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737 Meng Meng Returns

 There would be customers coming to Yuan Zhou's restaurant every single day. Today was not an exception, but a person that had not been around for a long time had appeared.

"Huh? It's Meng Meng. haven't seen you in a while," someone greeted her.

"Hi," Meng Meng smiled and waved her hand.

"Why haven't I seen you around for such a long time?" The other customers came up to her and started asking when they saw that Meng Meng was still as friendly as ever.

"I saw you at the streamer gathering, by the way. Meng Meng is still the prettiest."

"Yeah, the other streamers don't look good in real life. It's only Meng Meng that stays adorable even out of the screen."

"Have you left Chengdu, Meng Meng?"

"Yeah. Meng Meng, you have not streamed for a long time. Your Weibo has not been updated for a long time as well."

"Have you switched jobs, Meng Meng?"

That's right. The newcomer was wearing tight-fitting jeans, a striped long-sleeve shirt, and a pink jacket. She was Meng Meng who looked as pleasant to the eyes as ever.

She was currently surrounded by the curious customers outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Meng Meng had indeed not been here for about three months. She used to be a regular customer here and she had long become the favorite streamer of the customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Meng Meng would even stream Yuan Zhou sculpting live at times. Because of that, she was very familiar with this place.

"Thank you for your concern. I returned to my hometown due to some family issues and have only returned recently. I hope nobody has forgotten me," Meng Meng placed the mobile phone she was using for streaming down and said to the customers in the queue.

She did not forget to flash them an adorable smile at the end of her sentence.

"No, we won't. It's good that you're back," some customers immediately voiced their support for her.

"Yeah, it's good that you're back. We are all your fans, Meng Meng," said a girl with excitement plastered all over her face.

"That's right. We are all waiting for Meng Meng's stream on Boss Yuan."

"Do your best, Meng Meng!"

"It's good that you are back. Come, start lining up. We have the chance to watch the stream today live, but of course, we will be watching the replay when we return as well."

"Yeah, we will be watching the replay."

"Come, Meng Meng. Line up. We will be getting our numbers soon."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Thank you, everyone. Thank you," Meng Meng bowed and thanked everyone.

"Don't worry about it. By the way, what are you going to be streaming today?" a customer asked curiously.

"Boss Yuan released many new dishes recently."

"That Salt Baked Chicken is super delicious. It is both flaky and tender, and very juicy as well," someone recalled the Salt Baked Chicken and recommended the dish.

"There's also that Fruit Crystal Pear. Even I, who does not like to eat pears, is now inseparable from this dish. The taste is simply splendid."

"There's also that Braised Pork Cooked with Preserved Vegetables. That is truly a fat yet not heavy dish. The meat is mushy, flaky, and tender. The preserved vegetables match it perfectly as well. It is not too salty, and you can eat it with or without plain white rice. It is a very considerate dish."

"Don't forget the snack, Frog Cake. It is super tasty. Sometimes, I only eat that as a substitute for a meal."

The customers started introducing the new dishes of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Wow, they all sound delicious," Meng Meng seriously listened.

"Of course they are delicious. Boss Yuan is the chef after all," Tang Xi, the fangirl of Yuan Zhou said.

"Of course. Boss Yuan's food is the best," Meng Meng nodded in agreement.

Meng Meng then continued speaking, "But I'm not eating meat today. I will only order some simple dishes."

Meng Meng playfully kept them in suspense and started talking to the viewers of her stream. After all, her job was a streamer. She still had to give some care to her viewers.

"We have now arrived at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the restaurant we have not seen in a while. I am currently waiting in line. Everyone, look. Something is different about Yuan Zhou's restaurant now," Meng Meng said as she showed Yuan Zhou's restaurant to her viewers through her mobile phone.

Whenever her camera was aimed at the customers waiting in line, some of the more lively ones among them would wave their hands in greeting. The entire atmosphere was quite good.

Meng Meng's popularity had not dropped despite her absence. Any random interaction she had would fill her screen with messages from her viewers.

As she asked about the change of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, her viewers all transformed into Sherlock Holmes and started analyzing the restaurant.

[There is a lantern outside the restaurant now. It is rumored that the lantern is a good luck charm.] Rainy Night Demonic Fire.

[The crowd has grown.] Start and End.

[I don't need to see to guess that the dishes on Boss Yuan's menu must have increased.] I Am Drunk Moon.

[The shelf to put the sculptures is bigger now. It is about 0.5 times bigger than before.] Lung Cracking Pain.

[How are you, Lord Lung. Long time no see.] God Given Laziness.

[Hi, Lord Lung. Do you lack something that can both warm your bed and eat your food? And Lord Laziness, do you lack an adorable idiot?] I Love Starbucks.

[Hi, Lord Lung. Hi, Tycoon Laziness.] Mixed Powder.

The moment God Given Laziness and Lung Cracking Pain appeared, the screen was filled with greetings towards them.

Even Meng Meng herself greeted them. These two were the other two tycoon supporters of hers apart from Hero. They were great fans of Meng Meng's stream.

[Let's get the stream started.] Lung Cracking Pain did not say much. He directly requested to see more food.

[Lung is correct. Meng Meng, go.] God Given Laziness tipped as well while waiting.

The screen was filled with tipping notifications.

"Thank you for the support, everyone. I have already gotten the number. I will be the first batch to get into the restaurant and will be able to show the food soon," Meng Meng said as she waved the number before the camera.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant opened five minutes after the numbers were given out. Therefore, Meng Meng only spent a short while idly chatting with her viewers before she heard Zhou Jia announcing that the restaurant was opened.

"The first 12 numbers can enter first," Zhou Jia announced loudly.

"See, I'm at number 11. I can enter now," Meng Meng said cheerfully.

Her screen was filled with messages again.

The moment Meng Meng entered, she sat down right at the middle thanks to everyone giving that seat to her. That was a seat where she could directly film Yuan Zhou.\

"It has been a while," Yuan Zhou saw that Meng Meng was here with her raised mobile phone again and greeted her.

"Yeah, it has been a while, Boss Yuan," Meng Meng aimed the phone at Yuan Zhou and greeted him.

"Hi, everyone," Yuan Zhou greeted the camera after a moment of silence.

This drew all the viewers mad as this was the first time Yuan Zhou had ever interacted with Meng Meng's stream.

[Boss Yuan looks so handsome even with a surgical mask on.] Karlking.

[I have fallen and will only rise with Boss Yuan's food. Otherwise, I will remain down.] World Shattering Winter.

[I have decided. I will buy a ticket to Chengdu tomorrow. I want to personally look at Boss Yuan's food.] Mizzie is Stupid.

A huge bunch of messages filled the screen, most of them were related to Yuan Zhou. Even Meng Meng herself was looking at Yuan Zhou in astonishment.

However, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen immediately after his first greeting and started ignoring them again.