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721 Learning How to Flirt?

 In Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

It was dinner time. Today, there was something different in the restaurant.

"Dancing is an artistic expression. To be precise, dancing is an act of using one's body to perform numerous difficult motions. To do it without borrowing the help of props, skills will be very important. Generally, many other meanings have been attached to the act of dancing. For example, losing weight. Most of the people dancing the Latin dance nowadays were doing it to lose weight."

"As the Latin dance mainly uses one's waist, buttocks, and belly, it is very good for weight loss. Apart from this, there are also other meanings such as social interaction, religious, romance, and so on to dancing. Therefore, the act of dancing has a very complicated origin."

Gao Song was the speaker. The name might not sound feminine, but this Gao Song was, in fact, a genuinely beautiful woman. As the saying went, similar things came together. Gao Song was introduced here by Jiang Changxi, and they were good friends with each other.

She was the dance instructor of the largest dance studio in Chengdu. She had been in dancing competitions at many countries in the European and American continents, even winning some of them. Her expertise was in belly dancing and the Latin dance. She was also an expert in fashion. As she had been practicing dance since she was young, her figure was extremely good. Even when wearing loose-fitting jeans, one could still see that she had a fabulous body figure with curves in all the right places.

Jiang Changxi herself had an extremely good figure. She had claimed that she had curves at the right places and a long pair of slender legs, and she was right. Even Ling Hong who had met many beauties before agreed that Jiang Changxi had the best body figure he had ever seen.

But Gao Song's body figure was even better than Jiang Changxi.

"Then... Teacher Gao, what is the purpose of the dance I learned?" asked a woman. She was in her 30s and was dressed formally like a white collar worker yet before Gao Song's powerful presence, she would be as obedient as a primary school student.

To master the art of dancing, one needed to learn the origins of the dance one was learning. This was what Gao Song said and also why the woman asked her that question.

Gao Song replied, "You are learning Tango, a dance where skills are very important. This is a dance that first existed as an entertainment. It had some elements of courtship incorporated to it as well. Subsequently, it became a palace dance, and eventually matured into the competitive dance that we know today. It is clear that for this dance to transform from an entertainment to competition is the change in the very nature of this dance, giving birth to a standard in the skills required to perform this dance."

Gao Song wasn't exactly a workaholic that enjoyed talking about work during meals. She had merely treated Yuan Zhou's restaurant as her temporary place of work. After all, this place has a nice environment, with her best friend and good food around.

Therefore, after she was brought by Jiang Changxi on her first time here, she was the one bringing one of her students the next time. When she spoke, she wouldn't speak too loudly. Thus, no customers were disturbed by her when she explained.

Then again, Wu Hai was an exception to this.

Today, Wu Hai was sitting to the right of Gao Song by chance. He cleared his Egg Fried Rice with only two bites. That's right. This was not a metaphor or something like that. He literally finished his Egg Fried Rice with two bites.

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Chen Wei, who was sitting beside Wu Ha,i coughed without stop. When Wu Hai raised his head to look over, he found that the dishes in front of Chen Wei had nearly been emptied in about a dozen seconds.

The dishes consisted of Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork, Swedish Meatballs, and a Clear Broth Noodle Soup.

Looking at the swelling and flushed cheeks of Chen Wei, Wu Hai asked curiously, "Have you choked yourself to death?"

Chen Wei glared at Wu Hai. It would seem like he was really going to be choked to death. He had obviously been eating that fast because he was afraid of Wu Hai snatching his food.

Finishing three dishes in about a dozen seconds was a miraculous act. It was something hard to imagine. At what speed was Chen Wei using to stuff the food in his mouth? Biologically, Chen Wei was truly near the point of being choked to death. Perhaps it would be a meatball, or it might be a piece of tofu, any piece that he couldn't swallow could very well choke him to death.

"Here, drink some water," Sister Wan handed some water to Chen Wei's mouth.

Chen Wei gulped the water down and was finally able to force the food down his throat before starting to gasp for breath. Although Boss Yuan's food was nice, Chen Wei had no intention of being choked to death by the food here.

"Be careful when you eat next time. Nobody is... um, just be careful," Sister Wan was about to say that nobody was going to snatch his food when she saw Wu Hai beside Chen Wei.

Then, Sister Wan sat down at an empty seat. She had just arrived after queuing up outside.

"You're back from your hometown?" Chen Wei asked. This was the first time he saw Sister Wan after Chinese New Year.

Sister Wan answered, "No. I was away for one month during the Chinese New Year. Even if I wanted to stay in my hometown until now, I doubt my boss will agree. I already returned to Chengdu about half a month ago. I came here once, but did not stay long since I wasn't eating anything."

Chen Wei nodded. In fact, people would often come to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for some reasons other than eating.

With this restaurant here, they wouldn't need to face their empty rented house all alone after coming back from their hometown during the Chinese New Year holidays before going back to work the next day.

Of course, this restaurant hadn't exactly changed anything but coming here had already become some sort of habit for the regular customers.

Therefore, many people that came back to Chengdu for work would come to say hi after they returned from their hometowns during the Chinese New Year. There would not be a specific target for those people to greet. Some would come to greet Yuan Zhou, some would come to greet the customers they were familiar with, and so on.

Regardless of whether they would eat or not, they would come at least once after coming back from their hometowns.

Sister Wan was one of them. After she answered the question, her interaction with Chen Wei ended. After all, Sister Wan still needed to make her order while Chen Wei had nothing else to say.

"How did you choke yourself from eating? Chen Wei, are you trying to make me laugh to death? So that you can inherit my bicycle and credit card after my death?" Wu Hai said.

"Get lost. Mustached guy, don't ever think of snatching my food," Chen Wei glared at Wu Hai. Although he choked himself on food, he had successfully avoided having his food snatched by Wu Hai. Therefore, he was still feeling very good. As a security captain, nothing could hide from his observant eyes. An example was Wu Hai's act of eating so quickly earlier. He most definitely had been planning to snatch his food.

"You must have lost your mind." Wu Hai looked at Chen Wei like he was a lunatic.

To prevent his IQ from dropping, Wu Hai decided to not talk to this madman, Chen Wei. After Chen Wei finished his meal, he ordered a Watermelon Juice. He needed the juice to cool himself down.

As for Wu Hai, he was sitting there waiting. After about five minutes, Gao Song finished her conversation with her dance student. When she was preparing to leave the restaurant, Wu Hai stood up and turned around.

"Can I have the pleasure of treating you to a Watermelon Juice?" This was the first time Wu Hai took the initiative to flirt with someone. Therefore, he was acting somewhat awkwardly, "I mean, do you want to sit down, have a Watermelon Juice, and a little chat?"

Many people were attracted by his action. Even Yuan Zhou who was resting after cooking got his attention attracted.

Wu Hai, who was only interested in paintings and food, had finally learned to flirt with girls? Yuan Zhou suddenly had a feeling like his baby boy had finally grown up.

"Did he take the wrong medicine or something?" Chen Wei muttered as he looked at Wu Hai.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Wu Hai the Eaves?" Gao Song was already used to being hit on. She reacted calmly. After sizing up Wu Hai, she asked a question that sounded like it had come out of nowhere.