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 "You aren't satisfied even with this?" The guy with the slickback was so emotional that he couldn't help raising his voice, but he regretted immediately after saying that. The loud voice would affect Yuan Zhou sculpting.

The guy with the slickback didn't dare to say that his requirements were high anymore. What he thought was a high requirement was simply a failure for others.

The raised voice didn't affect Yuan Zhou. Without any hesitation, he took up a radish again and continued to sculpt it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Meanwhile, Tom wanted to support his glasses with his hand subconsciously, but realized that he wasn't wearing glasses today. Instantly, he felt both annoyed and ashamed.

"We are simply showing off in front of an expert." Tom brought out two Chinese idioms with a blush on his face.

What an awesome chef of this small restaurant!

Tom felt this place was way too dangerous and he had to leave at once. Just when he prepared to leave with embarrassment, Yuan Zhou finished sculpting and raised his head.

"What else can I do for you?" Yuan Zhou asked lightly.

"Well..." The guy with the slickback was still in a state of astonishment and thus he didn't know what to say. Therefore, he looked towards Tom subconsciously.

Tom's face turned red first and then turned green. With that appearance, he looked no different from being poisoned. He stayed silent for quite a while before he stuttered, "Er, well, things are like this. I came to see where we should put the video camera by so that we can film how you sculpt."

As the supervisor of the logistics department of a very popular variety show, Tom held a great advantage during normal times. Seldom could people see him stutter like that without any confidence.

"Don't film my face," said Yuan Zhou.

"Don't worry. We won't film your face. It's all up to you." Tom even used a respectful title this time.

After all, he still felt guilty when he recalled the matter that he was originally preparing to tell Yuan Zhou. The issues that needed his attention and even prepared to send him a set of carving knives. Thinking of that, he almost wanted to dig a hole in the ground and sneak into it.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. Looking at the obsequious and silent manner of the two people, Yuan Zhou lowered his head and started sculpting again.

"Hooo... Hurry up, let's go." Tom growled immediately and then turned to leave first when he found Yuan Zhou lowered his head.

If it was not for the fact that running would appear stranger, Tom almost couldn't help running away.

"How damn embarrassing it was!" Tom just felt the sense of embarrassment following him like a shadow wherever he went and thus, he quickened his pace to leave.

I've never expected that Boss Yuan to be so awesome. Now, Mr. Tom must realize how awesome Chinese food is. The guy with the slickback who followed Tom at the back thought proudly.

Chinese food had changed Tom's three worldviews without even using taste.

Two days passed after the guy with the slickback and Mr. Tom paid a visit to Yuan Zhou. In the past two days, everything ran very smoothly in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

The amount of money in the cash box at the door would occasionally be more and occasionally be less. Jiang Changxi and Yuan Zhou would still put money inside sometimes.

People were never as nice as imagined. There were many people who liked coveting little advantages. At the same time, people were never as bad as imagined, either. There was a tourist from Shashi City of Hubei Province previously. He especially came back here from Shashi City just for putting 4RMB into the cash box.

At that time, he happened to meet Ma Zhida. Ma Zhida muttered happily that it was integrity and then asked that tourist why he did so. However, the tourist didn't answer him, but turned to leave hurriedly. No one knew if he hadn't heard that or if he was an aloof man.

He was a man that had stories. Unfortunately, not every story could be known to others.

Luckily, Ma Zhida didn't feel anything wrong. Instead, he felt quite happy. After all, that meant that his money box had an effect.

Therefore, Ma Zhida went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant excitedly on the same day.

"It has been a while. There haven't been any new dishes recently," a customer said jokingly at once when he saw Ma Zhida.

"I'm not here to eat any new dishes today. I'm here to check and accept my achievements." Ma Zhida burst into laughter.

"You are so active, coming right away once you return," said Wu Zhou.

"Of course. I would have already come here if I hadn't gone on a temporary business trip," said Ma Zhida smilingly.

"But I didn't see Sister Jiang come today." An enthusiastic customer immediately went up and looked around at the people in line.

"She really isn't here." Ma Zhida also looked around and found that she wasn't in the line.

