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727 A Surprising Reward

 "Well, no wonder there's such a pure fragrance of tofu pudding. Every little bit of impure flavor was eliminated like that, even if no one could tell the difference." Zhou Shijie was astonished in his mind and it showed in his expression.

"It's both simple and straightforward to the point as well as incisive and effective." Lu Xian commented.

Yuan Zhou appeared quite composed and natural, not feeling self-conceited at all after being praised.

Judging from the way Yuan Zhou looked, however, Zhou Shijie suddenly thought of the little trick mentioned by him. Not to mention Zhou Shijie, even Lu Xian was rather speechless.

"This trick wasn't even figured out by old guys like us. On the contrary, you got it. It's really an ingenious idea." Lu Xian sighed with emotion.

"Don't listen to him lie to you. That's not a little trick at all. Even making that knife isn't an easy thing, let alone the other actions needed," Zhou Shijie pointed at the bean stick knife and said affirmatively.

"That's true. It does require a lot of time to make the knife so fine and smooth to not let it harm the tofu pudding but merely cut it." Lu Xian nodded his head earnestly.

Then, the two people began to discuss some methods to make the bean stick knife.

Yuan Zhou just stood quietly at the side and listened to them praise him. It was a kind of moral excellence not to chime in.

Just in a little while, Zhou Shijie said to Yuan Zhou again, "The tofu pudding cooked by you is totally different from that cooked by Master Shi. There's no need to make comparisons."

"Yeah, no need for comparisons. It is just like making comparisons between the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce and Vegetable Stir-fried With Button Mushroom. They are two totally different things, so they couldn't be compared and there is no need, either." Lu Xian nodded his head approvingly.

"Master Shi is really awesome," Yuan Zhou said solemnly.

"Yes, he has always been quite awesome. He likes studying everything intensively. The Spring Water Tofu Pudding is also one of his masterpieces. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the title of 'Head of Sichuan Cuisines'." Lu Xian nodded his head.

"I can make some more progress with my culinary skills," Yuan Zhou suddenly said that.

Zhou Shijie became stupefied for an instant first before he expressed his agreement, "Of course. You are still so young, you naturally can make some more progress."

Nevertheless, Lu Xian was quite surprised at the side. As an ultimate foodie, the dishes and something else in this restaurant were clearly seen by him.

Yuan Zhou's culinary skills were already very good. With his pursuit for the smallest detail and his unique knife skills to process the food ingredients, how else could he make further progress?

Lu Xian looked at Zhou Shijie with an expression of astonishment and suspicion, indicating obviously, "Are you blind? Is there any room for further progress?"

That's right. In Lu Xian's opinion, Yuan Zhou's culinary skills had been too perfect and Yuan Zhou could even write a book to teach others. With all due respect, even Zhou Shijie himself was only superior to Yuan Zhou based on his broad and profound knowledge, as he lived longer than him. As for the craftsmanship, he wasn't as good as Yuan Zhou.

Of course, Zhou Shijie's age was also one of the reasons.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head seriously.

Then, Zhou Shijie revealed a relieved face. He just ignored the weird expression on Lu Xian's face.

"All right. I'm leaving with this old guy." Zhou Shijie said goodbye to Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, see you next time." Lu Xian was quite courteous to Yuan Zhou. After all, they will probably see each other quite a lot later.

Lu Xian was prepared to come for meals frequently.

"See you next time." Yuan Zhou watched the two people walk out of the restaurant.

Once the two people got out of the restaurant, however, Lu Xian opened his mouth immediately, "Hey, you old guy. You are simply misleading and causing harm to young men with your words. That Little Boss Yuan is so excellent in culinary skills already. How would his skills be if he still needs to make progress?"

"In my opinion, the top level of your culinary abilities last time is nothing more than this. Don't you feel ashamed of saying he could make further progress?" Lu Xian paused for an instant and continued saying.

"No, no, no. You don't understand. Yuan Zhou is a person whose potential hasn't been thoroughly released. He makes progress every time, no matter if it is his knife skills or his craftsmanship," Zhou Shijie said with deep understanding, "The most terrifying thing to evaluate a person isn't how excellent he is, but that he still has infinite potential when he is already the best."

