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686 Staying With Su Dongpo’s To The End

 Noontime arrived very soon. Geng Xiao observed Jiang Changxi's schedule from time to time. After she left for about five minutes, Geng Xiao stood up and walked to Tang Min.

"It's almost time. If we arrive late, we are unlikely to get our turn." Geng Xiao walked up to Tang Min's desk.

"Okay." Tang Min checked the time and then stood up.

"Let's go." Geng Xiao walked ahead of her and chatted about some light subjects casually.

He was neither excessively enthusiastic nor cold in manner, which just gave others a sense of relaxation.

And that was also the reason why Geng Xiao could be the supervisor of the sales department. His well-behaved manner was quite pleasing.

Geng Xiao was quite a self-controlled man. He had no reaction to the various jealous look all the way.

It indeed attracted much jealousy to be able to date the goddess, but it was only the first step.

In just a little while, the two people arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It's mainly because Jiang Changxi's company wasn't far from the restaurant.

"There are so many people in Boss Yuan's restaurant every day," Geng Xiao went up to wait in line while saying that.

"Yeah, indeed. Every time President Jiang comes here, it's like that." Tang Min nodded her head to show her agreement.

There were still five minutes left before the business hours commenced. Looking at the increasing number of people outside, Mu Xiaoyun suddenly asked, "Boss, why is that Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili called Dongpo Garra Fish?"

"Pardon?" Yuan Zhou appeared calm and looked at Mu Xiaoyun with puzzlement.

That's right. He didn't understand where the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili came from.

"Isn't that Dongpo Garra Fish the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili?" Mu Xiaoyun asked earnestly.

Mu Xiaoyun's answer was naturally heard from those gluttons who figured that out in the group. Basically, every one of them believed that it was the flathead fish. And the most common dish related to this kind of fish in Sichuan Province was the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili. That was the reason why they had such speculations.

"Nope," Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Ah?" Mu Xiaoyun didn't react immediately and thus was a little stupefied.

It didn't matter if Mu Xiaoyun was stupefied but Yuan Zhou was also puzzled

After all, he originally thought that they all think of the squid from the ocean. He had never expected that these people would believe it to be the flathead fish.

Nevertheless, Mu Xiaoyun no longer had an opportunity to ask more about it. The lunchtime had commenced.

"Please come on in for lunch," said Zhou Jia to the first twelve customers first.

Right after that, Mu Xiaoyun also said the same.

"Let's go inside," Geng Xiao turned his head and said to Tang Min.

"Alright." Tang Min nodded his head.

Geng Xiao and Tang Min didn't arrive late and they happened to be the eleventh and twelfth one. Therefore, they walked into the restaurant to have lunch in the first round.

"President Jiang." As soon as they entered the restaurant, they went to greet Jiang Changxi first.

"You came to eat fish?" Jiang Changxi knew this assistant of hers liked eating fish the most.

"Yes." Tang Min nodded her head.

"Go and eat." Without saying anything, Jiang Changxi waved her hand to let them go to have lunch.

In her company, there wasn't a rule that fellow colleagues couldn't have a love affair, but she didn't ask them about it, either.

Just like Geng Xiao said, it was fairly common to have meals together between the fellow colleagues.

As they were the last that entered the restaurant, however, they naturally had to order dishes at the standing position over there.

"May I ask what you would like to eat?" Mu Xiaoyun went up and asked.

"Fish, two servings of the newly served fish today," Geng Xiao smiled gently to Tang Min and then said.

"Anything else?" Mu Xiaoyun asked dutifully.

"Two more servings of plain white rice from the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine and a cup of Longan And Red Jujube Tea," Geng Xiao thought for a while and said again.

"Okay. One moment, please." Mu Xiaoyun nodded her head and then she began to calculate the total price.

While she was calculating the price, Geng Xiao opened his mouth.

