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709 Dismantle Your Shop Sign

 "Yuan Zhou's restaurant will never suspend its business due to any external factors, let alone a TV program," said Yuan Zhou in, what he believed to be, a sad way.

Though the shooting of Roll, Dear Beef only lasted for one day, there must be a dress rehearsal on the previous day according to the matters that needed attention. Therefore, the restaurant had to be closed for two days in total.

What Yuan Zhou said roughly meant that, "I don't mean to target your program. What I mean is that all of you are not worth it."

He said it so sadly that Yuan Zhou believed that the man with the slickback would feel better inwardly.

"And to a chef, a kitchen is like a boudoir to an unmarried girl. Others are forbidden to go inside," said Yuan Zhou.

Then, the guy with the slickback became silent. Theoretically, he should say that the compensation would be as much as 50 thousand RMB next. In the face of Yuan Zhou, however, he found it inappropriate to bring that out.

Because he suddenly thought of the daily turnover of Yuan Zhou's restaurant that he had checked.

Compared with the turnover, the compensation was simply not much. Even one-tenth of the turnover would be a big amount of money.

"Boss Yuan, what about you reconsidering my proposal again?" The man with the slickback didn't know what to say next. As far as he knew, the previous advantages that the program he had relied on didn't function anymore over here. Therefore, he could do nothing but make a final effort now.

"If two days don't work, I can discuss with the director to reduce the two days to one day only," said the man with the slickback.

This time, there suddenly came a rugged and vigorous male voice even before Yuan Zhou had time to reply.

"Roll, Dear Beef, do you believe that I will throw out your equipment at once?"

The art geek Wu Hai was one of the ten cancers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

The man with the slickback recognized the man who interrupted them at first sight. The messy hair, the eclectic and sloppy clothing, the neat and uniform mustaches and the temperament flowing from his deep heart all revealed his identity.

"This Compass originally slacks off and asks for leave from time to time and now you actually ask him to close the restaurant for one day. I don't think you can get out alive today." It was the roar from Wu Hai.

To be frank, the program Roll, Dear Beef was enjoyed due respect in the entertainment circle, but that didn't work on an artist. They were totally not on the same wavelength. With Wu Hai's current fame and prestige, no one could pressure him to do anything randomly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Therefore, the man with the slickback didn't know what to answer.

On the Internet, there was a data analyst, Kamui Yanzu. He figured out the ten cancers in Yuan Zhou's restaurant through the means of an anonymous vote. And Wu Hai entered the top three without any pressure.

"I think I get it." The man with the slickback appeared quite helpless and he had nothing to do but report the results to his superior. With Wu Hai looking at him fiercely like a tiger, it was probably impossible to let Yuan Zhou suspend his business.

The man with the slickback told everything to the film director and thus, the film director convened an emergency meeting.

"Compass, you must be patriotic," said Wu Hai with sincere words and earnest wishes.

"Compass, you must love our CCP ardently," Wu Hai continued with sincere words and earnest wishes.

"Compass, you must take good care of the customers who have always been supporting you," Wu Hai said with sincere words and earnest wishes for the last time.

Yuan Zhou glanced at Wu Hai and suddenly had a suspicion. Why had Wu Hai become stupider and slower? Shouldn't one become cleverer and smarter after eating his dishes?

Though Yuan Zhou didn't pay attention to him, Wu Hai didn't feel embarrassed at all. He turned around and brought out this matter in the Wechat group. Everybody in the group was sharpening their blades.

Wu Hai was stroking his small mustaches and keeping watch over Yuan Zhou without even blinking like a Shoushan Dog

In comparison, Yuan Zhou appeared as composed as usual. He was preparing to cook the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce from the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines. Firstly, the rice grains had to be washed clean without any contact with his hands and then soaked in the water. And the soaking time was slightly longer.

The popular stars also must line up like other customers and the restaurant wouldn't cooperate with them in any way. Yuan Zhou's attitude could be summarized like that.

On the other side, the directing team started a heated discussion while the guy with the slickback was waiting for their notice. According to him, the directing team was unlikely to agree to that. The floor director hated things going out of control.

One hour later, the guy with the slickback entered the restaurant again with a look of puzzlement.

"The directing team has consented to your requirements. The popular stars will line up like any other customer. But there must be security guards from the door to the side street for the sake of their security," the slicked-back hair said, "With regards to this point, we hope you can understand."

Yuan Zhou didn't say anything this time. One was that things out of his restaurant weren't in his circle of control. Secondly, the security guards were indeed required for these popular stars when they went out for any program.

What made the guy with the slickback feel strange was that why the directing team would agree to such severe requirements.

On the contrary, it was Wu Hai at the side who make a pointed remark, "Current directors are better at gimmicks more than shooting."

"What do you mean by gimmicks?" The guy with the slickback asked subconsciously.

"Why should I explain it to you? Are we very familiar with each other?" Wu Hai's temper had always been very bad. Anyone who offended him would end up with severe accusations, let alone a man that almost let him go hungry.

The guy with the slick back was then speechless.

"The shooting will start half a month later. I must get a good sleep in order to grab a seat by then," while saying that, Wu Hai left for his home to get some sleep.

He decided to sleep one more hour every day from today on so that he could make good preparations for grabbing seats against the popular stars half a month later.

The guy with the slick back then called the legal personnel of the program division to come and discuss things about the contract.

In the end, Yuan Zhou suddenly said,

"I have a suggestion. You can tell your director."

"Please speak." The guy with the slickback listened to him very carefully.

Yuan Zhou said seriously, "Can you edit out all my parts or obscure my face throughout the process after the program ends?"

"What?" The man with the slickback looked at Yuan Zhou in surprise when he heard that. He was so shocked that he even brought out English words.

Yuan Zhou couldn't help knitting his brows. The man was so young, but why didn't his ears work well? As a result, Yuan Zhou had to repeat what he had said just now helplessly. And that was the perfect solution that Yuan Zhou thought of.

"Boss Yuan, I understood that. What I mean is, why do you have such a suggestion? It is absolutely irrational." The man with the slickback said affirmatively.

Everybody wanted to have more scenes in a TV program. To edit out all his parts or obscure his face was no different from preventing him from being known to the public.

"I think it is a very rational request. Please help to convey my intentions to your director." Yuan Zhou felt it was hard to communicate with this dumb kid.

"Alright, I will. But are you sure?" The way the guy with the slickback looked at Yuan Zhou wasn't any better.

That was the gaze of looking at a freak.

"Thank you," said Yuan Zhou concisely and comprehensively.

"You are welcome. So I will pass on your request to my director. Bye." The reason why the man with the slickback repeated his words was to confirm on Yuan Zhou's thoughts again.

However, Yuan Zhou wasn't swayed by his words. He just nodded his head and then continued his own work.