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702 Yuan Zhous Hands

 "No, no, no. It won't be a scam. I heard this boss's knife skills are quite good a while back and there's nothing special about this." Unworried Mulberry immediately shook his head to get rid of the inappropriate thoughts.

While Unworried Mulberry was looking for Yuan Zhou's weaknesses carefully, Yuan Zhou had started to process the duck further.

However, this time, he washed his hands first with salt rather than plain water. That's right, he washed his hands with salt.

"What the hell is he doing?" Unworried Mulberry was quite surprised.

As it was known to all, it wasn't comfortable to wash one's hands with salt, not to mention that Yuan Zhou had to keep his hands quite sensitive. He felt more uncomfortable and even had a sense of cauterization.

Besides, it could be obviously seen. While Yuan Zhou was washing his hands, they were slowly becoming very red.

Just because he found that, Unworried Mulberry felt quite astonished.

"You are making a fuss. As a chef, he must guarantee that cleanness comes before taste. Before rubbing the duck with salt, he naturally must wash his hands with the salt," Lee Yanyi looked at Unworried Mulberry angrily with contempt and said lightly.

"But his hands will not be comfortable." Unworried Mulberry knitted his brows.

"It is the principle of Boss Yuan in regards to cooking. He is never careless in this aspect." Lee Yanyi didn't say much.

Then, Unworried Mulberry stayed silent and continued looking at Yuan Zhou.

"Hooo..." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief inwardly. Then, he scattered clean salt on the duck and then began to rub it.

For an instant, there came a light sound of "Pa Pa" from the restaurant. It was the light sound of the duck touching the wooden basin. Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou was massaging the duck. Of course, he rubbed it more heavily on the meaty parts such as duck legs and abdomen.

In the end, there was only the inside of the duck left. When he rubbed this place, Yuan Zhou added some tea leaves in the salt.

Not until when the salt completely melted and the tea leaves started emitting a faint fragrance of tea leaves in the cavity did he finish processing the duck.

When he found the single duck required such complicated treatments, Unworried Mulberry became hesitant. How painful those red hands would be!

Yuan Zhou then brought up a smooth wooden hook and tied the duck neck on the hook to fix it firmly. After that, he opened a door of a cabinet and hung the hook in it.

Of course, this wooden hook was made of Camphor wood. Only this kind of wood would not affect the taste of the duck.

Having done that, Yuan Zhou took out a new duck from the cabinet. This was the duck that Unworried Mulberry would eat later.

After all, pickling a duck required at least ten hours. If he prepared the duck from the very beginning, the customers could only eat it on the following day. Therefore, there were always two ducks prepared in the cabinet.

In other words, only two people could eat the Tea-smoked Duck in one day.

The duck taken out of the cabinet had already been smoked. It could be served as soon as it was steamed.

While it was being steamed, Yuan Zhou took out a piece of dough prepared in advance and then began to knead it.

"Get me a serving of Tea-smoked Duck, too." On seeing the wheaten dish made by Yuan Zhou, Lee Yanyi also ordered this dish, too.

What a joke. Yuan Zhou was definitely preparing the Lotus Leaf Sandwiches. Therefore, this dish would include both meat and main dishes. It was the most accurate way of eating and besides, he had never eaten it before. It was simply perfect.

"All right. Please wait for a moment." Zhou Jia nodded her head and then went to report the order.

She had barely reported the order to Yuan Zhou when she came across a problem. Somebody was talking loudly. However, this was considered to be a common issue, because the person wasn't here to eat but to ask Wu Hai for his paintings.

This person was wearing a streaked business suit. Judged from the well-ironed and soft cloth, the clothes weren't cheap at all.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Speaking of which, this person was a bit similar to Wu Hai as he also had a full beard. However, this appearance didn't seem to be harmonious along with the business suit.

After this person got his turn and came inside, he headed straight for Wu Hai. In just a few steps, he walked to Wu Hai.

"Mr. Wu, good evening." The person greeted him loudly.

