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701 It Feels Like A Scam.

 Lee Yanyi had a very sensitive tongue and sharp ears. Therefore, he heard Unworried Mulberry as soon as he spoke.

"What did you say just now?" Lee Yanyi squinted his eyes and looked at Unworried Mulberry severely.

"Nothing." Unworried Mulberry contradicted him subconsciously at once.

"You are not a food critic. Are you here to eat or to make a report?" Lee Yanyi didn't want him to repeat what he had just said, but instead, wanted to say his own words.

"It seems to have nothing to do with you." Unworried Mulberry wasn't very confident.

After all, it was indeed he who rebutted Lee Yanyi, yet he wasn't going to admit it, hence when he was questioned, it wasn't easy for him to reply.

"Does it have nothing to do with me? Defaming my judgment and tongue equals to defaming this old man," said Lee Yanyi vigorously.

"I didn't mean to defame you, but that was indeed the frozen duck," Unworried Mulberry said affirmatively.

"Do you think ducks taken out of the fridge are all frozen ducks?" Lee Yanyi kept silent for a while and then asked with a strange look.

"Of course," Unworried Mulberry said as if it were obvious.

"I'd like to do a good deed today and explain to you what is a frozen duck." The way Lee Yanyi looked at Unworried Mulberry was the same way he looked at a fool.

"Please," Unworried Mulberry pretended to be listening to him modestly and then said.

"A frozen duck refers to the duck preserved at very cold temperatures, around 30-40 degrees below zero. The period of preservation will be very long. Only the ducks preserved in this way can be regarded as the frozen ducks." Lee Yanyi explained to him primly.

"Now, look at the duck in Boss Yuan's hand first and then only speak. Of course, you might not know me and you don't need to. Just remember, I can guarantee you that isn't a frozen duck," Lee Yanyi continued.

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"Needless to say, I will investigate the relationship between Boss Yuan and you." Unworried Mulberry really didn't like the way Lee Yanyi spoke arrogantly, thus he also answered him impolitely.

"I don't have any relationship with him." Lee Yanyi laughed at him. After that, he turned his head back and didn't talk to Unworried Mulberry anymore.

"Where does this old man come from?" Unworried Mulberry learned to be smart this time. He didn't bring that out verbally, but instead, just thought in his heart.

Of course, it was fairly common for Unworried Mulberry not to know Lee Yanyi. After all, they were not in the same circle.

Unworried Mulberry was responsible for digging hot news and cracking down on counterfeit goods while Lee Yanyi was a famous food critic in a different area. The two of them had nothing in common.

But right now, it was more important to look at Boss Yuan. After all, he hadn't taken a picture of Yuan Zhou cooking.

The conversation between the two people was heard by Yuan Zhou. If it wasn't for Yuan Zhou didn't not wanting to say anything, he really wanted to take out the introduction provided by the system and show Unworried Mulberry.

After all, he had just been envious of the food and living conditions of the duck in his hand.

When Yuan Zhou got the duck early in the morning, he asked the system. After all, it was quite necessary to know about how it grew up in order to cook a delicious dish.

"What good things did the duck eat to grow up?" Yuan Zhou asked while he was processing the duck.

Yuan Zhou had a good reason to ask that. Leaving other reasons aside, there wasn't a smell of blood when the duck was killed. Instead, there was even some fragrance when the blood flowed out of its body.

As was expected, the answer of the system didn't let Yuan Zhou down.

The system displayed, "The duck was bred from the baby ducklings of Jinling Lake Duck."

"Lake Duck? Is the ancestor of that breed used to make the Beijing Roast Duck?" Yuan Zhou knew about this breed of duck.

It was rumored that Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty brought this breed of ducks from Nanyuan of Beijing when he moved his capital from Nanjing to Beijing. As time went by, this breed of ducks was then used to make the Beijing Roast Duck.

The system displayed, "Yes. There were only 90 thousand of such pure-breed ducks raised in 1988 and this system selected the pure-breed Lake Duck. The duck is meaty as well as fat and tender and is especially suitable for cooking dishes. Because of the food it usually eats, it is most suitable for cooking Tea-smoked Duck."

"What does your duck live on? Why isn't there the smell of blood? Instead, it even has the fragrance of tea." After Yuan Zhou finished processing the duck, he confirmed that it was the fragrance of tea contained in the duck.

The system displayed, "It is spring now at the place where the host is and it's appropriate to drink flos sophorae tea in this season. This system feeds the duck with pilose antler supplemented with fresh flos sophorae tea. During the process, this system also uses Zhuozhou rice to fatten the ducks."

"Wait. Are you talking about the pilose antler?" Yuan Zhou asked in surprise.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"I have never eaten that before. What does that look like?" Yuan Zhou felt quite embarrassed and then sighed.

"This society is finished. Even ducks are eating the pilose antler," Yuan Zhou complained continuously.

The system displayed, "It's raised scientifically until early autumn when it can be eaten. At that time, the duck is stoutest and strongest and the taste is both fresh and delicious."

Yuan Zhou had originally wanted to continue complaining when he suddenly found something might be wrong with the system's words. Then, he asked immediately.

"Isn't it the Beginning of Spring now?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "The sun moves back and forth between the equator. Whichever hemisphere the Sun is, it's summer in that hemisphere. Therefore, it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere when the sun is there; and it's winter conversely.

"It's autumn now in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina which are in the Southern Hemisphere."

"Ahem ahem. I know, I know that. I'm just asking you about the food ingredients. And you don't need to popularize the geographical knowledge," Yuan Zhou clenched his fist and said solemnly.

"You even went to the Northern Hemisphere to raise ducks." In rapid sequence, Yuan Zhou grumbled.

However, the system disappeared again and no longer displayed anything when Yuan Zhou asked about the food ingredients.

For such a dignified duck, how could it possibly be a frozen duck? No wonder Yuan Zhou wanted to throw the introductions in Unworried Mulberry's face directly.

These thoughts of Yuan Zhou were unknown to Unworried Mulberry. When he looked towards Yuan Zhou, however, he was holding a knife and defeathering the duck.

He pinched the duck bill with one hand and lifted up the whole duck naturally with the duck feet on the chopping board drooping loosely.

Then, he directly took the knife and wielded it quickly. Unworried Mulberry wasn't sure if it was an illusion, but he felt the surface of the duck seemed to become smoother.

"I don't believe somebody can wield the knife aimlessly and defeather the duck. It must be an illusion." Unworried Mulberry couldn't help shaking his head to deny his own speculations. After all, what Yuan Zhou was taking in his hand now was a bamboo knife and he knew that it could only be used to cut tofu.

How could such a knife be used to defeather the duck?

Regardless of these things, Yuan Zhou went on with the next procedure after he processed the oil and fine hair.

He pickled the duck with Shaoxing yellow rice wine. This time, Yuan Zhou pickled it with his hands. Every move he made was just perfect. He wiped the duck softly and then covered it with the rice wine. After rubbing it softly again, the rice wine seeped into the body.

Then, Yuan Zhou scattered Maowen wild pepper and Sichuan peppercorn over the surface to give it some flavor.

"Holy sh*t." Unworried Mulberry looked at Yuan Zhou doing all the work and even forgot to take pictures.

"It feels like a scam..." Suddenly, Unworried Mulberry had a premonition.