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731 Yuan Zhous Reques

 Wu Hai, the undefeated of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, an existence nobody could match, had been defeated today?

The joy on the faces of Gao Fan and Qin Xiaoyi formed a great contrast with the stupefaction on Wu Hai's face. The former were satisfied smiles while the latter was disbelief. He then did one thing...

"Little Jia, give me one more of all the dishes I ordered earlier," Wu Hai shouted.

That's right. In his disbelief, Wu Hai ordered the same dishes again.

Alas, the reality was cruel.

"Brother Wu, the dishes in the restaurant can only be ordered once per meal," Zhou Jia reminded.

"Get me the dishes they ordered instead," Wu Hai remembered clearly that the dishes they ordered were something he did not order. Of course, he would only order one glass of lemonade instead of two.

This time, Zhou Jia recorded his order. After Wu Hai paid, she went to serve the other customers.

"Mustache guy, are you stupid?" Ling Hong was laughing happily when he saw Wu Hai's defeat. Pouring oil on fire was his favorite pastime. He continued, "Fighting two opponents alone? Do you want to fly up to the sky and sit side by side with the sun?"

Yuan Zhou had a different opinion. As a chef, his insight was different than a regular person. Yuan Zhou could not appreciate Wu Hai's genius in terms of painting. But Yuan Zhou could see Wu Hai's genius in terms of being a glutton.

Among the many customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Yu Chu was the only glutton comparable to Wu Hai. If Wu Hai had been alert, his defeat would not have happened.

Wu Hai had only been defeated because he was looking down on his opponents and was still not used to fight two opponents at the same time.

Yuan Zhou knew this, yet he kept his silence. He watched on as Wu Hai ordered enough dishes to fill his table. In fact, Wu Hai was no longer able to eat as much. He had yet to realize that although he had been defeated, he still had eaten a lot earlier.

As a regular customer here, Wu Hai was very clear on the rules of the restaurant. Therefore, after he finished the dishes he ordered, his belly was so full it felt like he rolled himself out of the restaurant when he left.

After lunchtime ended, Yuan Zhou took a rest on his chair. Suddenly, the system displayed, "Reminder. Host, the reward has not been claimed."

Yuan Zhou dug into his ears, pretending to not hear anything.

"Host, please claim the reward. The reward includes the plane ticket and hotel expenses. (Remark: The outbound plane ticket is for a first-class cabin)"

The system had increased the value of the reward and changed it to a first-class cabin after seeing that Yuan Zhou was not replying.

A calm smile crept onto Yuan Zhou's face as he said, "Only first-class cabin during the outbound flight? How about my return flight?"

The system sank into three seconds of silence before displaying, "First-class cabin for both outbound and return flight."

"System, you know this. My body is frail and I can't get used to taking planes. Even if it's a first-class cabin, I will still feel ill. But I heard the first-class cabin of Singapore Airlines is different."

Why did Yuan Zhou mention Singapore Airlines? Simple. A few years ago, he came across a certain report released by an overseas plane assessment platform. In the report, the best first-class cabins worldwide were listed, with the first-class cabin of Singapore Airlines listed at the very top place.

The first-class cabins of Singapore Airlines were, in fact, a room on the plane, with the seat being a bed. Moreover, they used Givenchy accessories on the bed, the bag they gave was Salvatore Ferragamo, Dom Pérignon Champagne was provided, and they had caviar as an appetizer for the meal on the plane. In short, the best things one could get in a modern capitalist society would all be offered.

The system sank into five seconds of silence before displaying, "Singapore Airlines do not have any connecting flights from Chengdu to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia."

"It's fine. I don't mind transit flights. I can even go take a flight at Beijing. I am willing to do that. After all, I am a person who is willing to suffer hardships. I only need to take more planes. No problem at all." Yuan Zhou had long prepared a solution.

He had completely forgotten what he said earlier about his frail body and suggested as if he had never said those.

The system sank into silence.

Yuan Zhou felt like he had rendered the system speechless. He wondered if this was merely a misconception on his part.

The system only displayed after a long time, "Mission reward, round trip first-class cabin of Singapore Airlines."

"Thank you. By the way, the hotel is definitely a five-star hotel, right?" Yuan Zhou narrowed his eyes and asked.

The system displayed, "The hotel is a three-star hotel. Host, you can comfortably stay there."

Yuan Zhou did not answer. He paused for a while before speaking.

"Aiii." He first sighed. From the start of the sigh, the system could feel that a lie was coming. And yet, Yuan Zhou continued on.

"As a future Master Chef, only the best of the best is suitable for me. But since I am only an intermediate chef now, I can't be too picky," Yuan Zhou said, appearing rather considerate.

The system displayed, "The host indeed knows himself well."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded and continued, "However, as an intermediate chef, a five-star hotel is fitting for me, right? After all, above five-star, there are seven-star and even eight-star hotels. My request is not excessive at all."

Once again, the system sank into silence. It had probably been stunned by Yuan Zhou's shamelessness.

Yuan Zhou was in no rush. He leisurely started selecting a radish for his sculpting. In any case, he would always spend his evenings sculpting.

However, before he was done selecting a radish and before the system replied, his phone rang.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling" The same old ringtone that was catchy and ear-piercing sounded.

Yuan Zhou picked up his phone and noticed that the caller was an unknown number. It was not a local number as well.

He still decided to answer the call. He had a habit to answer all incoming calls, even if the call was merely a sales call.

He felt like it would be better if he answered and politely reject those sales call. After all, he used to work as a leaflet distributor. Therefore, he understood the feeling of those in the sales industry.

"Hello," Yuan Zhou answered the call.

"Hello, is this Mr. Yuan Zhou?" A mellow and deep male voice sounded over the phone. That person sounded rather old.

"Yes. How may I help you?" Yuan Zhou asked after a slight hesitation.

"I am the producer of Roll, Dear Beef. Can we talk about your request of not revealing your face?" asked the man after confirming Yuan Zhou's identity and introducing himself.

"Yes, please say it," Yuan Zhou replied.

"We will only film your hands and some extreme long shots. How about that?" asked the producer.

"Yes. Sorry for the trouble," Yuan Zhou agreed as his face would not be clear in those extreme long shots.

"Ok. Someone will be sending the contract to you for signing," the producer said.

"Ok," Yuan Zhou replied.

"I won't be wasting any of your time then, Boss Yuan. We will see you again during filming," the producer took his leave politely.

Yuan Zhou hung up after saying goodbye as well.

"I must say I have put a lot of thought into this. After all, I am so handsome. If I appeared on TV and the scouts started contacting me to offer to make me a celebrity, it will be hard to say no. I don't want to snatch the livelihood of others. If I do that, I would be the same as those celebrities who only rely on good looks," Yuan Zhou muttered while sculpting radish. He was of the opinion that he was a man who could make his fortune with his good looks yet had decided to rely on his skills instead.