"I heard that the Longan And Red Jujube Tea in Boss Yuan's restaurant is very nourishing and is in particular suitable for girls. Try it," Geng Xiao sounded quite natural when he said that.

"Okay. Thank you." Tang Min nodded her head to express her gratitude.

"Excuse me. It's 3664RMB in all, 1666RMB for a serving of Dongpo Inkfish, 98RMB for 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine, 96RMB for Longan And Red Jujube Tea and 20RMB for the Welcoming Set Meal. Do you want to pay by cash or bank transfer?" Mu Xiaoyun reported the price of the dishes one by one clearly.

"Bank transfer," Geng Xiao swallowed his saliva without a trace but said lightly on the surface.

"Okay." Mu Xiaoyun took the QR code and handed it to him.

"Holy sh*t. The new dish is so damn expensive. I would have ordered one serving if I knew earlier." Geng Xiao's heart was bleeding though he paid the money decisively on the surface.

"Let's split the expenses this time. Next time, you can treat me to the Longan And Red Jujube Tea," at that time, Tang Min stood up and said to him.

"No, no, no. I told you I would you. Next time, you can treat me to a cup of lemon water. I'm now very poor," Geng Xiao put away his phone and said jokingly.

Geng Xiao didn't flaunt his superiority but contrarily brought that out frankly and straightforwardly, which made Tang Min feel he was sincere and natural.

"All right. Let me treat next time." Tang Min tittered and didn't insist.

"So that's a deal. You owe me a meal," Geng Xiao said smilingly.

"Yeah, I understand." Tang Min stroked her hair with a little embarrassment.

After the new dish was provided, the regular customers basically arrived in the first round like Jiang Changxi and Wu Hai. Therefore, there were quite a few people who ordered this dish.

But even so, Yuan Zhou still cooked quickly as he had processed everything needed beforehand and thus made the dishes quickly.

While they were waiting for the dishes, Geng Xiao amused his goddess ceaselessly with his sense of humor and volubility. Obviously, he was good at flirting with girls.

Yuan Zhou happened to be busy with cooking right now. If he was free, he might have asked him for advice. After all, he also didn't have a girlfriend.

"Here's the Dongpo Garra Fish for you two." Mu Xiaoyun carried a strange plate onto the table.

"Thank you," The two people thanked her subconsciously.

"Please take your time and enjoy," after saying that, Mu Xiaoyun left.

The first reaction that they had when they caught sight of the fish was, "It doesn't seem to be the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili." Right after that, however, they were attracted by the ingenious thought of this dish and beautiful plate presentation.

On the table was a half-fan-shaped plate just like an open fan that was cut in half.

The area where the fan surface covered was shaped into a concave sphere, where there seemed to be a swimming black fish.

At the place of the fan handle, there stood a man in a wide big-sleeve robe, who seemed to be sculpted using white jade. He was bending his waist and lifting up one of the sleeves with his left hand while reaching out a brush pen towards the round plate with his right hand.

The white tip of the brush pen just touched the broth in the round plate. A circle of shiny black broth seemed to be scattering from the tip just like ink dispersing in a lake and the fish inside drinking the black ink.

It seemed that this dish was an aesthetic and realistic picture where an intellectual was washing his brush pen at the lakeside and the fragrance of the ink attracted the fish.

If they approached it, a continuous fragrance was emitted, which just reminded the two of them that it was actually a dish rather than a scenic painting.

"This is way too beautiful." Tang Min stared at the dish in front of him in surprise.

"Is it based on the legend of Su Dongpo washing the inkstone? Wu Hai had the most intuitive feeling toward paintings, thus he immediately opened his mouth and said.

After he had been astounded by the exquisiteness of Yuan Zhou's dishes, Geng Xiao heard Wu Hai's word and instinctively felt something was wrong.

"Does Su Dongpo have anything to do with the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili?" Geng Xiao felt puzzled in his mind.

That's right. Geng Xiao had intended to take Tang Min here to eat the Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, but it didn't seem like that dish.