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692 The New Menu

 "Who knows. Maybe there will be a guy who wants to put some money in but only have 100 RMB bills. With my 50 RMB bill in it, that person would be able to get some change for it," Ling Hong said after waiting for Jiang Changxi to leave.

"Why didn't you say that earlier?" Wu Hai was a person who would always be poking at someone's weak spot.

"A gentleman would never fight with a woman. I am an elegant gentleman. This is how one can get a girlfriend," Ling Hong would never pull punches when it came to Wu Hai as well.

"Big Sister Jiang is back," Ma Zhida suddenly said with a grin on his face.

"As if I would believe that." Ling Hong rolled his eyes. He did not believe what Ma Zhida said.

Ling Hong was no idiot. If Jiang Changxi was truly here, Ma Zhida would never dare to call her Big Sister Jiang. Calling her this way would make her look old. If she heard Ma Zhida calling her this, she would probably skin him alive.

Ma Zhida rubbed his chin in an embarrassed manner after his lie was seen through. Then, he asked Mu Xiaoyun who was standing beside him, "Cough, cough. What's the new dish for today?"

"The new dish today is White Oil Tofu, a Dual-taste White Oil Tofu," Mu Xiaoyun said loudly.

"White Oil Tofu?" Ma Zhida had never heard of this dish before.

"Give me one of that."

"Same here."

"Same here as well."

Quite a lot of customers were ordering the new dish.

"Wait a moment, is nobody going to ask what will the dual-taste be?" asked a new customer curiously.

"With Boss Yuan's cooking skills, there's no need to ask. We will find out by eating it," Ling Hong nonchalantly said.

"Yeah, the mystery is making me look forward to it even more." Ma Zhida nodded in agreement.

As for Wu Hai, he was naturally staring at Yuan Zhou while waiting for his food. He was ignoring everything else.

"How much is the new dish?" Although Ma Zhida agreed with what Ling Hong said, the price of this new dish was still very important for him. After all, he had just wasted 200 RMB.

"The White Oil Tofu with dual-taste is 466 RMB per serving," Mu Xiaoyun stated.

"Give me a serving then. I want a bowl of plain white rice as well," Ma Zhida ordered after a slight hesitation.

"Ok. Please wait for a moment," after getting the money, Mu Xiaoyun turned around to place the orders.

"Boss, five servings of Dual-taste White Oil Tofu," Mu Xiaoyun said to Yuan Zhou who was in the middle of cooking.

Yuan Zhou did not say anything. He merely nodded to acknowledge that he heard her.

This new dish was as popular as his past new dishes, while Yuan Zhou was as busy as he had always been.

Jiang Changxi had returned to her company and had received a file sent by Yu Chu.

"He got the contract signed so fast?" Jiang Changxi muttered as she looked at the new email in her inbox.

"Tang Min, how long has Manager Yu been at Gan River?" Jiang Changxi asked Tang Min who was beside her.

"This is his third day there, Director Jiang," Tang Min gave a concise reply.

"Ok. Do you need anything from me?" Jiang Changxi nodded and asked.

"I have a document you need to sign. It is already arranged on your desk," Tang Min said and pointed at the opened folder on the desk.

"Ok. You may leave now," Jiang Changxi said after taking a glance at the document.

Tang Min nodded and walked out of the room before lightly closing the door.

"This guy only took three days to send me the file. He must have been neglecting food again," Jiang Changxi muttered as she opened the email.

Ding! The moment she opened the file in the email, she saw the title: Yu Chu's Business Trip Delicacy Report. This was completely different than what Jiang Changxi had expected.

"What on earth is this?" Jiang Changxi was bewildered.

When she started reading the document, she nearly choked on her own breath. She immediately laughed, "Haha, this guy is actually eating outside nowadays."

"And he even made a serious report for it. Haha," Jiang Changxi couldn't help herself and laughed while talking to herself.

