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 While Yu Chu was traveling everywhere to satisfy his stomach, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was still as harmonious as usual. The only change was the new dish released by Yuan Zhou after he mastered a new cuisine.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Therefore, Ma Zhida, the Prince of New Dishes had arrived. He wouldn't normally appear at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He would only appear at times like this. Of course, Ma Zhida would not necessarily try all the new dishes. For some insignificant dishes, Ma Zhida would only be here to look around while ordering a set of Egg Fried Rice.

Thus, Ma Zhida's appearance today signified that there was a new dish at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Ma Zhida also had an additional thing to do here today. He found the "three-lost woman" and started arguing with her. Then, the two made a bet with each other.

Because of their bet, a black box appeared at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Everyone lining up today would give this box a look. None of them would ignore it. Even Wu Hai also curiously studied the black box for a long time.


"Is that for real?"

"This is quite creative."

Yin Ya, Man Man and the others all voiced their opinions. The box wasn't particularly big and looked like a gift-box without the lid. It was completely square and was placed on a black chair to the right of the door.

At the same time, a handwritten signboard was also placed on the chair. On the signboard, the following words were written:

[If you were to encounter some difficulties, it will be possible to borrow some money to solve any emergencies encountered. (Remark: Not more than 10 RMB)]

That's right. Within the box were a pile of 10 RMB bills. There were also some coins in it. The box was unguarded. Anyone could just reach out and take the money within if they wanted.

"Car Brand, is the box outside yours?" Wu Hai sat opposite Ma Zhida and Jiang Changxi after entering the shop. Since they already knew each other well, he directly asked, "What I'm trying to ask is, is the money inside yours?"

"I only placed 200 RMB inside. The other 400 RMB is placed by Sister Jiang," Ma Zhida answered honestly.

"Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set and Phoenix-Tailed Prawns," Wu Hai first ordered his meal. Then, he leaned forward and curiously asked, "Car Brand, why did you do that?"

At any given location, there would always be that one person who enjoyed giving everyone a nickname. In Yuan Zhou's restaurant, this role was played by Wu Hai. For example, Ling Hong the Rich Guy, and Jiang Changxi the Foul Queen. Ma Zhida was still called Ma Zhida at first. However, Wu Hai felt like that name was too normal. That's why he started calling him Car Brand.

As a painter, when Wu Hai was not eating, he was curious about everything. Although Ma Zhida would not come here frequently, each time he came, he would spend about 500 RMB. Ma Zhida had a monthly salary of about 12,000 RMB. With this salary, he could maintain the frequency of his visits to this shop twice per month without much trouble.

But because of this, it was quite odd that he would waste 200 RMB on this with his salary of 12,000 RMB. After all, money did not come easily.

That's right. As far as Wu Hai was concerned, Ma Zhida was wasting his money here. By placing the money in the box like that, anyone could borrow the money if they so wish. But due to the circumstances in which the money was borrowed, it was quite probable that nobody would return the money they borrowed.

"I have two reasons to do that." Ma Zhida would forever speak one sentence at a time. He paused and continued, "Previously, a brother forgot to bring his wallet to the restaurant. I borrowed him 200 RMB to settle his bill. The next time I saw him, he told me that he had also borrowed 200 RMB to a stranger in trouble. The reason he did that was because I had borrowed him money even though we were strangers."

Wu Hai nodded. He was also here when that happened. He could remember that happening.

"In fact, I felt quite guilty by the fact that what I did had affected a stranger. Truthfully, I had only borrowed him money because I was promoted as the store manager on that day and was in a very good mood. Therefore, I failed to think properly since I was too overwhelmed by joy and ended up borrowing money to him." Ma Zhida was trying to say that he wasn't sincerely wanting to help when he borrowed money to that person. Therefore, he felt guilty knowing that the person had also borrowed money to a stranger because of him.

