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740 Level of Security

 Meng Meng was a person who would do what she wanted. Therefore, the moment she said that her appetite had been stimulated, she immediately called Zhou Jia over to order more dishes.

"Sister Jia Jia, I want a Salt Baked Chicken, a Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork, and Translucent Beef Slices," Meng Meng ordered three dishes at once.

"Ok. Please be seated," Zhou Jia answered with a smile after receiving the payment for the order.

"The mere thought of Boss Yuan's Translucent Beef Slices make me salivate. Everyone is probably looking forward to seeing it as well, right?" Meng Meng said with a smile toward the camera.

[Meng Meng, I feel like you will grow fat eating so much. You won't look good on screen if you gain weight. Why don't you eat lesser?] Burdened Fear.

[Don't say anything, Meng Meng. I know you are going to say that you have a body constitution that won't grow fat. But have you heard of luck? When you are out of it, anything might happen.] Winter Love.

[That's right. It's your fault, Meng Meng. In such a short period of time, I have eaten three buns, one rice dumpling, and a bottle of Coke. Do you know that I'm trying to lose weight?] Cherry Moonless.

Meng Meng's act of ordering more food after eating attracted the criticism of many lurkers. This was too cruel of her.

Fortunately, there were also many that still wanted to see Meng Meng eat more. Therefore, these people started arguing with others.

Meng Meng would say a word here and there to shift the flow of the conversation to avoid the viewers from getting too furious from the argument. This was something only the streamer could do.

With her stream on, Meng Meng ate while her viewers watched on happily. In the restaurant, the clamor was getting louder and louder, yet at the same time, the atmosphere was one of warmth.

"Sister Wan is here. You look so pretty today," Tang Xi turned around and looked at the person who had just taken a seat beside her.

This person was Sister Wan. As it was early spring, the weather was still quite cold. Therefore, she was dressed in a brown tight-fitting gown with a black jacket on top of the gown and a pair of black heels.

Her hair was draped over her shoulders and she had light makeup on her face. The pink lipstick she applied on her lips was quite conspicuous.

Her entire person looked formal and gentle, completely different from the casual way she would usually be dressed. This was why Tang Xi couldn't help herself but praise Sister Wan.

"I took the time to dress up today. Of course I look good," Sister Wan replied with a smile.

"Sister Wan will look good even without dressing up," Tang Xi sweet talked her.

"Girl, you sure are good with your words," Sister Wan said.

"I merely speak the truth. So why are you dressed up so nicely today?" Tang Xi curiously asked.

"Do you need to ask? She is definitely going on a blind date, am I right?" Jiang Changxi interrupted before Sister Wan could give a reply.

"Yes, Changxi is right. I am going on a blind date," Sister Wan said helplessly, and at the same time, it seemed like she was already accustomed to this.

"Wow! Blind date? What kind of person are you going out with this time?" Tang Xi's eyes lit up as she asked.

"How old are you this year, Tang Xi? Twenty or twenty-one?" Sister Wan did not answer and asked a question instead.

"I'm going to be 20 soon," Tang Xi answered honestly.

"Well, it's about time you get a boyfriend as well," Sister Wan teased.

"It's still too early for that. I haven't even graduated from university yet!" Tang Xi blushed and bashfully answered.

"You can start looking now," Jiang Changxi took a seat and voiced her support to Sister Wan's words.

"After all, if you don't have a boyfriend by the time you graduate, your family will start urging you to get a boyfriend. You might as well get one now," Jiang Changxi continued.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"But my family won't allow me to enter into a relationship for now," Tang Xi spoke softly.

"Sure, the family will say no when you are studying but the moment you graduated, they will start urging you to get a boyfriend before you can even find a job. It's like they want you to get married with the first boyfriend you find, as if boyfriends are grown on trees and can be plucked any time you want," Sister Wan said.

Sister Wan sounded distressed when she spoke. This caused Tang Xi to sink into silence.

"Talk about your date this time," Jiang Changxi suddenly said.

"Yeah, yeah. Sister Wan, who are you seeing this time?" Tang Xi asked in excitement.

"Same old stuff happened. When I went back home, they started urging me to get married again. I told them I couldn't find anyone I like. And now, my mom set me up with a blind date again. She only told me about this yesterday," Sister Wan replied.

"Huh? So that means you don't know about your date as well?" Tang Xi caught onto the main issue.

"I don't exactly know nothing about him," Sister Wan replied.

"Show me the picture. In any case, I am a person rich in experience," Jiang Changxi stretched her hand out and asked after ordering her food.

"I don't have the picture. My mom is getting smarter now. In the past, I will be able to give her a long list of criticisms every time she showed me a picture. Now, she is keeping the picture and name a secret from me," Sister Wan shrugged.

"Why won't she even give you a name?" Tang Xi asked.

"Because she will say something like their names do not fit each other. Am I right?" Jiang Changxi said.

"You're right. That's why she only gave me some basic information about him," Sister Wan nodded.

"So what's the basic information?" Tang Xi asked, curiosity plastered all over her face. Even Jiang Changxi was looking at Sister Wan curiously.

"The person who recommended him said that he is 180 cm tall, has a sturdy build, a stable job, a non-smoker and non-drinker, a steady and serious man, and he also has a six-pack," Sister Wan almost burst out in laughter towards the end of this description.

"Six-pack? That's a plus," Tang Xi only caught onto that.

"If even half of these are true, this man is indeed worth seeing," Jiang Changxi seriously said after thinking for a bit.

"Non-smoker and non-drinker. He is indeed worth seeing," Sister Wan nodded.

"Chen Wei, don't you have a six-pack as well?" Wu Hai suddenly asked Chen Wei.

"Why are you asking? I'm not showing them to you," Chen Wei looked at Wu Hai in vigilance.

"What a pervert," Yuan Zhou also looked at Wu Hai in vigilance. After all, he was also a man with a six-pack.

"Scram," Wu Hai rubbed his mustache helplessly and immediately sank into silence.


Their banter caused Jiang Changxi, Sister Wan, and Tang Xi to laugh in amusement.

Sister Wan ordered simple dishes today: a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup. After the meal, she wiped her mouth before saying goodbye to Jiang Changxi and Tang Xi.

"I'm leaving. Bye," Sister Wan said as she stood up and left.

Five minutes before the end of lunchtime, Yuan Zhou wiped his hands dry and stood facing his customers before announcing, "Five minutes before the end of lunchtime. See you next time, everyone."

"Sh*t, it's this late already? I need to go back." Instead of Wu Hai, Chen Wei had the largest reaction to this announcement.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Changxi asked doubtfully.

"What else? He must have slipped off from work to eat here. The general manager is coming for an inspection so he probably needs to get back quickly. It feels like Chen Wei is getting even worse as time passes. He's scared of the general manager now," Wu Hai confidently said while rubbing his mustache.

"What's wrong with him being afraid of his general manager?" Jiang Changxi could not understand Wu Hai's logic.

"He is the head of security so his rank is obviously the same as the general manager. Both of them are part of the board of directors. Why then, is he afraid of the general manager?" Wu Hai righteously said.

Jiang Changxi was rendered speechless. Since when was the head of security ranked similarly with the general manager?

Wu Hai really had an incredibly unique sense of logic.