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718 Michelin’s Recognition

 "Hiss." Zhou Yu shivered. By then, the middle-aged woman who sold Bowl Rice Pudding had got everything packed.

Zhou Yu's back was totally drenched. The sky blue uniform appeared darker in color. Even the hat hung on his back was wet.

"Thank you, Brother Zhou. I'm done. Thank you for your umbrella, thank you," the middle-aged woman carried the pack basket and turned to say that.

"Got it. Go there quickly." Zhou Yu pointed at the rain canopies at both sides.

"All right. I'm going, I'm going." The middle-aged woman walked forward.

And Zhou Yu just held the open umbrella and followed her. Because of his help, the middle-aged woman and her basket didn't get wet in the rain all along.

"Walk quickly. Don't say useless words." Just when the middle-aged woman turned her head and wanted to say something, Zhou Yu's voice sounded again.

"We are arriving, here we are. Brother Zhou, do you want some Rice Bowl Pudding? The taste is just perfect." After they arrived, the middle-aged woman set down the basket carefully and said smilingly.

"No need. Be cautious next time and move quickly," after saying that, Zhou Yu turned around and left immediately.

"Thank you. Let me treat you to my Rice Bowl Pudding next time," said the middle-aged woman behind him.

Zhou Yu didn't answer her at all. He returned to his bicycle and prepared to go back to his working place.

After all, there would be an inspection a moment later.

However, the bike saddle was now all covered with water since it had been laid bare to the rain. Zhou Yu knitted his brows and prepared to sit on it when Zhou Jia walked to him with an open umbrella in her hand.

"Mr. Zhou, Boss Yuan asked me to give it to you." Zhou Jia handed a towel to him.

The towel was bought by Yuan Zhou himself for the customers.

For example, for the boxer and those who were caught in the rain. Besides that, the towel was free of charge.

And that was the only thing free of charge in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"How can I accept it readily?" Zhou Yu scratched his head in embarrassment and asked meticulously, "Do you charge for the towel?"

After all, it was known to all including Zhou Yu that Boss Yuan was very stingy.

"The towel is free. Just take it. I am just here to deliver a message to you. Boss Yuan sent me here to give it to you." Zhou Jia put the towel in Zhou Yu's hand and then turned around and left.

"Thanks, Boss Yuan. Thank you, too." Zhou Yu took the towel and thanked her immediately.

"My boss said no problem." Zhou Jia held the open umbrella and turned to repeat Yuan Zhou's words smilingly.

Zhou Yu looked at the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and found there were only customers who lined up for the meal and Zhou Jia who had just arrived. Yuan Zhou wasn't there.

Having wiped dry the bike saddle, Zhou Yu put away the towel and then left slowly with one hand holding the umbrella and the other supporting the bicycle.

Though his back was still wet, the bike saddle was nevertheless dry. As a result, he didn't feel very cold in this way.

It had been three days since Chu Xiao called him. Yuan Zhou had observed his surroundings very carefully these three days, but he didn't find any strange foreigners coming for meals.

Of course, there were foreigners in these three days, but none of them looked like a gourmet. Yuan Zhou didn't really pay much attention to them.

In his eyes, the evaluation criteria of Michelin didn't apply to him, nor to the current situation in China.

Yuan Zhou didn't care about it while somebody else did. It was the chairman of China's Chef Alliance, Zhou Shijie. He cared about it very much.

Hence, a call was made to Yuan Zhou.

"Chairman Zhou?" Yuan Zhou looked at his phone and then answered it.

"Little Yuan, are you done with your work now?" Zhou Shijie began to call Yuan Zhou Little Yuan after the Sino-Japan Exchange Meeting.

It sounded intimate and besides, Zhou Shijie was really hopeful about Yuan Zhou.

"Yes, chairman. What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou asked directly.

After all, Zhou Shijie was fairly busy. Every time he called Yuan Zhou, he had something to say to him. And Yuan Zhou happened to be bad at small talk, hence asked straightforwardly.

