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736 You Wont Do

 Gao Fan and Qin Xiaoyi both looked at Yuan Zhou expectantly. With their four hands, they were not a match for Wu Hai's two hands. Apart from the sole victory in the first match, they had never won. This did not feel good at all.

"Do you want your dignity?" Yuan Zhou did not answer and asked an odd question instead.

They had a weird feeling hearing this question. Normally, this was a question asked to belittle someone. But Yuan Zhou was speaking with an earnest tone, his expression was natural, as if the question only had its literal meaning and had no hidden meaning to insult them.

"Of course," Qin Xiaoyi answered. "We are salesmen. In our industry, if we don't care about our dignity, we won't last long."

Gao Fan nodded in agreement at what Qin Xiaoyi said. Many people believed that being a salesman required someone to be shameless. But in truth, a salesman needed to forget about shame instead of being shameless. These two were completely different.

Yuan Zhou gave a frank reply, "If you want your dignity, you won't be able to defeat Wu Hai."

This sentence caused both Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan to be dumbstruck. They indeed couldn't be as shameless as Wu Hai.

Gao Fan and Qin Xiaoyi sank into silence. After finding out that they could never defeat Wu Hai, they were distressed. Shameless Wu was Shameless Wu instead.

Qin Xiaoyi was still reluctant to give up. He gave it a thought and asked, "Is there anything that can affect Wu Hai's performance?"

As their savior, Yuan Zhou did not disappoint Happy and Brain. He raised two fingers and said, "I have two methods."

Two methods? The eyes of Gao Fan and Qin Xiaoyi lit up with hope.

However, Yuan Zhou did not say anything, merely standing there with his piercing eyes, seemingly waiting for something.

Qin Xiaoyi was indeed worthy of his nickname, Brain. He was momentarily stunned when he saw Yuan Zhou's expression but immediately reacted as he said, "We haven't been able to think of anything. Looks like our brain is not as good as Boss Yuan's brain. Please guide us."

Gao Fan was a good learner as he immediately followed, "Yeah. The smartest person in the restaurant is you, Boss Yuan."

Yuan Zhou said, "The first method involves Wu Hai's only counter, Wu Lin. In the midst of your intense battle, shout loudly to Wu Hai that his sister has arrived. There will be an unexpected result."

"As for the second method, when ordering, order some dishes that are hard to pick up with chopsticks. For example, Spiced Beans. There are a lot of beans in a single serving, yet the beans are all tiny. This will slow Wu Hai down. If you employ both methods together, with good teamwork, you might be able to survive longer against Wu Hai."

They felt like they had obtained the scroll of a secret technique. After saluting Yuan Zhou, they left to discuss about their battle tactics for their next battle.

Yuan Zhou shook his head as he looked at the back of the two. They were already at this age yet were still acting so childishly. While he was guiding the two lost sheep, Zhou Jia had just signed off work when she stumbled upon the old rickshaw driver.

The old man was sitting on the bench beside Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It went without saying that this bench was also something built by the Queuing Committee.

"Little Jia, come help me with something," the old man said with a wave after seeing Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia jogged over and asked, "Grandpa, what is it?"

The old man took out his phone and said, "Little Jia, set up an Alipay account for me. I heard that to set up an account, the identity card and a bank card is required. I don't trust anyone else to do it," the old man said as he took out a card of China Construction Bank and his identity card.

Before Zhou Jia could even reply, Wu Hai appeared out of nowhere.

Wu Hai waved his hand and said, "Grandpa, grandpa, look here. I will deal with Alipay for you. The most important thing for you to do now is to tell me where can I eat that goat liver."

That's right. The only thing that could excite Wu Hai this much apart from Yuan Zhou's restaurant was food.

Zhou Jia was rendered speechless by Wu Hai.

The old man size up Wu Hai, his eyes filled with doubt.

The doubt in his eyes was too clear. Therefore, Wu Hai became unhappy, "You don't trust me? You can set the pin code yourself after I set up your account. I will never use your Alipay account for anything."

"I know you are a popular painter and will not steal my account. But I am curious. Do you even know how to set up an Alipay account?" The old man finally revealed his source of doubt.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhou Jia burst out in laughter. Wu Hai's story with the call charges was still being told in the restaurant by the regular customers.

Wu Hai was instantly infuriated. This was nothing but a lie! Of course he knew what Zhou Jia was laughing about. That incident was one of the three most embarrassing incidents in the restaurant for him.

Wu Hai said, "Of course I know how to set up an Alipay account. Let me tell you something. It is the same as a sim card. You can set it up with your identity card at Taobao's counter. Fast and simple."

"??" This got Zhou Jia completely confused.

Even the old man knew that this did not seem right. He ignored Wu Hai and turned around to speak to Zhou Jia, "Little Jia, help me out."

Zhou Jia took the identity card and bank card. Then, she connected to the restaurant's WIFI and downloaded the Alipay application to start the registration.

Wu Hai merely lacked general knowledge. He was in no way an idiot. When he saw this reaction, he realized that he was wrong. He lowered his head and searched about it on his phone.

By the time Wu Hai figured out how to set up an Alipay account, Zhou Jia was already done.

"Grandpa, why do you suddenly want to create an Alipay account? Haven't you just created a Wepay account?" Zhou Jia asked curiously.

The old man laughed and said, "Nowadays, everyone is using a fast payment system. As rickshaw drivers, we have to keep up with the times. In this area, we are the first group of rickshaw drivers that supports both Alipay and Wepay."

Zhou Jia did not understand what's to be happy about this. But when she saw that the old man was happy, she smiled as well.

"Grandpa, you can tell me now, right? Where is that delicious goat liver?" Wu Hai asked.

"I can't explain it properly. Why not I do what I did with Boss Yuan. I'll draw you a map," said the old man.

Wu Hai caught onto the main point, "Boss Yuan? Compass asked you about the goat liver as well?"

The old man nodded. But before he could say anything, Wu Hai was already gone. One minute later, Wu Hai appeared before the old man again with pen and paper while panting for breath.

He was giving his all.

The old man drew the map and gave it to Wu Hai.

"Mustache guy, you have zero common sense. If it wasn't for Zheng Jiawei, you would have starved to death," Zhou Jia remarked.

Wu Hai shook his head, "I am always eating in the restaurant. Before Compass, the chef, is dead, how will I die?"

Then, Wu Hai thanked the old man and left while muttering that he must eat that goat liver before Yuan Zhou,

The old man and Zhou Jia walked to the intersection before turning into an alleyway. Here, the rickshaw was parked.

"Come on up. I'll send you out," said the old man.

Zhou Jia accepted the offer and got on the rickshaw. This was not her first time doing this. Each time the old man came to eat at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he would give her a ride. They would then start chatting while on the way.

The old man talked about the story that he had told in the restaurant, while Zhou Jia shared the latest gossip she had heard of.

This proved that there was no such thing as a generation gap. One only needed to be willing to listen.