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708 Apprehension

 Actually, there was one thing that Unworried Mulberry didn't know. The reason why there was about half of the money left in the money-box was because Jiang Changxi placed 200RMB inside occasionally.

Even so, there was only that amount of money in the money-box.

Unworried Mulberry learned two things in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Firstly, one could never make decisions based on first impressions. Actually, if he wasn't so stupid as to rely on his first impression and guess blindly, he wouldn't come to the conclusion that this matter was sparked by Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Secondly, people were never as nice as imagined. Just like a moment ago, two young men took out 10RMB from the money-box, respectively. Judging from their appearance, however, they didn't look like the kind of people who lacked money.

"Kid, are you gonna insert money into the box again?" When Yin Ya finished eating and prepared to leave, she saw the 4-year-old little girl who had two pigtails again and thus squatted down and said to her.

The little girl nodded her head and threw a green 1RMB paper money inside and then said, "I have saved 6RMB. When the amount goes up to 11RMB, I can buy a Thunderclap And Lightning Toy Car.

On hearing that, Yin Ya felt that she was quite funny. She stroked the head of the girl and asked, "What is that? Shouldn't it be something like a doll for a girl?"

"Thunderclap And Lightning Toy Car. It's the car driven by the Lighting Robots. It is awesome and it can run into the aliens to make them fly away." The little girl danced with joy. As she moved drastically, her pigtails shook up and down and she appeared quite excited. It seemed that the Lighting Robot enjoyed high fame in the little girl's mind.

Yin Ya felt it to be quite strange. Weren't little girls all supposed to like dolls? Then, she brought out these doubts.

"The dolls are too feminine. The Thunderclap And Lightning Toy Car is more popular," the little girl answered seriously.

When she found what the little girl said stood to reason, Yin Ya was surprisingly made speechless.

"Little sister, why did you put the money into the money-box?" Unworried Mulberry came up to them.

Then... the little girl looked at Unworried Mulberry and turned around decisively before leaving with her pigtails leaping up and down.

Looking at the back of the girl, Unworried Mulberry was dumbfounded and embarrassed. What was the problem?

"Is my appearance very frightening?" Unworried Mulberry touched his own face. Though he wasn't very handsome, he wasn't so ugly as imagined.

"No, it isn't. You just scared the little kid." Yin Ya commented earnestly and then she looked at the watch on her wrist. It was getting late, so she turned around and left.

This greatly injured his pride. Unworried Mulberry indicated that he would never come again for the third time even if the dishes were delicious. It had truly injured his pride.

Besides, his pride was injured by a pretty girl. Unworried Mulberry instantly made up his mind.

Zhou Jia began to serve the food and the dishes ordered by Unworried Mulberry came very soon. Apart from him, the man with a slickback yesterday also arrived today. But this time, he didn't get into the restaurant, but only stood at the door.

With such high prices and little service, the customers still come in an endless stream. It's definitely a special flower in the circle of food and beverage. The guy with the slickback looked at the long line outside the restaurant and thought so inwardly.

As the external superintendent of the program Roll, Dear Beef, the guy with the slickback had a high EQ and decent propriety, but that also depended on the situation. He wasn't polite and courteous to everybody.

Obviously, the guy with the slickback would be quite courteous to Yuan Zhou, no matter if he agreed or not. He would never look down on him just because his restaurant was small. This guy was pretty smart and shrewd. He had been the external superintendent for two years and had learned nothing else but one point, that was, any restaurant that could be invited by the program division all had something unusual.

Therefore, the guy with the slickback especially collected some information before he came here. The moment he learned about Yuan Zhou's background, he was stupefied. What the f*ck! This person was simply unbelievably awesome.

He managed to make this tiny restaurant that was smaller than a 100 square meters to be so great. Furthermore, his culinary skills were so perfect. Anyone would be conquered as long as they ate Boss Yuan's dishes. That was what the guy with the slickback had investigated.

Including Lee Yanyi and Tengyuan.

Just as the guy with the slickback was sighing with emotion in his heart, Yuan Zhou was also very hesitant last night. Of course, cooking required absolute concentration and devotion, therefore, he held back all his hesitations temporarily in his heart. In Yuan Zhou's opinion, nothing was allowed to affect the taste of his dishes in spite of his bad mood.

There were two major things that made Yuan Zhou hesitate. Firstly, the system's mission. He had barely finished the main mission to become well-known throughout the province and obtained the full set of the Chengdu School of Sichuan Cuisines and became a man that had genuinely mastered a whole set of regional cuisines.

Throughout the missions released by the system, he could actually summarize a rule. His journey to the Master Chef started with Becoming Famous In The Street and after the mission of Becoming Well-known Throughout The Province, the next would naturally be Becoming Well-known Throughout The Country. For the sake of the upcoming main mission, should he make some preparations? This was the first thing that made Yuan Zhou feel hesitant.

Of course, Yuan Zhou kept this discovery to himself only. He couldn't let the system find out that he was so clever and smart.

Secondly, it was a problem whether to accept the invitation of Roll, Dear Beef or not. The several popular stars like Li He, Jiang Meisi, and Bai Guo were all participants of this program and thus caused many discussions. It was no exaggeration to say that he could firmly step forward toward further success if he decided to attend this program.

Not to mention that there was a big beauty in this TV program. It was quite attractive to show his supreme culinary skills in the face of the stars. Personally, Yuan Zhou liked this program very much. However, his restrained ego told him that he shouldn't show his face in public as a to-be Master Chef. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That might sound a little complicated. Simply speaking, Yuan Zhou wanted to attend the TV program Roll, Dear Beef but meanwhile didn't want to show up on TV.

Once lunchtime ended, the guy with the slickback entered the restaurant immediately.

"Boss Yuan, what do you think of the matter I told you yesterday?" He came straight to the point.

"There must be many rules if people attend a variety show." Yuan Zhou suddenly changed the topic of the conversation, "Please tell me about the rules of the program first before I decide to attend or not."

"Sorry, I forgot to tell you about that." The guy with the slickback apologized. That was actually a rational demand. If Yuan Zhou couldn't accept some of the rules after he had decided to attend the program, that would be embarrassing and awkward.

Therefore, the guy took out a list of matters needing attention from the inner pocket of his business suit at once. All the matters that needed attention had been clearly printed on it.

Yuan Zhou received it and began to read it carefully. A few seconds later, he raised his head, gave the list back and then said firmly, "I'm sorry, I cannot accept the rules on it."

Though the guy with the slickback had been mentally prepared, he still felt surprised when he heard such resolute a refusal.

"Boss Yuan, which one do you disagree with? We can talk over it."

Yuan Zhou pointed at two rules in the list with his fingers. After the guy with the slick back read it, he explained at once, "Boss Yuan, listen to me please. We have quite a few popular stars in our program division, so it is for the protection of the stars that we require you to suspend the business of your restaurant. Besides, we will compensate you for the loss of profit after that. And as for this one, it isn't aimed at your restaurant especially. Every filming location will be rearranged before the program."

The two rules that made Yuan Zhou refuse the invitation were as follows:

For the sake of convenience, the business of the restaurant must be suspended during the shooting. The program division will compensate for some of the loss of profit.

For the sake of convenience, the restaurant will be taken over and rearranged by the program division.

The man with the slickback looked at Yuan Zhou. Frankly speaking, the program division of Roll, Dear Beef behaved quite conscientiously and dutifully. They had compensation for any loss and besides, this program would bring about quite a lot of popularity to the participants after it was broadcast. Until now, the man with the slickback hadn't been refused by anyone yet.

It sounded like a rational explanation, but Yuan Zhou's answer was ...