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681 Fighting Over Red Packets

 "Huh? System, you're awake?" This was Yuan Zhou's first reaction instead of accepting the reward.

The system displayed, "The mission is completed and the reward is available to be received."

"Fine. Looks like you are not planning to wish me Happy New Year." Yuan Zhou sighed helplessly.

The system directly hid itself, not giving any response whatsoever.

Just was Yuan Zhou was about to accept the reward, several people walked into the restaurant.

"The restaurant is closed for the day," Yuan Zhou stood up and said.

"Heh heh, we're not here to eat," Man Man said with a smile on her face.

However, the smile seemed rather sinister in Yuan Zhou's eyes. It was as if she had some hidden plan here.

"Yeah, it's the first day of the Chinese New Year. Eating is naturally not the main priority," Ling Hong spoke seriously.

"We're here to wish Boss Yuan for the Chinese New Year," Jiang Changxi said after taking out a bag.

"Happy New Year. May you stay healthy forever," Jiang Changxi placed the stuff she brought before Yuan Zhou and wished him a happy new year.

"Happy New Year." Yuan Zhou took out a red packet and passed it to her.

"Boss, I'm here as well. May you become more and more handsome. Happy New Year," Mu Xiaoyun poked her head out and quickly said.

"Um. May you be more and more beautiful." Yuan Zhou nodded and passed a red packet to her as well.

"You two are cheating. I thought we agreed to say our greetings together. Why did you say it first?" Ling Hong pointed at Jiang Changxi and Mu Xiaoyun and complained.

Mu Xiaoyun immediately blushed and lowered her head, not daring to look at Ling Hong and Man Man.

On the other hand, Jiang Changxi still had her usual expression and calmly said, "You're wrong. I'm helping you guys."

"Heh." Ling Hong obviously did not trust what she said.

Man Man looked at Jiang Changxi and asked doubtfully, "How are you helping us?"

"Simple. All of you must know that Boss Yuan is a Compass. If we all greeted him together, what if he gives us only one red packet?" Jiang Changxi patiently explained.

"That makes sense." Man Man frowned.

"Of course that makes sense. Therefore, I and Xiaoyun greeted him first. Then, you guys can give your wishes one by one as well. This way, everyone will get a red packet," said Jiang Changxi as she waved her red packet.

"True. Boss Yuan, I hope your business grows greatly in this brand new year, and may your cooking skills improve greatly as well." Man Man was a business owner as well. Therefore, her greetings involved business.

"Idiot." Looking at how lively Man Man was acting, Ling Hong face-palmed.

She had obviously been tricked by Jiang Changxi. Not only had she not realized that, she even did what Jiang Changxi told her to do.

"Same goes for you." Yuan Zhou returned the greetings and handed her a red packet as well.

Of course, inside the red packet was still a meal ticket he had written himself.

"Boss Yuan, I don't think you need any other greetings apart from mine." After complaining about Man Man, Ling Hong couldn't wait to say his greetings.

Yuan Zhou did not answer. He only looked at Ling Hong silently.

"May Boss Yuan find a girlfriend in this brand new year, to put this single life behind as soon as possible," Ling Hong said with a rascally smile on his face.

Yuan Zhou did not bother replying. He only passed over a red packet to send Ling Hong away.

Even if he really wanted to look for a girlfriend, he should never mention it out loud like this. Yuan Zhou believed that he was still a low-profile person.

"Haha, I got a red packet as well." Ling Hong immediately opened his red packet after receiving it.

"Ok. We won't be disturbing you anymore, Boss Yuan. We're leaving now."

"Goodbye, Boss Yuan."

"Goodbye, boss."

"Ok, I'm leaving. See you."

They came and left quickly. After their greetings, they all left.

Of course, the new year presents they brought were left behind.

"Are they all here for the meal ticket?" Yuan Zhou mumbled doubtfully while looking at them.