"Car Brand, are you sick or something? No matter the reason, it doesn't change the fact that you had indeed borrowed some money to him. It's the same as the charities the celebrities would always do nowadays. Regardless of whether they are putting up a show or are doing charity work for some other reasons, it is a fact that the charity was done, and the recipient would receive help. This alone triumphs over everything," Wu Hai said.

Jiang Changxi was drinking a watermelon juice from a straw. When she heard what Ma Zhida said, she mumbled, "A kind person will always think that they are not kind enough."

Ma Zhida laughed awkwardly. He did not know how to respond to what Wu Hai said.

Seeing that Ma Zhida was speechless, Jiang Changxi glanced over at Wu Hai. This caused Wu Hai to shut his mouth, allowing Ma Zhida to continue speaking.

"The second reason is what happened when I was at Shulan not long ago. At that time, my phone had a flat battery and my wallet was left in the hotel room. I had no cash on me, and had starved for an entire evening. At that time, I thought to myself that if someone can borrow 10 RMB to me so I can get some noodles to eat, I would thank all eight generations of that person's ancestors," Ma Zhida said.

"And?" Wu Hai was seriously listening to the story.

Ma Zhida smiled helplessly, "Well, nothing happened. I know nobody at Shulan, and I don't feel like asking for money from strangers."

Thus, the truth was revealed. That was why Ma Zhida had prepared the black box after returning from Shulan. When one encountered some trouble and couldn't contact anyone, if they had 10 RMB, they could at least grab a meal or call someone for help. With that, they wouldn't starve to death, nor would they have to roam the streets helplessly.

Ma Zhida had personally experienced this feeling. It was a different story of whether there would be any strangers helping when you were in trouble. The point was, even asking for help from a stranger was in itself something difficult to do. Therefore, he placed some money in the box so that people in trouble could borrow it directly without feeling ashamed of having to ask for help from a stranger.

After understanding what's going on, Wu Hai asked, "But will money borrowed out in such manner be returned? And how do you even know that the person who took the money will really need it?"

Ma Zhida did not answer. He couldn't be sure. Nobody could be sure. This was something one could only judge with their feelings.

Then, Wu Hai's Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set arrived. He stopped talking and it grew silent inside the restaurant.

Jiang Changxi broke the silence and said, "You're missing one point. If the person in trouble was a tourist, after leaving, that person might forget about the money borrowed due to being too busy with life or some other reasons. After all, 10 RMB isn't that much. If that is the case, it won't matter how much money we put in the box. No one would return it."

Ma Zhida knew that Wu Hai and Jiang Changxi were telling the truth. However, he still wanted to do that. That was why he made a bet with Jiang Changxi. Ma Zhida was betting on the fact that the money in the box would never finish as people would always be returning the money. As for Jiang Changxi, she betted on the fact that the box would be completely empty in a week. After finishing his food, Ma Zhida left in a depressed manner.

"How can he not consult me, the vice-president of the Queuing Committee about something like this?"

Not long after Ma Zhida left, the voice of Ling Hong the Rich Guy sounded. When walking past the box, after reading the signboard, he immediately took out his white wallet and took all the small change he had and placed them in the box. Of course, a 50 RMB bill was also among the "small change". There was no reason for this. He was simply doing what he wanted since he was so rich.

"It's fine as long as I, the president, is aware of this. What's the point of telling you?" Jiang Changxi was trying to maintain her figure recently. Therefore, she hadn't been eating much. She had already finished her food and was about to leave.

"I am the man that is aiming to be the president of the Queuing Committee. I won't bother bickering with you." Each time Ling Hong got into an argument, he would never win. Therefore, he assumed the look of a gentleman that couldn't be bothered to argue with a woman instead.

"Take back your 50 RMB first. Are you expecting people to put 40 RMB back into the box after taking your 50 RMB bill? They are only allowed to borrow 10 RMB," Jiang Changxi said with disdain on her face.

Ling Hong was speechless.

Ma Zhida has the same pronunciation as Mazda in Chinese, hence the nickname