soaked Rice? Let me ask the boss," Zhou Jia hesitated as she had never heard of this dish before.

"I think it's also part of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine," Xiaochen added.

"Alright, let me ask the boss about it," Zhou Jia nodded and walked towards Yuan Zhou.

"Boss, someone ordered Soaked Rice. Is this part of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine?" Zhou Jia knew that Yuan Zhou was very busy when cooking. Therefore, she would go straight to the point whenever she needed to ask him something.

"Yes. I can make that," Yuan Zhou answered.

"Ok. I'll tell the customer," Zhou Jia returned to Xiaochen and told her the answer.

"Then give me one serving of that dish then," Xiaochen said after closing the menu.

"Ok. Together with a Welcoming Set Meal, the total price is 118 RMB. You may choose to pay in cash or fund transfer," Zhou Jia said.

"Transfer done," Xiaochen showed her mobile phone.

"Payment received. Please be seated. The food will be served shortly," Zhou Jia nodded and left.

After Zhou Jia left, Xiaochen started muttering to herself, "I wonder how Boss Yuan's Soaked Rice will taste like."

Then, she started staring at Yuan Zhou. Yuan Zhou was still cooking a Tea-smoked Duck ordered by another customer. His face was completely serious as he prepared the dish.

"Boss Yuan is still as handsome as ever. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Boss Yuan's girlfriend will be a very happy girl," Xiaochen muttered with her chin cupped in her palms, looking completely smitten.

Just like that, Xiaochen stared blankly at Yuan Zhou with her chin cupped. Luckily, Xiaochen's action wasn't something out of place in this restaurant. There was a reason why Yuan Zhou had always been so narcissistic.

One ought to know that Yuan Zhou was still quite lucky with the fairer sex. Of course, nobody had ever confessed their love to him before, but quite a number of people had been staring blankly at Yuan Zhou like this.

Naturally, even men were staring blankly at Yuan Zhou like this. However, Yuan Zhou had been automatically filtering all these men out of his mind whenever they did that.

After all, adorable and gentle girls were always more visually attractive. The men staring blankly at him were mostly those who were stunned by his cooking skills or those who wanted to learn from him.

A thud suddenly sounded as something was set on the azure stone countertop, rousing Xiaochen from her reverie.

"Oh, right," Xiaochen quickly stood up when she saw that Yuan Zhou was about to start preparing the next dish.

"Hold on, Boss Yuan," Xiaochen called out at Yuan Zhou.

"Oh?" Yuan Zhou raised his head while cleaning a different pot.

"Erm, can I have the Soaked Rice cooked with overnight rice?" Xiaochen was somewhat bashful when Yuan Zhou looked at her. However, she still made her request.

"Yes, one of the ingredients in the Soaked Rice is overnight rice anyway," Yuan Zhou said with a nod. This dish would taste better with overnight rice.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan," Xiaochen heaved a sigh of relief and sat down.

"No problem," Yuan Zhou nodded and continued washing the pot.

For Yuan Zhou, it was a responsibility to make the tastiest food he could as he was a chef.

Xiaochen looked around to make sure nobody was looking at her before continuing to stare blankly at Yuan Zhou.

In truth, it was understandable for Xiaochen to ask what she asked. Although Yuan Zhou's food was known to be delicious, his food was also known to be very healthy. He cooked like how the advertisements on TV would say: no preservatives in his food. All his regular customers knew this.

With his open style kitchen, everyone would be able to see what he did when cooking. His countertop was bright and shiny and his ingredients all looked to be of top tier quality and healthy at the same time.

Therefore, Xiaochen was worried that Yuan Zhou would not have something like overnight rice. After all, food left through the night was considered to be unhealthy and had been badly demonized by the nutritionists.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, if one did not cook the Soaked Rice using overnight rice, how would the dish still be nice?

"It's good that Boss Yuan knows a lot about this dish. He is indeed worthy of the reputation he has," Xiaochen lamented as she stared at Yuan Zhou.