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739 The Alliance of The Direction Idiots

 Yuan Zhou always looked good when he was cooking. Whether it was his tidy and clean fingers or his completely smooth actions while cooking, both were a sight that would fit to be captured on camera at any time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In truth, if one used electric rice cooker and gauze, one could still make the Drip Cooked Rice. However, the taste would be lacking if it was cooked with that method. Therefore, Yuan Zhou used the traditional method when cooking this dish.

"Do you guys feel like watching Boss Yuan cooking is an enjoyment in itself?" Meng Meng lamented.

The viewers who were engrossed with watching Yuan Zhou all voiced their agreement. But Tang Xi who was seated beside Meng Meng had a different opinion.

As a long time fangirl of Yuan Zhou, it was very rare for Tang Xi to have a differing opinion on Yuan Zhou. This time, she had a completely different opinion.

"I don't like to watch Boss Yuan cooking at all," Tang Xi first voiced her opinion.

"Why?" Meng Meng asked, confused.

"Because watching him cooking makes me hungry," Tang Xi grumbled.

"Hahaha, that's right," Meng Meng replied with a smile.

"That is right. I can't eat here every day, yet the mere sight of Boss Yuan cooking is making me hungry. This is torture," Tang Xi complained.

"It is indeed hard to be a fangirl," Meng Meng nodded in agreement.

"Yeah," Tang Xi heavily nodded her head.

While Meng Meng and Tang Xi were talking about the life of being Yuan Zhou's fangirl, Wu Hai was calling out at Yuan Zhou who had just placed a dish down.

"Boss Yuan, I heard you are looking for that professional goat liver chef. Should we go together?" Wu Hai said while rubbing his mustache, his expression solemn.

"Oh?" Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai doubtfully.

Wu Hai would never do anything with no reason. He was probably planning something again, such as scamming a free meal from him or something. Therefore, Yuan Zhou was very vigilant when dealing with him.

"I'm afraid that you won't be able to find your way there. At the very least, I can show you the way," Wu Hai earnestly offered.

"No thanks. I have a map," Yuan Zhou rejected.

"Maps are completely unreliable. A human GPS like me is more reliable," Wu Hai said while slapping his chest.

"You can't read maps?" Yuan Zhou asked when he recalled that Wu Hai was a direction idiot.

"Cough, cough. How is that possible? I am a painter. A map is very similar to a painting. Of course I can read maps," Wu Hai solemnly replied.

Yuan Zhou would have believed Wu Hai with the serious expression on Wu Hai's face if he didn't already know the type of person Wu Hai was.

Looking at how serious Wu Hai was acting, Yuan Zhou decided to be tactful when speaking.

"Zheng Jiawei said that you're a direction idiot. If you can't read maps, just admit it. I am a kind person. I don't mind giving you some help," Yuan Zhou said.

"Zheng Jiawei is a big mouthed idiot," Wu Hai muttered before nodding in agreement.

Just like that, the confident Yuan Zhou and the Wu Hai who believed he had reached his goal arrived at an agreement. They had both decided to look for the goat liver relying on a vague map drawn by the old man.

Little did Wu Hai know that Yuan Zhou himself was also a direction idiot as well. What would happen when two direction idiots gathered? That would be a mystery.

But perhaps, they would reach the Mariana Trench by relying on this map. After all, in the eyes of a direction idiot, the entire world looked the same.

"Your Drip Cooked Rice, please enjoy your meal," Zhou Jia served the rice and interrupted Meng Meng's stream.

"Thank you, Sister Jia Jia," Meng Meng thanked her before looking at the tray.

Apart from the two candies that were part of the Welcoming Set Meal and a glass of water, there were two bowls. The porcelain bowl with a green bottom had glossy rice grains in it while the other bowl was about 80% filled with milky white rice soup.

"Wow, there is actually rice soup served here. I feel so happy," Meng Meng immediately said with a wide smile on her face.

"Enjoy your meal," Zhou Jia left after setting everything down.

Meng Meng impatiently aimed his phone camera at the table and started talking.

"The Drip Cooked Rice of Boss Yuan comes with the rice soup as well. I wasn't expecting this, but I am so happy to see that it comes with the rice soup. After all, this is Yuan Zhou's restaurant that is serving me the soup," Meng Meng said.

[There's actually rice soup. I have never expected that.] Starbridge.

[I feel like Meng Meng is very lucky. It is a miracle to have additional food served when eating at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. I think Meng Meng should go buy a lottery ticket or something.] I Love Starbucks.

[Forget everything else. I am very curious as to how Boss Yuan's Drip Cooked Rice and rice soup would taste like.] Lung Cracking Pain.

"I feel very lucky as well. I will go buy a lottery ticket and stream it later then. But for now, I won't be holding back. Time to eat!" Meng Meng faced the camera at herself and started eating.

"First, I will take a sip at the rice soup. I have been looking forward to this for a long time," Meng Meng explained while eating as usual.

The bowl with the rice soup was about the same size as the bowl with the rice. They only had different patterns on it. There was a green marking on the bottom of the bowl containing the rice while the bowl with the soup was completely white.

As a streamer, Meng Meng's hands looked pretty. But when she placed her hands near the bowl, her hands looked somewhat rough.

Fortunately, Meng Meng did not care about this. After all, her mouth was filled with rice soup, and her entire heart was filled with satisfaction.

In truth, rice soup was an extremely simple dish. It had a very pure taste since it was the soup filtered out of the cooked rice.

Since it had the starch of the rice in it, the rice soup had a milky white color and felt very refreshing and tasty when drank.

"The rice soup of Boss Yuan is very smooth and fragrant. With the unique flavor of rice in it, this soup tastes very nice," Meng Meng gave a simple and direct description of the soup.

"It goes down the throat smoothly and it feels like drinking rice milk," Meng Meng narrated while drinking it.

"Look, there is a tiny layer of starch on top the soup," Meng Meng lifted the bowl and showed it in front of the camera, showing the thin layer of rice milk starch on top of the soup.

"It's really very nice. I am going to start eating the rice with the soup now," Meng Meng said in satisfaction after finishing half the soup.

Then, she poured the remaining half of the soup into the rice. After mixing the rice and the soup with her chopsticks, she started eating.

While Meng Meng was enjoying her rice, a long text floated on the screen, driving all the viewers mad.

[The rice looked extremely appealing after being mixed with the rice soup. The steamed rice carries with it a thick flavor unique to steamed rice and is very springy. Now that the rice soup is mixed with it, the smoothness of the soup will complement the existing taste of the rice, stimulating everyone's appetite greatly.] Fried Chestnut.

[You are too immoral. I was salivating over the fruit when your long description appeared. I nearly ate my mobile phone in hunger.] Narrowcolor.

[Yeah. I am already craving for food. With your detailed description, are you trying to starve me to death?] hjd_richard.

Looking at the string of messages popping out in reaction to Fried Chestnut's message, Meng Meng laughed.

"I think Chestnut's description is extremely fitting. My appetite is very good now and I am even planning to order more food," Meng Meng said with a smile like a little demon.

A string of messages popped out on the screen again. The viewers were both enjoying this and being tortured at the same time. They wanted to watch Meng Meng eat, yet they felt tortured for not being able to savor the food.