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715 This Is A Local Dish

 Pa. Yuan Zhou first placed the chopsticks down and quickly wiped his mouth before replying, "Yes, I'm here. Please come in."

"OK. We will be coming in then," the grandpa's voice entered the restaurant together with his person.

"Why are you here?" Yuan Zhou stood up and seriously asked.

"We're here bringing good news," the grandpa said with a beam on his face.

"What is it?" Yuan Zhou nodded and asked seriously.

"Quick. What are you doing blanking out there? It's so lucky of us to arrive when Boss Yuan is not busy sculpting," the grandpa directly pulled at Wang Shuyuan.

Wang Shuyuan had been frowning ever since he entered the restaurant. He was looking everywhere with a look of deep thought on his face.

"What's going on with you?" the grandpa curiously asked when he saw that Wang Shuyuan wasn't saying anything.

"Excuse me, Boss Yuan. Were you making tea earlier?" Wang Shuyuan glared at the grandpa before asking Yuan Zhou.

"No." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"That's not possible. The entire room is filled with the fragrance of orchids. That is definitely the smell of Longjing Tea," Wang Shuyuan said after taking in a deep breath, his tone firm.

"True. The smell of tea is so strong in here. Boss Yuan, are you making tea?" the grandpa asked as he was hit by a realization.

When he saw that Yuan Zhou was denying with a frown, the grandpa quickly said, "Boss Yuan, that is not very kind of you. Since we made it here while you're drinking tea, you should offer us some tea as well. This is how you should treat your guests."

The grandpa would turn incredibly shameless when it came to tea drinking. He felt no shame when offering to drink Yuan Zhou's tea.

"I'm really not making any tea," Yuan Zhou firmly declared.

"But it's quite weird. The smell of tea is so strong, yet I can smell the fragrance of chili mixed with the tea as well," Wang Shuyuan said in astonishment.

"Is that so? Chili? How can there be chili in tea?" the grandpa said disapprovingly.

"There is. Try smelling around," Wang Shuyuan said.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou raised his hand and was preparing to secretly hide his Longjing Salad.

He did this because he had recalled what happened when he cooked Herbal Tea Eggs with Keemun Black Tea.

The grandpa almost started beating people up at that time. Yuan Zhou felt like it was better for him to respect the old and cherish the young, thus not let these two notice what he had done to the Longjing Tea.

It was not healthy to always get angry.

"Yeah, you're right. Boss Yuan, what did you do?" the grandpa questioned with a solemn look.

"I was making a dish to refresh the mind," Yuan Zhou nonchalantly said.

"Wait a moment. What are you doing with that hand?" Since the grandpa was already on guard, he immediately noticed Yuan Zhou moving his hand.

Ta. Yuan Zhou took a step back and showed that he was doing nothing.

"You haven't told me your reason here," at the same time, Yuan Zhou expressionlessly changed the topic.

Yuan Zhou's EQ was on full display as of this moment.

"Oh, yeah. Wang Shuyuan, tell him yourself," the grandpa suddenly recalled and said toward Wang Shuyuan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Then, the grandpa stepped forward and sat down in front of Yuan Zhou.

"This is what happened..." Wang Shuyuan took another deep inhalation at the smell of tea in the air before speaking.

However, before he could even finish a complete sentence, he was interrupted by the grandpa's roar.

This time, the grandpa was truly roaring loudly. Both his hands were digging into the edges of the table while his eyes were opened wide as he glared at the dark green dish.

He opened his mouth and howled, "What the h*ll is this? Are these tea leaves? Is this a salad made of tea leaves?"

That's right. The grandpa had acted naturally while sitting down to suddenly stand up. This was something not even Yuan Zhou had seen coming.

His sudden movement allowed him to see the Longjing Salad on the azure stone countertop.

Hearing the grandpa's howl, Wang Shuyuan immediately stepped forward. The moment he laid eyes on the salad, he was stunned.

He pointed at Yuan Zhou with a shivering finger and said, "Boss Yuan, is this the dish to refresh the mind you mentioned?"

"No wonder I can smell chili mixed in. So you had added chili in it," Wang Shuyuan muttered.

"Chili my *ss. What is this? These are obviously fresh tea leaves. Just take a smell at the pleasant orchid aroma. This is Longjing Tea, top quality Longjing Tea," said grandpa while grabbing at his own heart, as if he couldn't accept this truth.

"Tea Salad? Made with Longjing Tea? Not even I have eaten something like this even though I have lived this long. Good tea is wasted by you just like this," Wang Shuyuan said in a bitter tone.

"Yes! Aiiiii my heart. I have never even drunk tea this fragrant. This is terrible," the grandpa wailed as he glared at the plate of tea leaves.

"Is it too late to save these tea leaves?" suddenly, grandpa asked as he looked at Wang Shuyuan hopefully.

He only bothered to ask as Wang Shuyi was extremely accomplished in the art of tea.

"Just look. There is quite a lot of chili and other ingredients added in. How can these leaves be saved? I wish I could," Wang Shuyuan grumbled and glared at the grandpa.

The grandpa seemed to immediately wither like a dying plant. But the instant he lowered his head, he immediately raised his head again to look at Yuan Zhou who was standing with his back perfectly straight.

It was as if flames were going to spray out of his eyes. He said, "Boss Yuan, what is this?"

"This is Longjing Salad, it tastes very good. It's crispy yet tender at the same time. This is a local dish at Yunlong. It's very unique. You won't be able to easily find it anywhere else," Yuan Zhou gave a simple explanation.

"Are they eating Longjing Tea there?" the grandpa climbed onto the table. It was evident he was losing control over himself.

"Take care of your image, your image," Wang Shuyuan might be saying that, but his hands were busy pushing the grandpa up the table.

In truth, he also wanted to climb up and give Yuan Zhou a beating.

What was that? That was Longjing Tea. A Longjing Tea of such good quality that even after being wasted like this, it was still emit such a pure orchid fragrant.

Wang Shuyuan felt like his heart was bleeding when he thought of the quality of these tea leaves. He mumbled unceasingly in his heart, "This is not my tea, this is not my tea."

"Yes. The Bai people don't really eat Longjing Tea though. They produce Bai Tea there. But this is how they cook the Tea Salad. As a chef, I naturally have to keep researching new dishes," Yuan Zhou explained righteously.

"Y-yo-you... you're ruthless!" The grandpa blanked out when he heard what Yuan Zhou said about being a chef. He pointed at Yuan Zhou, not knowing what to say.

"Longjing Tea, oh my dear Longjing Tea," Wang Shuyuan mumbled and turned to leave.

Since he couldn't rescue the tea leaves and couldn't beat up Yuan Zhou, he did not feel like staying here to continue smelling the fragrance in the air.

"I need to go back and take some medicine for my heart," the grandpa said and leaped off the table, leaving quickly.

Ta. Ta. Ta. Both of them left with nimble steps.

"Luckily I am a well-read person. Otherwise, I wouldn't know that the Bai people have this habit," Yuan Zhou indifferently rubbed the sweat on his forehead.

"By the way, System, you are too stingy with your help. When the restaurant is not opened for business, you stopped filtering out the smell. This won't do," Yuan Zhou complained in deadly seriousness.

Little did Yuan Zhou know that the system was hoping that Yuan Zhou would be beaten to death.