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735 I Brought It Conveniently.

 Wu Hai almost drooled when he listened to the old man tell the story. As was known to all, he didn't have any resistance to anything that sounded to be delicious.

As for Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan at the side, they finally waited until all the dishes of theirs were served.

"Come and fight with us! Today, we can absolutely win." Looking at the nice dishes all over the table, Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan said with great confidence.

"Ho Ho". Wu Hai clearly expressed all he wanted to say with a simple "Ho Ho".

"Let's start now." Gao Fan stood up and took a look at Qin Xiaoyi.

"All right." Wu Hai raised up his chopsticks fearlessly.

Then, they did a warm-up exercise of grabbing the other party's dishes for a while first. Wu Hai generously let the other two people taste the sweetness of the competition to start with. Of course, they still won less than Wu Hai did.

"Things obtained through hard work are really so delicious," Wu Hai swallowed a mouthful of Egg Fried Rice blissfully and then said.

"Today is different. You'll know our actual strength very soon," Qin Xiaoyi said with a murderous look.

"Let's wait and see," Wu Hai said leisurely.

At sight of Wu Hai's fearless manner, Gao Fan and Qin Xiaoyi suddenly had the strongest desire to win.

Then, the two of them began to use their practiced skills to fight against Wu Hai and grab dishes on the table.

"Peng, Pa", The sound of collisions of the three pairs of chopsticks could be heard without an end.

"That's really boring." Man Man looked at the three people and appeared quite helpless.

"Indeed. Wu Hai is like a kid," Yin Ya sat at the side and said with a smile on her beautiful face.

"Yeah. He hasn't grown up." Yuan Zhou put down the plates in his hands and answered.

"Do you also think so, Boss Yuan?" Yin Ya looked at him smilingly.

"Of course. Not every adult man can grow up and become mature very quickly." When Yuan Zhou said that, he straightened his back and appeared solemn. What a mature manner!

"Exactly. It feels that men mature so late. They are always like kids every day." Man Man took Yin Ya's hand and began to ridicule. She didn't notice what Yuan Zhou mean t at all.

Having paused for a while, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and continued cooking seriously.

"Failed to strike up a conversation. It seems that I have to switch to another method next time." Yuan Zhou crossed out a scheme seriously in his mind and prepared to implement the next one.

That's right. Yuan Zhou had prepared a great pile of love plans at the beginning of the Chinese New Year. He intended to find a girlfriend ambitiously this year.

While Yuan Zhou failed in striking up a conversation with Yin Ya at this side, the war of grabbing dishes among Qin Xiaoyi, Gao Fan, and Wu Hai also came to an end.

"Wow, it's so refreshing. Well, I'll just wait to drink liquor tonight. See you," Wu Hai touched his belly and said contentedly.



Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan gnashed their teeth and said that.

"Never mind. Though we ate little, we ate well." Qin Xiaoyi comforted himself.

"Yeah, you are right. After all, we aren't able to eat the Crystal Pear during normal times," Gao Fan said helplessly.

"Well, it's good this way." Qin Xiaoyi nodded his head and said. He tried hard to persuade himself to forget the tragedy that he had only eaten three mouthfuls of the Egg Fried Rice just now.

"Why don't we ask the others?" Gao Fan looked at Yuan Zhou who was busy in the kitchen and said on a whim.

"Ask Boss Yuan?" Qin Xiaoyi reacted quickly and asked immediately.

"Right," answered Gao Fan.

"Okay. We can ask him after dinner time ends." Qin Xiaoyi nodded his head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Let's go out now. It won't be long," Gao Fan said that while walking outwards.

Without saying anything, the two walked to the door and took out their phones from their pockets to play games. At that moment, it was necessary for them to play the game of King of Glory to soothe their minds.

After all, they couldn't beat up Wu Hai in reality. In the game, however, they could vent their fury.

"The story is finished and so is the meal. I'm leaving now," the timid but strong man wiped his mouth carefully and said to the old man.

"Young people must go back early to sleep." The old man drank a mouthful of water and ate a mouthful of Mantou.

"I sleep and get up early every day. Otherwise, how can I have such a good figure?" The timid but strong man showed off his biceps.

"You just don't have enough courage." A familiar person immediately ridiculed him at the side.

"Screw you. You are talking as if you are not scared." The timid but strong man was quite intimidating when he glared. At the sight of that, the familiar person smiled and stopped speaking.

"By the way, I went to Wuxi last month and happened to see this thing, so I brought some back. You try it and see if it's what you wanted." The timid but strong man looked at the old man and then took a bag of something from his briefcase.

The briefcase wasn't big and was originally at the side of his feet. Only after the strong man took it up did people notice it was fully stuffed with something. After the bag of something was taken out, the briefcase became hollow again.

This thing was directly handed to the old man. It was a plastic bag printed with "Wuxi Specialties", where there were two vacuumized bags of something. They seemed to be the New Year Cakes, but they were green.

"This is the Green New Year Cake. Thank you for your nice gifts." Once the old man opened the bag and saw the gifts, he squinted his eyes and smiled at once.

"Don't mention it. I just bought it conveniently," after the timid strong man finished saying that, he took the briefcase and left.

"He's really a kind young man." The old man had a wide smile from ear to ear.

"Is this the Green New Year Cake you mentioned last time? Why does it look so strange?" somebody asked curiously at the side.

"Yeah, that's the one. The taste is very nice though it doesn't look like much," the old man opened the bag and said earnestly.

Speaking of the Green New Year Cake, it was merely a specialty New Year Cake in Wuxi. Usually, it was cooked during the Spring Festival only and only the elders knew how to cook it.

The old man once mentioned that this thing was very delicious and he had eaten it once and still couldn't forget it even now. Never did he expect that the strong man would remember it and even brought some back for him. He sighed slightly with emotion while touching the New Year Cake.

Then, the old man began to talk about the Green New Year Cake again. After that, dinner time happened to end also.

After Yuan Zhou declared that business hours were over, everybody walked out except for the old man who specifically stayed there. Nevertheless, Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan started walking in.

"Don't worry, Boss Yuan. We are not here to eat dinner. We just have something to ask you," Qin Xiaoyi immediately opened his mouth and said.

"Yeah, just something to ask," Gao Fan nodded his head and chimed in.

"We have something to ask." Qin Xiaoyi looked at the remaining two people in the restaurant with embarrassment and didn't get to the point at once.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou just looked at the two people indifferently.

"Little Jia, let's go outside and talk." The old man was a person with plenty of street smarts. Seeing their embarrassed manner of them, he immediately stood up and summoned Zhou Jia.

"Okay. Bye, boss." Zhou Jia agreed right away. Then, she said goodbye to Yuan Zhou and followed the old man out of the restaurant.

"Ta Ta Ta". After the footsteps receded gradually, the two people opened their mouth.

"Boss Yuan, do you have any method to defeat Wu Hai?" Qin Xiaoyi asked him point-blank.

Yuan Zhou had originally wondered why the two people didn't leave after dinner and came again after dinner time ended, wanting to ask him questions. As soon as he heard the question, Yuan Zhou contrarily felt helpless.

However, Yuan Zhou remained calm on the surface, not revealing any mood.

After all, the two people felt both frustrated and embarrassed now.

After this question, the restaurant fell silent for a while.

The two people were waiting for Yuan Zhou's answer expectantly and nervously...