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730 Wu Hais Defea

 The moment Wu Hai stood up, he walked towards Qin Xiaoyi and Happy. Qin Xiaoyi was so shocked by this action he immediately stuffed a big mouthful of rice into his mouth, almost choking himself.

One could never admit defeat in terms of spirit. Therefore, Qin Xiaoyi and Happy stood up as well. But to be precise, they were thinking about completely different things.

Wu Hai was walking over to ask why was Qin Xiaoyi staring at him since they did not know each other. By the looks of it, Qin Xiaoyi did not seem like someone here to ask for his painting as well.

As for Qin Xiaoyi and Happy, they thought that Wu Hai was here to snatch their food. Therefore, they stood up to face the incoming battle.

Thus, before Wu Hai could even say anything, Qin Xiaoyi snatched the initiative and said, "Come, let the war begin!"

What? Wu Hai started at them blankly. What war?

A war of paintings? Were these two some newcomers of the painting industry that wanted to gain fame by stepping on him? As the most popular painter in the country in recent times, situations like this would happen frequently.

"Just with the two of you? Even if you join hands, you still won't be my match." Wu Hai was always filled with confidence when it came to paintings. Otherwise, he would never have achieved his current accomplishments. More importantly, Wu Hai would not be bothered to accept challenges like this.

He was no idiot. If he accepted all challenges, wouldn't he be tired to death?

Qin Xiaoyi and Happy were furious. They could see the complete contempt coming from Wu Hai, as if the food in their bowls were already his. Therefore, they exchanged glances and started moving in tandem.

As the saying goes, strike first to gain the upper hand, and strike later and suffer calamity, Qin Xiaoyi did not have his nickname as Brain for no reason. Working with Happy, they struck from two sides. With unstoppable momentum, they launched their assault towards the food filling Wu Hai's table.

This completely stupefied Wu Hai. What's going on?

While Wu Hai was in stupefaction, Qin Xiaoyi and Happy already devoured two pieces of Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork. Just like that, Wu Hai's delicious Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork entered the mouths of others.

All along, Wu Hai had always been the one to snatch the food of others. Nobody had ever snatched his food before. Therefore, he stayed in stupefaction for quite some time.

By the time he recovered from his stupefaction, his Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork was nearly finished.

"Don't think of leaving this restaurant now!" Wu Hai finally understood what they meant by war. With a shout, he transformed into an angry bull with bloodshot eyes and with his chopsticks moving like a dragon, he launched an assault at Qin Xiaoyi and Happy's table of food.

Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan, also known as Happy, were long term office workers. They looked delicate and refined, and this gave Wu Hai the confidence to teach them a reason, to teach them proper moral values.

When they saw that Wu Hai was about to launch his assault, Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan stopped their attack and vigilantly stared at Wu Hai, preparing for the huge battle.

Wu Hai was a person of authority in the domain of food snatching. Therefore, it did not take him long to calm his mind. Food snatching was the same as painting. One could not rush it.

Just as the battle of food snatching was about to start, a certain customer entered the restaurant. But this customer's arrival was not the reason for the three to shift their gaze. Rather, it was the sounds of discussion that had appeared after this customer arrived.

"What in the world? Why did that person say thank you suddenly?" asked a curious customer.

"I have no idea. Did you notice him when he entered?" asked the other customer, his face dumbstruck as well.

"Not at all. Did you see that?" asked the customer.

"No." The other person shrugged.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was standing calmly in the kitchen looking outside.

"What happened?" Ling Hong curiously asked Man Man.

Man Man gave him a glare before answering.

"Earlier, the guy with the same mustache like that mustache guy suddenly said thank you to Boss Yuan after eating. Then, he apologized to everyone for the trouble as well. That kind of came out of nowhere," Man Man gave a short summary of what happened.

"Huh?" Ling Hong was confused, and shifted his gaze on Yuan Zhou.

What he saw was a completely calm Yuan Zhou. Of course, Yuan Zhou was confused inwardly as well. Why did that person thank him suddenly? But as a prince charming, he felt like he had to maintain his calm in all situations. Therefore, he calmly nodded to signify that he heard the thank you, as if this was the most natural thing to happen.

Yuan Zhou looked at that person's back with an indifferent expression. What he saw was that person walking out the door before closing his palms together and saying, "sorry for the trouble" before leaving.

"Um, that is indeed weird," Yuan Zhou muttered inwardly. Of course, he still maintained the indifferent look as he continued his work.

"Sure enough, the customers of Boss Yuan's restaurant are all quite weird," Ling Hong lamented when he saw the person apologizing to the other customers.

"Nobody is as weird as you, a person who never eats discounted food, a person also known as No Discount Ling, and would rather have his legs broken." Man Man was somewhat speechless by Ling Hong's shamelessness.

"The reason I don't eat discounted food is so others can have a chance to enjoy the discount. By the way, what do you mean by broken legs?" Ling Hong questioned.

"Stop talking. I sense some killing intent," Man Man suddenly said.

Ling Hong did not stubbornly hang onto the topic of broken legs. He followed Man Man's gaze and saw Wu Hai and the other two.

The three were sitting side by side. Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan acted in a very considerate manner and pushed their food to the middle of the two tables. Wu Hai did the same.

As a side note, the dishes ordered by Wu Hai alone had higher price and quantity compared to the combined dishes ordered by Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan. But when snatching, the price and quantity would not make a difference.

"You guys have still come."

"You came as well."

"Are you sure you want to do it?"

"We have no choice."

"You never should have selected me as the opponent."

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"Nobody can defeat me."

"You say that because you have never encountered us before this."

Wu Hai, Qin Xiaoyi, and Happy went through a series of extremely dramatic dialog. The contents of the dialog made them sound like they had some mental disorder.

Then, the battle started.

With a whoosh, Wu Hai used a White Tiger Steals The Heart technique and sent his chopsticks through right below Qin Xiaoyi's wrist and picked up a piece of Twice Cooked Pork. Without pausing, he stuffed the meat into his mouth and started chewing in satisfaction.

"How fast!" Qin Xiaoyi was alarmed. Happy stared at Wu Hai in astonishment.

"You are worthy of being called Shameless Wu. You are indeed fast," Gao Fan remarked.

After Wu Hai initiated with an attack, the battle officially started. Everyone started attacking with their chopsticks.

At first, Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan were somewhat intimidated by Wu Hai's speed. As for Wu Hai, he was protecting his own food with one hand while snatching their food with his other hand.

Qin Xiaoyi only reacted when he saw his food reducing without a stop. Two hands would find it hard to face four hands. Therefore, Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan did not need to protect their food. They merely counterattacked and immediately sent their chopsticks to Wu Hai's food.

One ought to know that Qin Xiaoyi and Gao Fan would normally be snatching each other's food. And since they were friends, they cooperated well as well. While one was out snatching food, the other would be defending.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Chopsticks whipped everywhere as the intense battle progressed.

Wu Hai was unable to defeat two opponents at the same time. Instantly, all his food was finished.

"Holy sh*t!" Wu Hai looked at his empty bowls in disbelief.

"Sorry, thank you for allowing us to win," Qin Xiaoyi said with a smile.

Wu Hai sat on his seat with a dumbfounded expression, looking at his empty bowls in disbelief.

"Idiot," Yuan Zhou remarked with no mercy after witnessing the entire war.