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706 Chengdu School and Chongqing School

 Lu Cheng started working again while his father left feeling relieved. Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was still packed with customers.

As KFC had always been called this name or Fried Chicken, nobody remembered what his real name was. As Sun Ming's best friend, KFC had once came supported Yuan Zhou's business. Beef mince and plain white rice of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine was his favorite. Of course, the price wasn't low so he couldn't exactly come here frequently.

The two people that had arrived when Lu Cheng and his father were leaving were introduced here by KFC. Of course, what he told them when introducing this place was unknown. In any case, the two had cheerfully arrived.

To make their name easier to remember, they were respectively called Happy and Brain. Happy was the taller person with short hair. His face was brimming with a smile and was someone working for a consulting company. As for Brain, he was the shorter person with spectacles that looked very scholarly. He was truly a person with brains and was an old-timer at the consulting company. In fact, Happy was brought into the company by him.

"Steamed Rice Powder and Twice Cooked Pork," Brain ordered two dishes. Since the dishes had been ordered, Happy proceeded to order two bowls of plain white rice from the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine and one Jin'ling Grass.

Two meat and one vegetable were sufficient for a full meal. Happy and Brain had decent intelligence and thus did not form their own judgments before eating. But they were sure that this Yuan Zhou's restaurant wouldn't fail to cook those dishes properly with its reputation.

In truth, there was a reason Brain ordered what he ordered. He had a friend that was a self-proclaimed Chengdu School of Sichuan Cuisine Master Chef. Whenever Brain cooked, this friend would be bossing him around and commenting without stop. An incident that stuck out was that one time when Brain made a Twice Cooked Pork dish and was harshly critiqued by his friend.

Therefore, Brain wanted to challenge his friend with an authority in the food industry. However, if he used other chefs or restaurants as an example to rebuke his friend, his friend would be spinning all sorts of excuses against him.

It was different with Boss Yuan. His nickname was Compass, and he did things very strictly. Therefore, Brain came after KFC's recommendation.

The Twice Cooked Pork was one of the renowned dishes in the Sichuan Cuisine while both Chongqing School and Chengdu School were subcategories of the Sichuan Cuisine. Therefore, both Chongqing School and Chengdu School would have this dish in their list of dishes. Even the Salt Cuisine had this dish as part of its dishes. The general method of cooking this dish was similar for all cuisines, but there was also a huge difference in the details.

Simply put, the Chengdu School was the subcategory of Sichuan Cuisine that adhered to the traditions the most. As for the Chongqing School, it pursued innovation. This difference from the two cuisines was especially pronounced when it came to Twice Cooked Pork.

Chongqing School's Twice Cooked Pork had lower requirements on the meat used. Even the ingredients in the recipe were interchangeable. As for the Chengdu School of Sichuan Cuisine, the meat had to be the pork belly, while not a single one of the other ingredients such as the Pixian Soy Bean Sauce, sweet bean sauce, and the others could be excluded. Currently, Yuan Zhou was adhering closely to the strictness of the Chengdu School of Sichuan Cuisine. He was meticulously preparing the green garlic sprouts that were one of the required ingredients.

Both Brain and Happy waited in anticipation. Soon, they would know if that guy was right or not. By the way, the one paying for today was Happy.

Although these two had a great relationship with each other, they had always followed a strict rule when treating each other to meals. If today one of them treated the other to a meal, tomorrow, the other would treat him to a meal of similar value. On and on, they would alternate treating each other to meals. Therefore, none of them would be impacted financially.

This had always been how Brain would do things. Among friends, it was still better to keep everything fair. A friendship could only be maintained if both sides were contributing equally. If only one party was giving, the friendship would not last long.

Meanwhile, Unworried Mulberry, who had his intelligence greatly challenged, was making his way out of this place in grief. He acted in a straightforward manner and did not drag on once he made his mind.

Three hours later, Unworried Mulberry reached home. After logging in to his Weibo, he found that Marshal Canopy's spam army was still showing off their prowess. Unworried Mulberry was still able to see the similar never-ending arguments on Weibo.

"No matter what, I still think it's a marketing ruse. All the news that had previously appeared online such as him defeating Tengyuan Jiayuan must have been part of the ruse to hype himself all along. It definitely wasn't as epic as the news made it to be. What's so special with defeating a random chef of Japan? I have reliable evidence to support my conclusion."

Whenever Unworried Mulberry saw the term "reliable evidence" nowadays, he would simmer with rage. These people online obviously knew nothing yet here they were, pretending to be some expert and misleading the masses. Tapping sound rang out as Unworried Mulberry started typing his reply:

[If you are not smart enough, don't come out here to show your stupidity to the world. Tengyuan is a name that is not only well-known in both our country and Japan, he is also widely known throughout the entirety of Asia. Tengyuan did not get his current status without true abilities. For example, during the previous culinary competition in Asia, he was one of the judges. You are calling someone like this a random chef?]

Although Unworried Mulberry might seem stupid at times, as an influential person on Weibo, he was rather "powerful" when online. With his tongue, he alone engaged in a battle of words with numerous people, assaulting anyone who was accusing Yuan Zhou's restaurant with fake marketing to death with his words.

One ought to know that although Unworried Mulberry had gone to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for the express purpose of investigating the truth and made it known to the world, the first thing that happened to him was his utter defeat under the Egg Fried Rice and Tea-smoked Duck that was so delicious it was ridiculous. Next, he was further defeated by the genius painter, Wu Hai.

After that, was there any further need to investigate anything?

"Of course not. If I had known that would happen, I wouldn't even go in the first place." Whenever Unworried Mulberry thought about this, a distressed expression would appear on his face.

It only took him a short time to defeat his opponents online, making them retreat. When he saw this, he cheered up.

"Sure enough, battling the masses in a war of words is a good way to vent out stress." Unworried Mulberry heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he started typing again. His finger tapped quickly and nimbly on the keyboard as a crackling sound rang.

"The money box is legitimate. I have personally investigated it. But what some people mentioned is right as well. Ultimately, we can't be sure if this money box had indeed helped someone in need, or had it been exploited by the greedy. But I need to clarify one thing here, the food at Yuan Zhou's restaurant is incredibly delicious. He does not need this type of marketing..." Unworried Mulberry typed without stop.

When posting a long post, timing was important. Therefore, Unworried Mulberry posted it the moment he finished typing. As an influencer on Weibo with millions of followers, his post received more than 1,000 likes in one minute.

Of course, those that had pressed the like button this fast were only his fans who were doing it out of habit. They had yet to even read the long post. After an hour, the speculation on Yuan Zhou's restaurant going on online reached an end.

It ended with the victory of the side who was of the opinion that this was not Yuan Zhou's ruse to hype his restaurant. After all, Unworried Mulberry had personally verified it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Seeing how people were finally siding with Yuan Zhou online, Unworried Mulberry heaved a sigh as he lamented, "I have never expected that a day would come where I would be advocating for someone on the Internet."

"No way. I need to go eat there one more time to cure my injured heart." Unworried Mulberry decided to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant one more time.

As for how he had mentioned that he would never return when leaving that restaurant previously, Unworried Mulberry had completely forgotten about that.