Yuan Zhou guessed correctly this time, something quite rare for him. They were indeed here for that meal ticket. They did not want that ticket merely to get some free food. Rather, they wanted it because that was a ticket from Yuan Zhou.

Around ten, Shen Min and Zhou Jia called Yuan Zhou one after another to give him their new year greetings. They also mentioned that they would bring their hometown products back to Yuan Zhou when they returned.

Since they had some gifts prepared for him, Yuan Zhou also put aside two red packets for them.

With this, seven of Yuan Zhou's red packets were gone. Only three were left.

After the call, two people walked into the shop. One of them was a fatty that limped somewhat while the other was a tall and elegant looking person that still looked underage.

"Little Yuan, I knew your shop will still be open," said Boss Wang with a smile the moment he entered. He was the one who was somewhat limping.

"Happy new year, Brother Yuan," a girl softly greeted.

"It's Boss Wang and Yin Yin? Happy new year," Yuan Zhou placed down the book he was holding and greeted them.

Yuan Zhou knew who this girl was. This was an adopted child of Boss Wang. As for Boss Wang himself, he was unmarried.

Due to his limp, Boss Wang failed to get a girlfriend. After adopting Yin Yin, he stopped looking for a girlfriend. He feared that he might get Yin Yin a bad stepmother.

Yin Yin was normally away for her university studies and would only come back during holidays. Yuan Zhou had once teased her when she was still a small girl. Therefore, they knew each other even if they weren't very close.

But Yuan Zhou was aware that Yin Yin had been studying in the best school available ever since she was young. The expenses for her studies were definitely not low.

"Happy new year. I'm free so I decided to come check if everything is fine with your plumbing." Boss Wang started looking left and right with a smile on his face.

"Everything is fine, thanks to your skills," Yuan Zhou replied.

"Good to hear that. I brought something over to you. I reckon you didn't prepare any yourself. These are some preserved meat. Feel free to eat them when you're free." Boss Wang nodded happily after Yuan Zhou praised him. Then, after her daughter reminded him, he took out the preserved meat.

That's right. Boss Wang and his daughter were here to gift Yuan Zhou some preserved meat.

"Thank you, Boss Wang." Yuan Zhou accepted the bag of preserved meat.

"You're welcome. My business will only be good if your business is good. Anyone I meet, I will tell them how I'm the one who had installed all your plumbing," Boss Wang said.

"That's the truth anyway." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Haha, that's why my business is getting better nowadays." Boss Wang waved his hand happily.

By the side, Yin Yin smiled apologetically to Yuan Zhou in a somewhat speechless manner.

"Right, I have two red packets here. But there's no money within. Boss Wang and Yin Yin, you can each take one." Yuan Zhou took out the red packets.

"No way. How can I take the red packet of a junior generation?" Boss Wang rejected with his eyes opened wide.

"Just take a look at it. It's nothing special," Yuan Zhou said when he saw that Boss Wang was trying to reject him.

"It is proper behavior to reciprocate when receiving gifts," Yuan Zhou added seriously.

"You're right. Fine, give Yin Yin one." Boss Wang still persevered. But then, he still agreed to take the red packet meant for his daughter.

"Thank you, Brother Yuan." Yin Yin was very obedient. She took only one red packet and solemnly thanked Yuan Zhou.

"Ok, stop trying to persuade me. As the older generation, how can I take the red packet of the younger generation? Ok, I'm leaving." Then, Boss Wang left with Yin Yin. Both of them were walking quickly.

"Goodbye." Yuan Zhou could only say this as they were leaving so quickly.

It did not take Yuan Zhou long to give out his remaining red packets. In other words, Yuan Zhou had given out 10 red packets in a single morning.

All 10 of his red packets were gone in one morning. Was this the loss of morals in modern society, or was this because of the twisted nature of humanity?

There were also others who were very tempted after seeing Ling Hong and the others showing off their meal tickets. In short, there were still more people on their way to get Yuan Zhou's red packets.