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693 Trap Dodging Master

 "System, I only asked because I have full trust in you," Yuan Zhou said seriously.

The system was rendered speechless by this guy who was acting so shamelessly just to save money.

Suddenly, it grew silent. Of course, Yuan Zhou was never one to feel awkward in such a situation. He directly spoke again.

"What do you say? I take that your silence means you are agreeing with me? True, I feel that my request is extremely fair and reasonable as well. After all, you had just scammed me not that long ago. It's not too much of me to ask for some compensation, right?" Yuan Zhou paused slightly before continuing after seeing that the system was still not replying.

"Well, that's a deal then. You can change the menu tomorrow morning. It is still too early to change it now," Yuan Zhou said after checking the time.

If the system was capable of thinking on its own, it would probably answer with a sneer like a human would. After all, sneering in itself was an act that carried a multitude of meanings with it.

"Xiaoyun had left for her class. Should I hire another waitress?" Yuan Zhou started thinking about something else. In his opinion, his discussion with the system had ended.

"Hmm, I think it has been quite a while since Sun Ming came. I wonder if he is still courting his goddess. I should try asking him about it," Yuan Zhou was having a hard time sticking to a single line of thought. Suddenly, he thought of the incident where Sun Ming requested for his help with his goddess.

He took out his phone and directly called Sun Ming.

"What else do you want, what do you want. A single text message from you is enough to bring me sorrow..." a song started playing as the ringtone.

"Did this guy get rejected? Looks like his EQ is still too low, to fail even after my help." The moment Yuan Zhou heard the sorrowful ringtone, he started picturing the scene where Sun Ming was rejected by his goddess.

"Yuan Zhou, you have finally thought of calling me? Are you going to treat me to a meal?" Sun Ming spoke teasingly the moment he answered the call.

"Are you fine?" Yuan Zhou said after a short silence.

"I'm fine. Why should I be not fine?" Sun Ming answered doubtfully.

"So you're doing good now?" Yuan Zhou asked again.

"Are you alright? Why are you calling me to ask if I'm fine?" Sun Ming checked the caller ID on the phone in doubt to confirm that the caller was indeed Yuan Zhou before asking.

"It's fine to get dumped by girls. I will treat you to a meal. You can order anything you want," Yuan Zhou offered like the loyal friend he was since he believed Sun Ming was hiding his emotions.

"What in the world? Who got dumped? I haven't even gotten into a relationship yet," Sun Ming shot back at Yuan Zhou.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What's with your ringtone then?" Yuan Zhou frowned.

"This is the default ringtone. Do you know that your ringtone is the Little Apple?" Sun Ming grumbled.

"I see. Well, forget about the meal then," Yuan Zhou frankly said.

"No way. You still owe me a meal," Sun Ming suddenly said with a solemn tone.

Yuan Zhou remained silent and did not say anything. Inwardly, he was trying to recall if that was true.

"Have you forgotten how you scr*wed me the other day? You nearly sent my goddess packing," Sun Ming would still be angry whenever he thought of that.

"What do you mean? I was doing you a favor there," Yuan Zhou firmly said.

"Hoho, you call that helping? Are you helping to scare my goddess off?" Sun Ming rolled his eyes.

"So has your goddess severed contact with you?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"No." Sun Ming answered with a firm tone.

"Yes, that's why I said I did you a favor there," Yuan Zhou righteously said.

"The only reason she's still talking to me is because of my high EQ, because I know how to conduct myself," Sun Ming felt like palming his face.

"Since your goddess is still talking to you, I don't see a problem. Anyway, goodbye," Yuan Zhou said definitively before ending the call.

"This slimy Yuan Zhou, he's quite fast when it comes to escaping," Sun Ming muttered while looking at the screen on his phone.

"With my brilliance, I have once again dodged Sun Ming's trap," Yuan Zhou muttered in satisfaction while staring at his phone.

Of course, when it was an actual proper occasion which called for him to treat someone to a meal, Yuan Zhou would never hesitate. After all, he was a generous person.

After being done with the call and after being done with scamming the system, Yuan Zhou started reading the final book on Cooked Wheaten Food. After all, he needed to level up by reading the book before he could claim his side dishes.

Time flew past when he was reading. In the blink of an eye, dinner time arrived. Yuan Zhou put the book down and started preparing for the dinner.

It was 5:55 pm in the evening, and someone was walking towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant with firm steps, his luggage in tow.

As of this moment, Jiang Changxi had just arrived outside the restaurant. As for Wu Hai who was first in the line, he had been here for a while.

"Hu, just in time," the luggage hauling person heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there were only about a dozen people in the queue. Calmly, he joined the queue as well.

"Yu Chu, why are you back already?" It was rare for Jiang Changxi to have an expression of disbelief.

"Hello, Director Jiang. I'm back because the real estate contract has been wrapped up. I already emailed the file to you," Yu Chu said. He was dragging a luggage bag with one hand and holding a briefcase with the other.

"Did you send the email while in the taxi?" Jiang Changxi asked in disbelief.

"Yes. The two-hour flight was just perfect for me to complete the file," Yu Chu nodded calmly.

"Wow, you are working quite hard just for food, huh?" Jiang Changxi said, feeling somewhat speechless.

"Not quite so. I was merely working at a higher efficiency so I can enjoy my life better," this was a principle Yu Chu had always adhered to.

Of course, his idea of enjoying life had now changed from going on trips to coming for meals at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Yes, you are correct. We only work hard so we can eat better food," Wu Hai nodded in agreement.

"You're talking like you are a hard-worker," Ling Hong said with contempt.

"Of course I am a hard-worker," Wu Hai said without a change in his expression.

"I don't think Zheng Jiawei will agree to that," Ling Hong berated.

Although Zheng Jiawei would normally agree to everything Wu Hai said, Ling Hong believed that this was something he would not agree with.

"You still owe me five Tangyuans," Yu Chu said the moment he saw Wu Hai.

"Cough, cough." Wu Hai immediately choked on his words.

"Hahaha." Both Jiang Changxi and Ling Hong laughed and jeered, showing no mercy. Of course, Yuan Zhou was also curling his lips up into a smile while cooking in the kitchen. He was able to restrain himself from actually laughing.

"Your portrait will be done soon," Wu Hai said with a wave of his hand.

"Director Jiang, you are treating me for the meal today, right?" Yu Chu asked Jiang Changxi.

"Yeah, the meal is on me. You are very scary. For the sake of food, you had actually completed your task three days earlier." Even Queen Jiang Changxi was afraid of a glutton.

"Is the new dish on the menu tonight?" Yu Chu asked Zhou Jia who was standing at the door.

"Yes," Zhou Jia answered with a firm nod.

"Ok. Thank you, Director Jiang," Yu Chu seriously thanked.

"You're welcome. You deserve this," Jiang Changxi generously declared.

The other customers around them all heard this conversation. Therefore, they were all looking at Yu Chu with gazes of admiration and amazement.

After all, from what Jiang Changxi, this person had completed a one week's worth of task in four days for the sake of food. How strong was his love for food for him to do this?

Looking at how Yu Chu was dressed, it was clear that he had headed here directly the moment he got off the plane.

After all, Yu Chu was dragging his luggage with his left hand and holding a briefcase with his right hand.

One could say that Yu Chu hadn't opened the door to a brand new world. Rather, he had opened the lid of a glutton.