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698 The Changes of the Money Box

 "It's three fifty now. I reckon that the restaurant is not opened for business yet. I'll go take a look around," Unworried Mulberry muttered to himself after checking his watch.

Just as he leisurely strolled forward, a woman in a suit and a windbreaker on top of it walked passed him.

Unworried Mulberry noticed her because she was a very beautiful woman with a unique bearing about her. Besides that, what she was saying attracted his attention as well.

"This should be the perfect time to go to Boss Yuan's place," muttered this woman while walking pass Unworried Mulberry. This woman was precisely Tang Min.

Because of this sentence, Unworried Mulberry immediately noticed her and started walking at the same pace as her by reflex.

Ta. Ta. Ta. Sounds of footsteps repeated on the street as Unworried Mulberry unhurriedly followed behind Tang Min.

As there were quite a lot of people strolling about on the street, Tang Min did not notice Unworried Mulberry following her. She continued minding her own business, walking with quick steps.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant was at the middle of the street. Therefore, the two did not take long to reach.

The weather was getting warm now and Yuan Zhou was dressed in a casual-looking Han attire. As usual, he was sitting in front of his restaurant while sculpting radishes.

Everyone who walked by his restaurant would have their attention attracted by Yuan Zhou regardless of their gender or age. Naturally, there were girls taking pictures of him.

Of course, all of them behaved and stayed quiet. None of them disturbed Yuan Zhou.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was seriously sculpting. Of course, whenever he noticed that someone was taking a picture of him, he would straighten his back. This way, he could further display how much of a prince charming he was.

As for Tang Min who had just arrived, she was carrying her purse and stood before Yuan Zhou, silently waiting.

Unworried Mulberry had also arrived. He did not understand why Tang Min was here for Yuan Zhou yet wasn't saying anything now. Nevertheless, he also stood there silently as well. He did not look out of place standing there as quite a number of people were also standing there watching Yuan Zhou sculpting.

"Boss Yuan," right after Yuan Zhou set down the radish that he had sculpted into an angling man, Tang Min's voice sounded.

"You're here," Yuan Zhou greeted with a nod.

"Yes. Director Jiang sent me here," Tang Min stepped forward.

This time, Yuan Zhou did not say anything. He only nodded.

Then, Tang Min took out 10 RMB from her purse and accurately put it into the money box.

The interaction lasted less than one minute, but for Unworried Mulberry, this was enough proof.

"Hah, I got his secret. This is obviously a ruse to hype his restaurant," Unworried Mulberry stealthily took pictures of Tang Min putting money into the box.

Of course, what's even more important was how familiar she seemed to be with Yuan Zhou. This would also serve as proof.

Of course, Unworried Mulberry did not hear what they said due to his distance from them.

After putting the money into the box, Tang Min turned around and sighed. In fact, she herself was confused with the whole thing.

"Indeed, the box is nearly empty again. I don't know what's going on with Director Jiang and Ma Zhida," Tang Min muttered when she recalled the little amount of money left in the box.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Bye, Boss Yuan," Tang Min politely said before leaving with quick steps.

The moment Tang Min left, Yuan Zhou sat down again and continued sculpting. His sculpting knife danced about, creating swishing sound in the air.

Unworried Mulberry spent a bit watching before feeling bored.

"Is this guy going to continue sculpting here? Wow, he sure has a good way of marketing himself," Unworried Mulberry was of the opinion that everything Yuan Zhou did was for the sake of promoting himself.

He did not have the time to appreciate Yuan Zhou's knife skills. He was busy thinking of what to write in his new article.

Ta. Ta. Ta. A series of rushed footsteps sounded. This newcomer was most likely running here. Before long, he arrived before Yuan Zhou.

The same scene repeated. This person came in a rush, yet he merely stood there after arriving. He watched on as Yuan Zhou sculpted and waited until Yuan Zhou was done.

"How is it, Boss Yuan?" asked the newcomer. This was Ma Zhida.

"Take a look yourself," Yuan Zhou did not say much. He merely told him to take a look at the money box himself.

"Ok." Ma Zhida rushed forward in excitement to look at the box.

Whoosh. In his excitement, Ma Zhida pushed on the box. He raised his head and saw that there was still money in the box. There wasn't a lot of money left, but it was not a small amount either.

At least there was more money than he had expected to see.

"Looks like it's my victory," Ma Zhida muttered confidently.

"Sweet and naive," Yuan Zhou tagged Ma Zhida with this label, feeling like this was a perfect label for him.

After checking the money box, Ma Zhida left in satisfaction.

Recently, Ma Zhida would come here a few times every single day just to take a look at the money box.

Unworried Mulberry took note of everything Ma Zhida did and kept it in his mind. It was unknown what he was planning to write in his article.

Time passed quickly and before long, school ended for the kids. At this time, Wu Hai and Ling Hong arrived.

"This angling man is sculpted splendidly," Wu Hai stroked his mustache and was not willing to let the radish go after he got his hand on it.

"Tsk, how ugly. Let me take a bite off it," Ling Hong looked at Wu Hai with contempt.

"Be careful or you will get beaten by the kids later," Yuan Zhou nonchalantly reminded.

After all, Yuan Zhou's sculptures were extremely popular among the kids nowadays. Every single day, a lot of children would come and take his sculptures.

"No way. With how handsome I am, they will all love me," Ling Hong flipped his hair with confidence filling his face.

Right after he said that, before Wu Hai could even say anything, a little girl's voice sounded.

"Uncle mustache, uncle mustache," a tender voice called out.

Wu Hai froze for a second before lowered his head and looked at the source of the voice. Standing before him was a little girl with pigtails dressed in a pink loose down-filled garment. She was looking at him with her big eyes.

"Yes?" Wu Hai asked, clasping his hand on his back instinctively.

"What is that black box? Is that Big Brother Yuan's secret?" the little girl pointed at the box, looked at Yuan Zhou, before asking.

"No, it's a box to put money in," Wu Hai relaxed.

"Why is money being put outside the restaurant?" the young girl looked about four or five years old, yet she already knew what money was.

"It has a purpose. If one day you forget to eat your breakfast and felt hungry afterward, you can come to take some money from this box to buy yourself some breakfast. You only need to remember to put the money you borrowed back into the box the next day," Wu Hai gave an example after thinking for a bit.

"Do you think everyone is like you where every action will be related to food?" Ling Hong rolled his eyes.

"Ohh, I see," the young girl did not seem to dislike Wu Hai's explanation. She nodded her head as if she understood, but at the same time, she still looked clueless. Then, she took a sculpture and ran off.

Unworried Mulberry bore witness to everything. He felt like he got yet another excellent proof against Yuan Zhou. His money box ruse had actually attracted so many people here.

That's right. At this time, customers were starting to line up in front of the restaurant.

Suddenly, more and more people were there.