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728 You Successfully Drew My Attention.

 "System, come out. I guarantee I won't beat you to death," Yuan Zhou gnashed his teeth and said gently.

The system displayed, "After you decide which country to go, the flight ticket will be sent out to you by post and the accommodation information of the hotel will be sent to your phone directly."

"Good, you finally answered me. I thought you would play dead again. Leaving other things aside, can you tell me what's with these places?" Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and asked peacefully. After getting along with the system for more than a year, Yuan Zhou finally understood one thing. It was quite stupid to shout and scream loudly in the face of the system.

The system displayed, "Please read the additional information of the reward carefully. Host, you can select any of the three countries at will. (Note: As a reward, the expenses will be all free of charge.)"

"Ho Ho. Are you sure it's a gourmet journey?" Yuan Zhou laughed grimly. What goddamn information and what goddamn "free of charge"?

"Yes." The system continued displaying words.

The answer was quite natural and wasn't lacking in self-confidence at all. Yuan Zhou simply wanted to throw the rag into the face of the system immediately.

Of course, he could do nothing but think of that as the system didn't have a physical form.

"You tell me what delicious foods there are in these three places. India, Cambodia and Thailand." Yuan Zhou brought out the three countries which were regarded as the Desert of Delicacies.

The system displayed, "Host, you can select any of them as you please. (Note: As a reward, the expenses are free of charge.)"

"Screw you. Are there any delicious foods in these three places? Rice using hands in India? Or Curry Rice in Thailand?" Yuan Zhou thought of the news about India and still felt an ache in his teeth.

As for Cambodia, Yuan Zhou indicated that he wasn't familiar with it, either. Were there any delicious foods in that country?

The system didn't answer Yuan Zhou's questions, but the three places just lingered in front of Yuan Zhou to let him make the choice.

"Even if there are no Chinese foods, why don't you give me some better options like France or Japan or else Brazil since it's a gourmet journey?" Yuan Zhou began to lower his tone of voice and attempted to change the system's mind.

However, the system just stayed silent as if it were dumb.

Seeing the system not respond to him at all, Yuan Zhou continued saying, "Turkey is also a good option. After all, Turkish Cuisine is also one of the three most famous cuisines.

"System, what do you think of my proposal? Is it simple and clear and down to earth?" Yuan Zhou asked bluntly.

The system displayed, "Host, you can select any of the three countries at will. (Note: As a reward, the expenses will be all free of charge.)"

Watching the exact same answer, Yuan Zhou gazed at it fixedly and said, "Do you dare to change a word? So you are playing copy and paste now, right?"

"System, are you really so stupid as to let me go to these three countries to pursue delicacies?" Yuan Zhou got flustered and exasperated.

The system displayed, "Automatic detection starts now. 1% -- 12% -- 46% -- 100%. Automatic detection completed. This system is functioning well, so please don't worry, host."

Yuan Zhou said, "System, you weren't like now before. Why are you becoming more and more shameless and brazen?"

The system displayed, "Host, you are a good teacher."

Holy sh*t!!! Yuan Zhou choked immediately on hearing that.

"No, no, no. I feel you are becoming more and more foolish. Anyway, I will select none of the three places." Yuan Zhou just ignored the system's request. He that was already down fears no fall.

What a joke! Select? What was there to select? Did the system want him to go to Cambodia to eat wild animals, to go to Thailand to watch those ladyboys, or to go to India to eat rice with hands? He didn't like eating rice with hands at all.

"Ho Ho." Yuan Zhou answered that simply in the end. Then, he picked up a book and began to read it, preparing to sleep again after the pub was closed.

After all, Yuan Zhou stayed up the whole night last night.

Time passed minute by minute. When the pub was closed, Yuan Zhou had almost fallen asleep.

Only then did Yuan Zhou close the door and go to bed securely. During the process, the system sounded many times to remind Yuan Zhou to receive the reward, but Yuan Zhou just played deaf.

It was a dreamless night. Yuan Zhou got up on time and went for his morning jog as usual. There was still no new dishes for breakfast today. After all, Yuan Zhou hadn't obtained the matching snacks yet.

After the hectic and boisterous breakfast, there came the lunchtime. This time, Brain and Happy came again. After all, they had some free time at noon on Friday.

The two people waited in line and chatted.

"Hey, don't forget that you still owe me a meal," Happy said to Brain, namely Qin Xiaoyi.

"Yes, I still remember." Qin Xiaoyi nodded his head.

With a tone unknown to be happy or regretful, Happy said, "They have girlfriends but no humanity. It serves them right that they can't eat it."

Ever since he extorted a meal from Big Steamed Bun, Qin Xiaoyi had been promising his friends to treat them to a meal again here. Therefore, Qin Xiaoyi had been saving money for that meal. He didn't even buy the laptop that he had long expected.

Seldom did they have time to meet up, but the result was that all others were called back by their girlfriends. Before they left, they described their departure euphemistically as making more room for others to eat more. They even told Happy and Qin Xiaoyi to eat more on behalf of them.

That was total bullsh*t. They just treasured their girlfriends more than the appointment with friends. Even so, Qin Xiaoyi and Happy were quite used to that. What did good friends mean? Good friends would never hold a grudge against each other even if any of them failed to make it for the gathering.

Therefore, only Qin Xiaoyi and Happy came together today. They checked the menu and ordered six dishes including vegetable dishes and meat dishes. They ordered two bowls of rice from the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine in the end, as well.

"By the way, get us two servings of watermelon juice," Qin Xiaoyi suddenly thought of the juice and said.

"Let me see," Zhou Jia lowered her head and checked her notebook before saying apologetically, "There's only one cup of watermelon juice left today, so..."

Qin Xiaoyi didn't expect that there was no watermelon left now. He had always been hearing from others on the Internet that the watermelon juice served in Boss Yuan's restaurant was the best in the country, so he had originally prepared to feast on it extravagantly today.

"Forget it if there's only one cup left. What else do you have?" Qin Xiaoyi asked Zhou Jia.

"We have Longan And Red Jujube Tea and Lemon Water. These two kinds of drinks are unlimited," Zhou Jia answered.

"Then get us two cups of Lemon Water."

Having finished ordering the dishes, Qin Xiaoyi made the bank transfer by Alipay. Zhou Jia reported the dishes and Yuan Zhou started to cook them. The dishes ordered by Qin Xiaoyi were all some simple and common dishes of Sichuan Cuisine from Chengdu School.

As was said previously, it was like a war when Qin Xiaoyi and Happy had meals together. Therefore, both parties had concentrated their attention and stared at each other fiercely even before the war started. They were just alert to each other.

They knew that it would be a hard war today.

Just then, Qin Xiaoyi suddenly felt a sense of danger. It was like a hungry wolf that hid in the jungles and prepared to give the hunted animals a fatal blow at the best time.

He looked back and saw a dangerous scene.

The wrinkled brown wool jacket indicated that he slept in his clothes last night. Apart from that, there were also messy hair and two tufts of small mustaches. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's the shameless guy Wu Hai, one of the ten cancers." This name had struck Qin Xiaoyi's ears like the roar of thunder. Judging from the dishes he had half eaten on the table, he seemed to have slept for quite a while.

When they arrived at the start, they didn't notice that they were actually sitting beside Wu Hai, thus Qin Xiaoyi felt quite regretful. Therefore, he protected his dishes and stared straight at Wu Hai every time Zhou Jia carried the dishes to them.

Just because of his cautious deeds, he successfully drew Wu Hai's attention...