"Maybe she'll appear in a little while," a customer said at once.

"Yeah. She'll come shortly." Other customers chimed in one after another.

Though Jiang Changxi didn't come to Yuan Zhou's restaurant every day, she came without exception as long as she had time. Therefore, Ma Zhida didn't worry about this matter and hence lined up with ease.

He waited and waited but even after he finished his meal, Jiang Changxi still didn't turn up. Ma Zhida was slightly surprised, but he didn't say anything.

On the second day, Ma Zhida went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant again. However, Jiang Changxi still didn't arrive. That was awfully strange.

Jiang Changxi still didn't come on the third day. On the fourth morning, however, Ma Zhida couldn't help muttering to himself.

"Could it be she doesn't dare to come since she knows that she's going to lose?" Ma Zhida couldn't help muttering to himself while he was working.

"What did you say?" his colleague asked him curiously.

"Nothing." Immediately, Ma Zhida came to himself and thus shook his head.

"No, no, no. You definitely have something on your mind." Meanwhile, this colleague looked at Ma Zhida with an evil smile on his face, revealing his mischievous intentions.

"Do it yourself. I don't have time. I don't want to work overtime. I'm very busy," Ma Zhida immediately answered alertly.

This colleague often loafed on the job and always asked other colleagues to help him. Ma Zhida had been fooled once and he naturally wouldn't be fooled again. Thus, he immediately made known his position.

"It's not about work. Don't worry. It's something else." His colleague immediately shook his head and then, he put his arms on Ma Zhida's shoulder.

"No, not even for other things, either. I have work to do. Let's talk about it after work." Ma Zhida removed the arm around his shoulder and prepared to escape using the excuse of work.

"Come on. Don't do this to your colleague. Did you get a bonus or win the lottery recently?" The colleague stopped Ma Zhida and asked him at once.

"Pardon?" Ma Zhida looked at his colleague with a look of puzzlement.

"Don't pretend. You have been dining in Yuan Zhou's restaurant for three consecutive days. You either won a lottery or got a bonus," said his colleague affirmatively.

"No, absolutely not. You've got it all wrong. I did went there, but didn't eat anything. I went there to wait for somebody," said Ma Zhida. He found it both funny and annoying.

"Really?" His colleague was a little suspicious.

"Of course. If I won the lottery, you'll be the first one that I treat to dinner," Ma Zhida said that helplessly.

"That's good. Don't forget me by then," after the colleague said that, he waved his hand and left.

"How annoying! Sister Jiang still hasn't arrived. Is she coming or not?" Ma Zhida heaved a sigh.

As soon as he got off work at noon, Ma Zhida walked straight to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Of course, he bought some food before he went there.

When he arrived there, the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was packed with lots of people. However, Jiang Changxi still wasn't there.

"Why hasn't that woman arrived yet?" Ma Zhida muttered while eating. He held his horses and waited again until the customers started to get the number ticket.

However, Jiang Changxi still didn't show up.

"It's so strange. Did Sister Jiang have an accident? This kind of situation where Sister Jiang didn't come for a few days has never happened." Ma Zhida began to feel worried compared to before when he felt strange and slightly dissatisfied.

Ma Zhida subconsciously brought out his phone and prepared to make a call. He scrolled through his contacts and then found that he didn't have Jiang Changxi's phone number at all.

"I actually forgot to save her phone number. Well, let me go ask Shameless Wu." Ma Zhida prepared to go and ask Wu Hai.

Ma Zhida and Jiang Changxi were considered to be friends. However, they only met and interacted with each other in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, they didn't have the same social circles and thus seldom contacted each other. Therefore, he didn't have her phone number.

Ma Zhida cared nothing for troubles.

Being friends doesn't necessarily mean caring about each other regardless of the trouble, but those who cared about you regardless of the trouble were definitely your friends, even if they didn't keep in touch during normal times.

In most cases, those who cared about you weren't necessarily in your contact list.

Just like how Ma Zhida worried about Jiang Changxi, Chen Wei worried about Sister Wan, and Man Man worried about Boss Yuan...