This report was precisely the report of the delicacies Yu Chu had tried at Gan River. His unit of measurement for how tasty the dishes were was actually Yuan Zhou.

"Zero point five Yuan. How did he even come out with this? Haha. Oh god, this is way too funny," Jiang Changxi laughed and talked to herself again when she saw the unit of measurement used.

"Let me give him a call and ask him about it." Jiang Changxi then picked up the phone and directly called Yu Chu.

The call was picked up after three rings.

"Director Jiang," Yu Chu's flat voice sounded.

"You got a nice report there," Jiang Changxi said while trying not to laugh.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Um. Have you read what I wrote at the end?" Yu Chu was more concerned about this.

At the end of the report, one line was written: Boss Yuan is the only one whose work etiquette and food would never disappoint.

This sentence was a hint that if Jiang Changxi wanted to send him on an errand in the future, she would need to buy him a meal at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Yeah, I saw that. By the way, Boss Yuan released a new dish recently. It's a White Oil Tofu, and it's even a dual-taste tofu. It's very delicious," Jiang Changxi directly said.

She was completely ignoring the feelings of Yu Chu who had no way to eat Yuan Zhou's new dish.

"Ok. I'll be done with the contract tomorrow. After that, I will travel back throughout the night. Director Jiang, you can start preparing the liquor," Yu Chu calmly said.

"There is no rush. Hadn't you found a few restaurants with food half as good as Boss Yuan's food? You can take your time with the contract," Jiang Changxi said.

"Half as good? No, I didn't," Yu Chu said doubtfully.

"In your report. Zero point five Yuan. As for 0 Yuan, that probably signifies that the food there is very bad." When saying this, Jiang Changxi couldn't help but laugh.

"I was wondering how did you found so many delicacies. Have you awakened the foodie within you?" Jiang Changxi muttered.

"Zero Yuan is indeed the rating for those restaurants with bad food. But 0.5 is not half," Yu Chu explained.

"Not half?" Jiang Changxi was confused.

"Yeah. Obviously, it's 0.5 out of 120, with the 120 being my rating for Boss Yuan," Yu Chu said.

"Oh..." Jiang Changxi was instantly rendered speechless.

"Alright, Director Jiang. I need to get back to work. See you tomorrow night," Yu Chu said and directly ended the call.

"If I have known this earlier, I would have brought him to Yuan Zhou's restaurant way earlier," Jiang Changxi muttered, still somewhat speechless.

When she looked at Yu Chu's report again, she immediately thought of an idea. Something this amusing must definitely be shared with everyone in the group chat.

"Yuan Zhou as a unit of measurement. Interesting." Jiang Changxi attached the report with a caption into the group chat.

This report was like a stone that had created boundless waves after being thrown into the water. Everyone started talking about it.

Yuan Zhou was naturally unaware of the discussion going on in the group. After the lunch hour ended, he did not practice sculpting. Rather, he started chatting "amicable" with the system.

"System, I only have one unread book left. Can I receive the side dishes now?" Yuan Zhou pointed at the book on the shelf and said.

The system displayed, "The host still has one unread book."

"But this is the reward for the previous mission. Since I can't receive it, you need to compensate me," Yuan Zhou righteously countered.

The system displayed, "Please say what you have in mind, host."

"Simple. It's about time I change my menu. My current menu is too full," Yuan Zhou directly said. It would seem like he had been planning to request for this all along.

The system displayed, "Host, you may replace the menu yourself."

"No, how could the menu made elsewhere be compared to the excellent menu you made? Even the characters on the wall menu you made look so much better. Therefore, it is better if we stick with the same manufacturer. System, I will need you to make the new menu for me." Yuan Zhou finally made his plan clear.

In truth, if Yuan Zhou had someone else make the new menu and the wall menu for him, he would have to pay that person. As far as Yuan Zhou was concerned, he had always been a thrifty child.

Therefore, a task like this would naturally have to go to the system that was both cheap and useful. This was the most cost-effective way to go about it.