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746 Winning A Lottery On A Live Stream

 "Excuse me, please let me pass. I'll just stay by the door and won't go inside." Ma Zhida acted immediately once he thought of it. He walked to the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant right away.

"Oh, it's you. Go ahead." The customers made way for him courteously when they turned the head and found it was Ma Zhida.

After all, Ma Zhida enjoyed a good reputation around here. He never cut in line and besides, set up this charitable cash box. Though they had never used it before, they all felt it was really good.

"Thank you." Ma Zhida thanked them again and again.

"You are welcome." The customers all took a step back smilingly. Anyway, they couldn't eat the meal now and it didn't matter to make way for him.

"Wu Hai, Wu Hai, come over here." Ma Zhida walked to the door and happened to see Wu Hai ordering dishes. Then, he immediately called him.

"What?" Wu Hai first signaled Zhou Jia to go somewhere else and then turned to look at Ma Zhida before asking him.

"Where has Sister Jiang gone?" Ma Zhida asked directly.

"She?" Wu Hai was a little confused and a little puzzled.

"Yeah. Sister Jiang hasn't been here for quite a few days," Ma Zhida nodded his head and said.

"I don't know. She really hasn't been here for a few days?" Wu Hai had always been drawing recently, thus he didn't know anything besides eating. He totally had no idea of who came and who didn't.

That's right. Pigs were also attentive in eating.

"She went on a business trip and she'll be back two days later." At that moment, Yuan Zhou's voice passed from the inside of his face mask.

That's right. As a man who had strong five senses, Yuan Zhou heard Ma Zhida clearly even if he had tried hard not to disturb the other customers.

Yuan Zhou opened his mouth and said that while he put the dishes down on the table.

"Oh, so that's why." Ma Zhida nodded his head, indicating that he understood him.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Ma Zhida felt relieved, then. He thanked Yuan Zhou and directly left.

"How strange it is! Why does Ma Zhida ask about Sister Jiang?" Wu Hai muttered to himself with puzzlement.

"Stupid." Yuan Zhou was really helpless for Wu Hai's reaction, therefore, he neatly brought out a word of "stupid".

"Boss Yuan, everyone can comment about me that way except you," On hearing that, Wu Hai immediately said solemnly.

"Really?" Yuan Zhou answered randomly.

"Yes, because I'm definitely smarter than you." Wu Hai nodded his head positively.

"That's impossible," said Yuan Zhou.

"Okay. Let me ask you a scientific question now. What's the layer outside the earth called?" Wu Hai proudly indicated that he had just studied some astronomical knowledge due to the necessity of his work. He thought it would definitely baffle Yuan Zhou.

As was known to all, Yuan Zhou was a chef and besides, he always read books about cooking every time others saw him. He wasn't likely to know such kinds of obscure astronomical knowledge.

Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou and waited for his answer, confident of his success.

But Wu Hai miscalculated the situation this time. Yuan Zhou was quite good at geography. He knew everything including four directions of front, back, left, and right. Of course, the exceptions to his knowledge were east, west, south, and north.

At least for this question, he knew the answer.

"Xiangpiaopiao Milk tea," Yuan Zhou said without thinking and without hesitation.

"Ha Ha Ha....."

"What the hell is it? Milk tea?"

"Ha Ha. It turns out that Boss Yuan can even tell cold jokes. It's so funny."

"Yeah. He's right to some extent. Hahaha..."

"Exactly. The advertisement says billions of cups could be sold out per year and they could even make a circuit around the earth. So it's true that outside earth is milk tea. Hahaha..."

"I've never expected that Boss Yuan to also read such funny jokes. Ha Ha. Wu Hai, it's the Xiangpiaopiao Milk Tea that surrounds the earth."

Once Yuan Zhou brought out his answer, the customers in his restaurant burst into laughter. But because there was delicious food in their mouth, they could do nothing but grin. However, that didn't affect them making fun of Wu Hai.

Wu Hai nevertheless appeared quite puzzled. What the hell was milk tea?

As for Yuan Zhou, he turned his head indifferently and gave Wu Hai a contemptuous glance as if to say "Stupid Earthling." Then, he continued cooking.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant became more boisterous because of Yuan Zhou's cold jokes, but Wu Hai knitted his brows and still couldn't figure out what that meant. After all, he didn't understand these funny jokes at all.