He probably feared that Wu Hai would ignore him. After all, Wu Hai had done those kinds of things frequently.

In the meantime, Unworried Mulberry also turned to look at him immediately. After all, Wu Hai was a fake customer in his mind. So if somebody came for him, he either truly came for something or was putting on a play for the reputation of this restaurant. Therefore, Unworried Mulberry looked at them very carefully.

"Why did you come again?" Wu Hai turned to look at him and immediately knitted his brows.

"Of course. You haven't agreed to my request, so I come to bother you again." The full-beard man stroked his beard with embarrassment.

"I don't have time. So I won't draw it," said Wu Hai cleanly.

"Don't refuse me, please. I have a new condition for you. Listen to me first. It's about food," the full-beard man didn't keep him guessing, thus he said point blank.

"You speak, I'll listen." Wu Hai didn't have too much interest.

"One of my friends has a decent life in France. When he heard that you were going to draw pictures, he especially saved a seat for you. It will be a French meal to be cooked by the Great Chef Chu." When the full-beard man spoke of Great Chef Chu, he sounded quite proud.

After all, a reservation in Chu Xiao's restaurant wasn't so easy. It was extraordinarily difficult to get the reservation.

"A reservation in Chu Xiao's restaurant?" Wu Hai looked at the man with the full beard strangely.

"Yeah, yes. Don't worry. It's absolutely true. I won't lie to you," The man with the full beard thought Wu Hai didn't believe him and thus immediately patted on his chest while saying.

Wu Hai didn't say anything. He just looked at the man with a full beard and then turned to look at Yuan Zhou with an expression too profound to be understood on his face.

"Tsk. This person really looks like a great master if seen from this perspective." Unworried Mulberry couldn't help laughing at him.

He was very clear about whom Chu Xiao was. He was the youngest Michelin Three Star Chef till now and he was also a Chinese. Unworried Mulberry had once fought against the fake news about him personally.

Of course, Chu Xiao was real. The fake thing was the unfavorable news about Chu Xiao that somebody cooked up.

But now, this person actually brought out the name of Chu Xiao. Unworried Mulberry couldn't help laughing at him. A fake customer that didn't even have a set of clothes worth more than 500 RMB over his body surprisingly wanted to eat Chu Xiao's dishes.

That was the same as a joke.

However, what made Unworried Mulberry feel strange was that no customers beside him appeared to be surprised. They even looked at the man in the same way.

Most importantly, Unworried Mulberry felt this man with a full beard was a little familiar.

"No, I'm not going. I have no time. Don't come. I'm waiting to eat." Wu Hai refused him again impolitely.

"I can increase your remuneration by 1 million. Please consider my proposal carefully. This is my phone number." The man with the full beard didn't continue pestering him, but took out his name card.

"Give it to Zheng Jiawei. I don't receive such things," said Wu Hai straightforwardly. He didn't even reach out his hand.

"Okay. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, Mr. Wu." The full-beard man became relieved and then said good-bye politely before he walked out of the restaurant resolutely.

"I'm so jealous of you when I see you drive away millions of RMB every day," said Ling Hong mischievously.

"Of course. I can earn millions of RMB in a few minutes." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and nodded his head earnestly.

"Oh, I got it. That person seems to be Lin Xin who is very famous in the circle of collectors. He likes oil paintings and has an oil painting named as A Paean of Life worth of 10 million RMB," Unworried Mulberry suddenly shouted loudly.

"Are you mad?" Lee Yanyi looked at him with contempt when he heard him.

However, Unworried Mulberry didn't care about that. He just stared at Wu Hai and appeared quite solemn and earnest.

"Surnamed Wu, two tufts of small mustaches and even Lin Xin comes for his pictures. Is this guy the genius artist, Wu Hai?" Unworried Mulberry blurted out.

"What are you calling me for?" On hearing somebody call him, Wu Hai turned his head and stared at him.

"..." Unworried Mulberry was then shocked. He felt that he might have suffered from brain damage this time.