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747 A Blind Date

 "She won the lottery?" The rest of the people all looked at Meng Meng in surprise.

"Did she really win the lottery?" The people behind all wanted to push their way forward, but there was already a lot of people around Meng Meng at that moment.

Everyone asked Meng Meng at the same time while the people behind all craned their necks to watch her in curiosity.

Everybody wanted to have a look at the girl who had won the big lottery and get some good luck from her. They didn't have any other special intentions. It cost nothing to watch the bustling scene.

Only after the boss opened his mouth did the people disperse, "All right, guys. Let me see what the reward is. Please pardon me."

"Here you are, boss. This is my lottery ticket." Meng Meng handed the lottery ticket to him.

"Wow, little girl, you really have good luck." The boss took a look at Meng Meng in surprise. Though he witnessed her buying the lottery ticket personally, the boss still verified the authenticity with a simple method. Then, he praised her smilingly.

"Yeah. Because I've got my lucky star and lucky generals today," Meng Meng nodded her head and then said.

"Okay. There's no problem with the lottery ticket. I'm going to cash it in for you." The boss was entitled to pay out the money to the lottery winner first within a certain amount. After that, he could get the money back from the lottery company with that very lottery ticket.

"Thank you, boss." Meng Meng nodded her head and smiled happily.

The audiences in the live stream immediately exploded when they found Meng Meng had really won the lottery.

[Holy shit. It's really unbelievable. She really won the lottery. More precisely, a big lottery. Is it late for me to go to buy the lottery ticket now?] from Jiyejia.

[Amazing! I also want to buy a lottery ticket now. It's really not bad even if I win 1RMB as a comfort.] from Silver Fox Liuli.

[Meng Meng is so lucky. She has truly won the lottery. I'm waiting to see what the reward is.] from Daofa Shuxiang.

Seeing the congratulations and curiosity all over the screen, Meng Meng also opened her mouth.

"Thank you, everybody. Please don't worry. I will keep my promise. And I will surely make donations and provide lucky draws. Just wait and see." Meng Meng replied at once.

As soon as Meng Meng said that, messages flashed across the screen once again. This time, however, they changed the subject and began to talk about the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant as well as make appointments for the meal.

After all, they often heard on TV that so and so won the lottery, but most of them had never witnessed such a matter in real life. Therefore, they were quite interested in this subject.

[Congratulations, Meng Meng. I'm waiting for your benefits. Who can tell me what the reward is?] from I'm Drunken Moon.

[It seems it is time to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine.] from Rainy Night Demonic Fire.

[Let's make an appointment to eat Boss Yuan's 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine. Come on, guys.] from Mixed Powder.

[Why couldn't you reward each of us with a serving of Boss Yuan's 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine? After we eat it, I guess our luck can increase to the max. It's more reliable this way.] from Second Son of Wild Goose Feather.

"Haha. If Boss Yuan provides take-away, of course she could offer us this reward. But don't you know that Boss Yuan is Compass? So this reward definitely won't work." Meng Meng also participated in the discussion of the reward happily.

Meng Meng was right, but that couldn't stop the onlookers' wisdom. They found the video of Meng Meng's previous live stream and captured a screenshot of the Drip Cooked Rice of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine, namely, the instant Zhou Jia carried the Plain Cooked Rice and the Rice Soup to her.

Then, they published the screenshot on their Moments for better luck.

They thought about it carefully. If Meng Meng could eat something offered for free in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, there was nothing they couldn't do in the world.

As a result, a new kind of trend appeared on the internet. People who didn't know it clearly became quite puzzled. When could the rice soup bring about good luck to them? Because of that puzzlement, many jokes came into being. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

During dinnertime, Sister Wan, who hadn't been here for quite a few days, came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant again.

"Good evening." Sister Wan greeted Yuan Zhou as soon as she entered the door.

"Good evening." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Get me a serving of Clear Broth Noodle Soup." Sister Wan directly ordered the dish.

"Okay. Wait a moment." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Thank you." Sister Wan got seated and then thanked him.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou shook his head, indicating "You are welcome." After that, he went to the kitchen.

At that moment, another person got seated beside Sister Wan. It was Man Man who was busy with her new store.

"There you are, Sister Wan." Man Man first greeted Sister Wan before she called over Zhou Jia to order her dishes.

"I feel like I can eat up an entire cattle, I just don't have enough money." Man Man looked at the menu and heaved a sigh.

"I think your figure won't allow you to eat that way," Zhou Jia and Sister Wan said together.

"We are all women. Women shouldn't hurt women," Man Man glared at the two people and said helplessly.

"All right. Order your dishes." Sister Wan signaled Man Man gently to continue.

And Zhou Jia also reached out her hand and gestured her to continue.

"All right. I'd like to order the Clear Broth Noodle Soup, same as Sister Wan." Man Man chose the noodles that were simple and delicious and had less oil.

"Okay. It will be served very soon." Zhou Jia confirmed the receipt of the money and then left to take other orders.

"I heard you were forced to go on a blind date again?" Man Man suddenly said.

"Yeah." Without saying anything more, Sister Wan only nodded her head simply.

The attitude of Sister Wan was quite different from before. Every time she finished a blind date previously, she would inevitably complain about the matter to others. Of course, she didn't complain about the men, but complained about being arranged to go to the blind date.

She also complained about how strange the matchmakers described her to the men. According to her, a man had asked instantly, "Why don't you look like Zhang Manyu?" as soon as he saw her in a blind date previously.

That really depressed Sister Wan. It was true that she was good-looking and quite gentle and refined, but there was still a distance between her and Zhang Manyu.

But the matchmaker surprisingly described her to be beautiful and peerless, which resulted in great disappointment for the man.

As for the blind date, it naturally failed.

This time, however, Sister Wan didn't say anything, which was contrary to her normal behavior. Looking at Sister Wan curiously, Man Man thought for a while and then asked, "Sister Wan, do you have a crush on him this time?"

"No, I don't." Sister Wan denied calmly.

"Then why is your attitude different from before this time?" Man Man asked curiously.

"Yeah. Something seems to be wrong with you," Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said suspiciously.

"Because this blind date was a little extraordinary." Sister Wan thought for quite a while and finally found an appropriate adjective.

"Extraordinary? I'd like to know more details." Man Man asked with an expression of curiosity.

"I can't tell you. Somebody else is also involved." Sister Wan appeared quite helpless.

"Who's involved?" Man Man dragged Sister Wan's arm and asked.

"It's me. I am involved." Just as usual, Chengwei entered the door and appeared solemn. On hearing that, he immediately chimed in.

"How come you are involved in this matter? Why did you interrupt the girls' conversation for?" Wu Hai looked at Chen Wei curiously and totally didn't get the point.

Of course, Wu Hai wasn't the only person that couldn't get the point. Neither could Yuan Zhou, who appeared calm on the surface but felt puzzled in the heart.

Contrarily, Man Man reacted very quickly. She looked at Sister Wan and then at Chen Wei who had a black red complexion and suddenly she pointed at Chen Wei unbelievably, "So you are the other party of the blind date?"

Once Man Man brought that out, the customers in the restaurant instantly fixed their eyes upon him.

"Yeah, it's me." Chen Wei got seated and then nodded his head.

"Ahem ahem ahem. Well..." Man Man suddenly didn't know what to say when she heard Chen Wei admit that so neatly.

Then, the restaurant fell silent for an instant.