Nonetheless, he insisted that he was smarter than Yuan Zhou. Obviously, he was clear that Yuan Zhou's answer wasn't right.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was boisterous in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. In the meantime, Meng Meng, who had finished the live stream several days ago was also in a good mood. This was because she had won a lottery, a lottery as much as 100,000 RMB.

This matter originated from several days ago.

Having finished her live stream of eating, Meng Meng decided to go and buy a lottery ticket as promised.

"I'm going to buy a lottery ticket right now. After all, it's Meng Meng's lucky day today. One is that I restarted the live stream while secondly, I was fortunate to eat the rice soup offered by Boss Yuan for free. It was a free offer, guys," Meng Meng said happily to the camera lens.

"So, Meng Meng decided to go to buy a lottery ticket now. If I'm lucky enough, I will invite all you guys to KTV to sing. Yeah, sing. If the lottery is big enough, I'll donate some money to treat you guys to dinner here. If it isn't big, I'll just buy some gifts for you. We can play the lottery game," while saying that, Meng Meng bounced about over there excitedly. She behaved as if she had won a big lottery already.

[Meng Meng, I think you think too much. You haven't won the lottery yet.] from Brother Octopus.

[Meng Meng, if you want rewards, okay no problem. Rockets are going to you.] Once the message of Ache of Heartbreak appeared on the screen, Meng Meng was reminded by the administrator that she had received ten rockets, a kind of electronic currency in the live stream.

[Wow, let me worship you, Ache of Heartbreak.] from Silver Fox Liuli.

[Buy it, just buy it. I haven't won any lotteries, yet. It would be nice if Meng Meng could win it.] from Dafa Shuxiang.

Apart from the numerous gifts on the screen, there were also many messages asking Meng Meng to buy the lottery ticket.

"Thank you for your generous gifts, Ache of Heartbreak and other dear friends. Thank you all." Meng Meng expressed her gratitude earnestly and then opened her mouth again.

"Don't worry. I'm going to buy the lottery ticket, the instant kind," said Meng Meng smilingly.

"Let's go. Let's set out to the lottery ticket store now." Meng Meng raised her hand up and walked forward energetically.

The place where Meng Meng was going to buy the lottery tickets was exactly the one that Boss Tong had been to before. It was the only lottery ticket store on this street and the business was fairly good. Nowadays, buying lottery tickets had become a type of entertainment.

As it was known to all, most people bought lottery tickets to try their fortune. So did Meng Meng.

She walked to the entrance of the lottery ticket store. With one hand holding her phone and the other holding the bills, she said straightforwardly, "Boss, give me a 5RMB instant lottery ticket."

"Over here. You choose one by yourself." The boss immediately took out a stack of palm-sized, hard lottery tickets.

"5RMB lottery tickets have more possibilities of winning the big prize, so I'm going to buy this one." While choosing the lottery ticket, Meng Meng explained a little bit to her audiences.

This was indeed so. A 5RMB lottery ticket could win 100,000RMB at most while the 2RMB one could only win 20,000RMB at most.

"What do you guys think of this one?" Meng Meng took up a blue lottery ticket and asked her audiences through the screen.

"No? What about the red one below?" Meng Meng read the messages and then took up a red one.

"But there are two red ones. Let me close my eyes and choose one," after saying that, Meng Meng closed her eyes at once and took one randomly.

"Okay, I got you. I'm going to scratch the coating." Meng Meng put her phone down very carefully. Then, she took up the coin on the table and began to scratch it.

The scratching of the coin on the paper emitted a sound of "Sha Sha". In just a little while, Meng Meng finished her work.

"Wow! I'm sooooo fortunate. Don't you think so? Look, I made it. It's a big lottery. Hahaha. Boss Yuan is Meng Meng's lucky star and you guys are my lucky generals." Meng Meng took up the lottery ticket and appeared quite excited.

Meng Meng's shout also attracted the boss of the lottery ticket store. After all, he needed to cash the lottery tickets if she really did win.

Other people who were buying the lottery tickets there also approached and surrounded her...