"Nothing special. I just haven't seen you for quite a while, so I called to ask how you were," Zhou Shijie stayed silent for a second and then said that.

"You can come to have meals. We just started serving the Chengdu School's Sichuan Cuisine," said Yuan Zhou naturally.

"Wow, that's great. Is it the old-fashioned type?" Zhou Shijie asked with interest.

"Yeah. The authentic Chengdu School's Sichuan Cuisine," Yuan Zhou said confidently.

"I must make some time to have a taste." Zhou Shijie's voice was full of interest.

"Um," Yuan Zhou answered.

"By the way, the Michelin people have left," Zhou Shijie said in a seemingly careless way.

"Oh." Yuan Zhou uttered, indicating that he was listening carefully.

"Those foreigners are supercilious. They only went to that Gongguan-Cuisine Restaurant to have a simple look. After that, they went to no other places," Zhou Shijie said lightly and sounded a little indifferent to this matter.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head approvingly.

"So don't take it to heart." Zhou Shijie brought out his purpose only when he found Yuan Zhou's voice was unchanged.

That's right. Zhou Shijie was very happy when he got to know that Michelin guy was coming, thinking that Yuan Zhou could make an appearance internationally.

After all, Yuan Zhou's capabilities could be seen by everyone and he not scared of anyone tasting his dishes.

The Michelin people had finally come, but didn't let people receive them nor visited others. Instead, they went to the Gongguan-Cuisine Restaurant alone and then left at once after a meal. It wasn't that they didn't take others seriously, but actually didn't show due respect to them.

Even to Zhou Shijie, the Michelin people only greeted him out of basic courtesy in the process; therefore, no one went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Zhou Shijie was worried that Yuan Zhou would feel down if he knew that. After all, Yuan Zhou was only 25 years old and it the time for a man to have pride. And that was why he made this call.

"Thank you, chairman. I won't," Yuan Zhou sounded affirmative and indifferent when he said that. There wasn't any discontent in his tone.

"That's good. Just ignore them. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to your restaurant and taste the Sichuan Cuisines of the Chengdu School," Zhou Shijie answered and then he turned to say something else.

"No problem." Yuan Zhou directly agreed.

"That's all. I'm not going to bother you. You are too busy every day." Zhou Shijie was going to hang up the phone proactively. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Bye, Chairman Zhou." After Yuan Zhou said that, Zhou Shijie hung up the phone immediately.

"These Michelin people are really inexplicable. Why do they screw things up everywhere instead of selling their tires attentively?" Zhou Shijie stared at the phone and appeared quite discontented.

However, Yuan Zhou was quite composed. After all, he wasn't really interested in the Michelin issue.

"I'm going to be a knowledgeable Master Chef in the future," Yuan Zhou said to himself. Then, he put down the phone and prepared to sculpt.

He had barely put down his phone when it rang again. And it reminded that the call was from France.

"Free of charge?" The first reaction Yuan Zhou had upon seeing the overseas call was that it was free of charge to answer it according to the customer service.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou answered the phone decisively.

"You don't seem to be busy." It was Chu Xiao's first sentence.

"You, either," said Yuan Zhou unhurriedly.

"The Michelin people didn't go to your restaurant," Chu Xiao said quite affirmatively.

Before Yuan Zhou answered him, however, he continued saying, "It's their loss. It's not really a bad thing for you."

"Indeed. They have suffered a great loss." Yuan Zhou consented to this statement very much.

After saying that, they fell silent again. Yuan Zhou sat on the chair leisurely and even took out a book from the drawer.

And Chu Xiao nevertheless sat on his office chair and stared blankly at the table surface.

They behaved as if they were having a contest to see who could keep silent longer.

Just when Yuan Zhou thought it would be very long, Chu Xiao suddenly said, "Why didn't say anything last time?"

Yuan Zhou's answer was very distinctive...