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689 Yu Chus Form

 Yuan Zhou was only inwardly feeling smug, while the system did not display what it thought. Therefore, Yuan Zhou was unaware that the system was looking down on him.

"Well, I'm not that worried now that I have a complete cuisine in my hands." Yuan Zhou would occasionally cook some Chengdu School of Sichuan Cuisine as a practice.

Of course, the dishes he cooked during practice were all eaten by himself.

Just as Yuan Zhou was feeling smug, the system spoke again.

The system displayed, "Host, the side dishes have yet to be received."

"No worries. I am a chef. Cooking is the most important thing," Yuan Zhou said while clenching his teeth.

The system displayed, "Host's end goal is to be a Master Chef. As a future Master Chef, other skills are also important."

"I'll read a book," Yuan Zhou said after a slight pause.

After Yuan Zhou started reading, the system went silent as well.

Delicious foods would have their flavor, fragrance, and presentation etched in one's memory. This happened to a certain someone who had been lost amid Yuan Zhou's food.

Unfortunately, this person did not get a chance to eat any more of Yuan Zhou's food. Not only that, but this person also had to endure the food pictures Jiang Changxi would frequently post. This was similar to a donkey with a carrot dangled in front of it. It could see the carrot, yet it couldn't eat it.

This pitiful person was Yu Chu. He was currently working outstation, and was currently in a call with Jiang Changxi.

"How about it? You saw the new dish, right? I will bring you over when you return. Of course, you have to first get the contract signed," Jiang Changxi said with a smile.

"With my salary, if I eat a meal of about 500 RMB each, I can still afford to eat once per day there," Yu Chu replied with his calm voice.

"Is that so? How about the liquor?" Jiang Changxi was unmoved by what he said and continued tempting him.

"What about the liquor?" Yu Chu paused for a bit before asking.

"The liquor there is as good as the food there," Jiang Changxi said with a profound tone.

"I'll drink the liquor there as well then," Yu Chu answered in a straightforward manner.

"Then you have to work harder on the contract," Jiang Changxi gave him a final reminder before ending the call.

There must be a limit to everything and Jiang Changxi knew when to stop.

"I would have never imagined that eating would be something capable of releasing stress." Yu Chu recalled the food at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Suddenly, his stomach started rumbling.

"Looks like it's time for lunch." Yu Chu sat straight and turned on the computer before inserting a USB flash drive into it.

This was obviously a computer of their subsidiary company instead of his own computer. Many of his documents were saved in his USB flash drive.

"The food here at the Gan River is quite similar to Sichuan. They both specialize in spicy food," Yu Chu muttered while he opened a certain document.

This was a Microsoft Word document. Within the document was a form filled with various names such as Jiujiang Snacks, Ganzhou Hotpot, Nanchang Flavor Restaurant, and so on. The form seemed to be filled with the names of various restaurants written in a horizontal line.

On the second row, only the characters "unique dishes" were written.

And written vertically below each restaurant were the unique dishes of the restaurant. Behind each dish would be a row of stars ranging from one star to five stars.

Under the Jiujiang Snacks, Sponge Cakes, White Sugar Sponge Cakes, and Lingzhi Glutinous Dumpling, which all had two stars behind them, were listed.

Under the Nanchang Unique Restaurant, Lihao Stir-fry Preserved Meat, Lianhua Blood Duck, Lushan Chukar, and Yonghe Tofu were listed.

The last row was left empty. It was obvious this row was prepared for him to write his evaluation on these foods.

That's right. Yu Chu had prepared a form just for food. In this form, the unique local cuisines were all listed, and this was a form he had prepared even before he came.

It was evident that Yu Chu was planning to plan his trip around this form.

Just as Yu Chu was trying to decide on where to eat today, someone knocked on his door.

Dong. Dong. Dong. The door was knocked in a very orderly manner.

"Come in," Yu Chu said.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Creak. The door opened. A young woman wearing a thick woolen suit and had her hair tied up neatly in a bun walked in.

"Manager Yu, this is the information about that company. I also have the document with me," the woman spoke clearly in a concise manner.

"Um." Yu Chu nodded after a glance at the document on the table.

"This are the oats you left behind last time. The water has been boiled as well. You can start eating them at any time," the young woman solemnly said after placing down a jar.

"Leave it there. Call for a driver for me," Yu Chu suddenly said.

"Ok. Your meeting will start 40 minutes later. You will have another meeting with that company 30 minutes after the first meeting. Do you need to change your schedule?" the young woman nodded and started telling Yu Chu his schedule.

"Start the meeting at two and postpone the rest. I need to take a trip somewhere," Yu Chu directly said.

"It's lunch time. You should leave after having lunch," the young woman said after some hesitation.

It was clear that this woman thought that Yu Chu was going out for work as well. After all, each time Yu Chu came to this subsidiary company, he never went out for meals. He would only eat some oats to satisfy his hunger. But now, he wasn't even eating oats anymore. This was somewhat excessive.

"I'm having lunch outside," Yu Chu stood up and did not bother giving other explanation.

"Ok. Do you need me to go with you?" The young woman was the secretary assigned to Yu Chu when he was at this subsidiary company. Therefore, she would need to follow him around for work-related purposes.

That's right. She thought that Yu Chu was having lunch with a client. That was why she offered to join.

Yu Chu frowned slightly before he directly said, "There's no need. I'm only going to have a meal."

"Ok." The young woman caught on to what Yu Chu was trying to say. Therefore, she acknowledged his request and left to call him a driver.

Inwardly, she became curious and couldn't help but mutter, "Manager Yu is going out on a meal by himself? Is the company getting into the food and beverage industry as well?"

That's right. This was the impression Yu Chu had left on others. In the eyes of others, he was a workaholic that would skip meals for the sake of work. Now that he had postponed his meetings for the sake of a meal, she could only assume that this meal was for the sake of work as well.

As for Yu Chu, he wasn't bothered about this. After getting on the car, he gave an address and started going through his document silently.

Yu Chu's first stop was that unique restaurant as he had suddenly recalled Yuan Zhou's Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork. He planned to try the Yonghe Tofu at this restaurant.

It was lunch time. Therefore, the restaurant was very crowded. When walking in, Yu Chu couldn't even hear his own footsteps. He looked for an empty seat before sitting down. Then, he ordered, "Boss, one set of Yonghe Tofu and a bowl of white rice, please."

"Please be seated. The food will arrive shortly," a waiter answered.

Yonghe Tofu was a dish that could be cooked quickly. As long as the ingredients were prepared in advance, cooking it wouldn't take long. Therefore, it did not take long for what Yu Chu ordered to arrive.

"Your Yonghe Tofu and white rice. Enjoy your meal," the waiter served the food and left.

"Well, they look normal." Yu Chu started picking at the plate that was not white enough in his opinion. Casually, he started arranging his food on the table.

Ding. He used his spoon and scooped a spoonful of tofu before sending it into his mouth.

"Um." He frowned as he kept the tofu in his mouth for a bit before swallowing it down.

"What tofu is this? Not only is it not tender and smooth, the peas within are also frozen peas as well. I might as well eat some oats instead," Yu Chu criticized.

In the end, he only took a mouthful of the tofu and left the rice untouched. Just like that, he got on the car and left.

Ever since he tried Yuan Zhou's Tangyuan, a brand new world had opened for Yu Chu.

Of course, Yu Chu did not forget to leave his evaluation on the form he had prepared.