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732 One Hundred Thousand RMB

 After Yuan Zhou, who relied on his talent to make a living, hung up the phone, he started seriously choosing a radish to start sculpting.

"This one then. I can sculpt a rose with it," Yuan Zhou picked up a radish as huge as his finger and muttered.

Yuan Zhou still used the same vegetable knife for sculpting. The current him was already capable of using a vegetable knife like a specialized sculpting knife. This was all thanks to his improved skills.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The knife fluttered about and sliced through the air, creating whooshing sounds. It did not take Yuan Zhou long to complete sculpting a rose. After he was done, he picked up another radish and continued sculpting.

Right this moment, the system that had remained silent for a long time responded.

The system displayed, "The new reward has been generated. The host may redeem it."

However, Yuan Zhou was completely engrossed in sculpting and completely ignored the system. The system did not rush Yuan Zhou and sank into silence.

Of course, the row of words displayed by the system remained in Yuan Zhou's mind, and this row of words was rather eye-catching.

It was as if the system was determined to let Yuan Zhou notice this row of words the moment he broke free of his concentration from sculpting.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The radish fragments all accurately landed in the basket at Yuan Zhou's foot. The radish in his hand started taking shape, and finally, it was completed.

Hu-- Yuan Zhou exhaled deeply and looked at his masterpiece in satisfaction. This was a sculpture of Wu Gang chopping tree on the for visiting.

Of course, the system opted to remain silent as that was a smarter choice. For a while, both sides sank into silence. Yuan Zhou was not bothered and continued sculpting.

Only by remaining calm and unhurried would he be able to keep the initiative.

After Yuan Zhou finished sculpting another radish, the system spoke.

The system displayed, "The reward has been revised. The host may redeem it."

"Oh? You are taking a lot of initiatives today, system," Yuan Zhou teased instead of checking the reward.

The system displayed, "The host has an unclaimed reward."

The system ignored Yuan Zhou's teasing and reminded diligently instead.

"Tsk tsk, you must have increased the offer again. I, being a youth with good moral values, will never be moved by some material benefits," Yuan Zhou resolutely spoke, with a "just give up" expression on his face.

What a joke. Yuan Zhou had no interest to go eat curry in Thailand or go eat with his hand in India. He stood firm on his rejection.

The first-class cabin and five-star hotels were only suggested to mess around with the system. After all, he had fallen to the system's tricks many times in the past. Now was his time for revenge.

Yuan Zhou was an extremely principled person. He would have to get revenge for having been tricked in the past.

Nevertheless, he was still willing to take a look at the new reward. After all, it had been readjusted.

This time, Yuan Zhou ignored the first part of the reward description and went to the last part directly.

At the last line, something new was added.

Remark: Transit flight air ticket for a return flight from Chengdu with the first-class cabin of Singapore Airlines. A room at the international five-star hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel, is provided as well. Additionally, 100,000 RMB worth of culinary funds are provided, allowing the host to better taste more delicacies.

One hundred thousand culinary funds!

"Redeem the reward," Yuan Zhou promptly redeemed the reward without a pause.

With a stern expression, Yuan Zhou said, "System, for the sake of culinary, and for the sake of my noble ambition, I will go. I must go. In truth, you don't even need to offer me such attractive terms. I would have still agreed to go. This is what a good chef should do. But System, you insist to offer me such good terms as you hate to see me suffer. If I still disagree, it will be disrespectful. Well, I will have to shoulder this responsibility then."

"Let's make it Thailand. I heard the Pineapple Rice there is good. This trip is worth going," Yuan Zhou made his choice out of the available options.

The expenses in Thailand would not be too high. 100 THB was equivalent to 20 RMB. With 100,000 RMB he was given, he could thoroughly enjoy himself and still have some money left.

This was a trip that he could both enjoy himself and make some money. It was totally awesome.

The system displayed, "Host, after receiving the reward, please select the time of flight."

"Um. No problem," Yuan Zhou accepted the reward without any hesitation.

He acted so decisively, as if he had completely forgotten how he had thought that he would never be moved by material benefits a short while ago. His action of accepting the reward was completely natural and smooth.

Yuan Zhou did not know if it was a misconception, but a row of words seemed to have flashed past quickly, saying something like, "Can I beat you to death?"

But when he paid more attention, there was nothing there. It must have been his imagination. How could the system want to beat up the adorable and smart host?

Time passed, and it was now 10 days later. Yuan Zhou had not left yet. In Yuan Zhou's own words, this was not a fun season to go to Thailand. It would be better if he waited.

In this period of time, the situation at Yuan Zhou's restaurant was rather intense. This was because of the food snatching competition between Qin Xiaoyi, Gao Fan, and Wu Hai.

After Wu Hai's defeat, he decided to have his revenge. And thus, so long as he saw one of the two that had defeated him, he would step forward and issue a challenge.

Naturally, Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan had thoroughly enjoyed their victory and wanted more. Therefore, every time they came, the first thing they did would be to challenge Wu Hai as well.

But who was Wu Hai? He was the renowned Shameless Wu. After his previous defeat, he smartened up. He realized the advantage he had over them: the sheer amount of food he could eat. Who could defeat him in this?

And thus, Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan never had another victory. As they kept on the challenges, their defeats became more and more miserable.Wu Gang was a person punished by the Jade Emperor to chop trees on the moon for eternity in Chinese folklore