"I heard from others that he became famous in the last couple of years, so he must have worked very hard previously. It's natural for him to make such quick progress now. And it does no good to him if his peak passes," Lu Xian speculated naturally.

"Don't you understand the theory that something will easily break if it's much too rigid?" Lu Xian knitted his brows and looked at Zhou Shijie.

"No, no, no. You don't understand him. You'll know why I say so after you eat there for some more time. He is quite devout to the culinary skills. Maybe, his culinary skills can truly be matchless in the world." Zhou Shijie said that affirmatively.

"I'm going tomorrow." Lu Xian no longer questioned him. He prepared to go there for a meal personally to see how matchless he would be.

The two people walked and talked. In the meantime, the customers also began to drink liquor blissfully in the pub while Yuan Zhou was tidying things up in the restaurant.

Suddenly, the system uttered a sound.

"You mean there's a reward?" Yuan Zhou knitted his brows slightly and asked inwardly.

The system displayed, "Yes. Considering you have grasped the perfect Spring Water Tofu Pudding by yourself, the system hereby gives you this reward."

"What kind of reward?" Yuan Zhou became alert immediately once he heard there was a special reward.

The system displayed, "Host, receive it and you will know."

"Can't I know what it is in advance?" Thinking of the previous big scam, Yuan Zhou was a little hesitant to receive it.

The reason was that the system rewards him with nice things while deceiving him at the same time. As a result, he often became hesitant about the rewards.

The system displayed, "Host, you are unqualified with your current level. Please work hard to level up."

"I'm considered to be an Intermediate Chef now. Please tell me at what level can I know the reward in advance." Yuan Zhou was suddenly inspired and thus switched to a different method of asking.

The system displayed, "You are qualified to know that when you become a Senior Chef or when you obtain a special reward."

"So that explains it." Yuan Zhou was a little confident now.

The system displayed, "Host, please receive the reward."

"Since I can know what the reward is in advance when I'm a Senior Chef, I'm won't receive it this time," said Yuan Zhou naturally.

For an instant, the system was also speechless and thus didn't answer him.

This time, however, the system seemed to be smarter. He no longer urged Yuan Zhou, but the two golden characters of "reward" still lingered in Yuan Zhou's mind.

As long as he closed his eyes, he could almost see them clearly. Obviously, the system was tempting him to receive it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'd rather learn the remaining dishes of Chongqing School's Sichuan Cuisines first. It seems to be more reliable," Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

Yuan Zhou worked for a long time on getting things ready. Nevertheless, the system kept calm and didn't appear to be hurried at all.

Then, Yuan Zhou also became a little confused.

"Isn't it a scam this time?" Yuan Zhou felt bewildered.

Formerly, Yuan Zhou had once improved a dish and the system gave him a reward, but meanwhile, it also cheated Yuan Zhou. At that time, the system also did the utmost to persuade him to receive the reward.

There was even a time limit to receive it. But this time, the system seemed to be very quiet and unhurried at all, which made Yuan Zhou feel confused.

"Why don't I receive it for a try?" Yuan Zhou's pursuit for rewards and culinary skills were getting higher and higher; therefore, he found it hard to resist the rewards of the system.

"System, let me receive my reward now," Yuan Zhou said inwardly.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released. Please check by yourself."

"The system is so frank and honest. What exactly would the reward be?" Yuan Zhou felt both excited and expectant. Of course, he was also a little cautious.

"Damn it. System, you scammed me again!!!" Yuan Zhou tapped open the reward and immediately shouted loudly.

The reward read,

[Secret Mission] Develop the best taste of the dishes by yourself. (Completed)

(Mission description: Host, you must recognize the deficiencies of the dishes on your own and then improve it. Only in this way can you show your demeanor of a great cooking master. Young man, I have faith in you. Come on.)

[A Reward Of Surprise] A gourmet travel (already received)

(Reward tips: There are no national boundaries in the pursuit of delicacies. Young man, go out for a trip. Go out and look around at the good food of foreign countries. The food and accommodation are on me.)

There seemed to be no problem with the reward as he could even take a trip free of charge, but that depended on where to go. And that was the reason why Yuan Zhou looked up at the sky and sighed deeply.