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680 Completion of “Renown Throughout The Province”

 Yuan Zhou felt that he had fallen recently. Previously, he basically ate nothing after 9 in the evening in order to stay in good shape. The reason was very simple. Digestion usually took about 2 or 3 hours to finish in the stomach. As he had to get up early, Yuan Zhou wouldn't go to bed too late. If the food couldn't be digested before he slept, it would become fat.

Once he thought of the consequence of eating in the evening, Yuan Zhou heaved a long sigh and then decided to go on a diet. Otherwise, his good figure with 8 abdominal muscles would have ended up in vain.

In order to relieve the depression in his heart, Yuan Zhou took a stack of newspapers from the table including Delicacies of Chengdu, Daily Reviews Of Delicacies, Cuisines of Sichuan Province and other The dozen of newspapers were all delivered here this morning. All of them were about delicacies and cuisines and were also the latest versions.

[I don't think it's correct to use the name of Famous Chef Of Sichuan Cuisines on Yuan Zhou. He should be the Master Chef from Sichuan Province. If anybody asks me which chef can be world-renowned, I would undoubtedly recommend Yuan Zhou.]

"This freelance editor is Chen Ming. He deserves to be surnamed Chen. People that have that surname all have sharp eyes. No wonder they have such a famous general like Chen Qingzhi in history." Yuan Zhou cut this part of the newspaper with scissors. All the reports that complimented him were cut and kept by him. He prepared to leave a room empty especially when he bought a big house in the future to keep the framed reports in it.

[As a foodie as well as a gourmet reporter, I have already planned to make an exclusive interview with that famous grand chef from our province. However, Boss Yuan is a mysterious person and has refused my request for an interview three or four times already.

There was a similar case that happened. When I asked again to interview him several days ago, Boss Yuan unexpectedly agreed. Therefore, I wanted to make my interview unique. I decided not to ask him any questions, but observed by myself. Hence, I stayed silently in Yuan Zhou's restaurant for three days and then found a problem.

Let's not talk about his culinary skills today. After all, Boss Yuan's culinary skills are known to all throughout Sichuan Province. Let me talk about another detail that I found.

Boss Yuan washed his hands for more than 5 times every time he finished cooking a dish. It's very complicated and repetitive. He did the same even if there were two of the same dishes. With just his usual standard of washing hands, he could definitely teach others how to wash their hands cleanly.

Apart from that, Boss Yuan never keeps fingernails. He examines his fingernails every morning after he gets up. As soon as they are slightly long, he would cut them off.

Moreover, Boss Yuan doesn't have a kitchen helper. He does all the work alone from washing to cutting vegetables. There are many of these tiny details.

Three days later, I couldn't help but go ask Boss Yuan as to why he made everything so exaggerated. Even if you employ a kitchen helper and he doesn't do as well as you, it won't affect the taste a lot. And the washing hands and cutting fingernails almost made me believe that you have an abnormal fear of dirt or contamination.

"If I don't wash vegetables well, that will only affect the taste by 0.1 point, a minuscule difference. Cutting the vegetables will affect the taste by 0.1 point, washing hands before cooking by 0.1 point, personal hygiene by 0.1 point, and the maintenance of the kitchenware by 0.1 point, it has a sum of 0.5 point, namely half a point. That's too much."

A very straightforward logic, that is, every little bit counts. Now I finally understand why I have interviewed so many chefs and they all have many rules while cooking. It isn't old-fashioned and conservative. Even if a tiny detail isn't noticeable, many such details could directly change the taste of a dish.

Boss Yuan makes the best of this logic. So I believe that he could stand out from the crowd in the Sino-Japan exchange meeting. That is beyond all doubt.]

"Great. This young man had sharper eyes." Yuan Zhou cut the newspaper again and nodded his head earnestly.

There were less than 10 newspapers and thus, Yuan Zhou finished reading all of them very soon.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't surf the Internet immediately to check other contents after he read the compliments. Instead, he started to read books about cooked wheaten food first as that had become his habit.

Just when Yuan Zhou checked the mission, Wu Hai had aroused the public indignation at the other side.

Yes. Public indignation.

[Sigh. Nothing can be done about my handsomeness. Birds that get up early always have delicacies to eat,] from Very Handsome Wu Hai Today.

Wu Hai changed his nickname again and it was a very narcissistic name.

[Going mad so early in the morning,] from Tired Man Man.

[Exactly. We seldom see you get up so early, but this kind of mad behavior is unwelcome. Go back to sleep,] from Queen Jiang Changxi.

[Are you stupid?] from Glistening Ling Hong.

[Morning, Brother Wu. Morning, Sister Jiang. Morning, Sister Man Man. Morning, Brother Ling Hong,] from Legal Loli Mu Xiaoyun.

By the way, this nickname of Mu Xiaoyun wasn't given by herself. Instead, it was Jiang Changxi who gave her this nickname in this group.

[I know you are envious of me. After all, I'm way too handsome and hence deserve such rewards. And you mortals don't have the luck to possess it,] from Very Handsome Wu Hai Today.

[By the way, go and check my Moments if anybody doesn't understand what I mean,] from Very Handsome Wu Hai Today.

Once he said that, the group members contrarily became curious.

They all knew that Wu Hai was basically living his life based on America's time zone. Nothing could wake him up except Boss Yuan's breakfast. But today, he unexpectedly woke up so early and even wanted them to check his Moments that had seldom been updated.

As a result, the group members that got up early all went to check his Moments.

Wu Hai's Moments was seldom updated. As soon as they opened the page of his Moments, they caught sight of six rows of pictures along with words.

"I just said 'Happy New Year' to Boss Yuan early in the morning and he gave me this big gift. Sigh. Isn't it because I'm way too handsome? But don't envy me. Let's disperse now."

They tapped the first picture and found it was the meal ticket drawn by Yuan Zhou himself. Apart from that, there were three high-pixel pictures of the front side, the back side and distant view of the ticket.

[Shit, damn it, dear me! The three exclamations can't even express my feelings. Is this a meal ticket? Is it from Boss Yuan's restaurant? Is it the Chinese New Year's gift?] Glistening Ling Hong sent three consecutive questions at a time.

[I don't care whether it's true or not. Just give it to me. Otherwise, you'll end up dead,] from Queen Jiang Changxi.

[I don't care whether it's true or not. Just give it to me. Otherwise, you'll end up dead. Agreed,] from Tired Man Man.

[Agreed plus one,] from Glistening Ling Hong.

[Hoho. You want my meal ticket? Go and dream about it. This handsome man has gone back to sleep again,] from Very Handsome Wu Hai Today.

Having sent this message, Wu Hai turned off his phone at once. When he lay down on the bed, he couldn't help saying smilingly.

"Tsk-tsk. It's so exciting to run immediately after showing off."

He naturally didn't know that these people in the group had prepared to pay a visit to Yuan Zhou to say give Chinese New Year greetings and were prepared to go at once.

These people had originally intended to go there later. After all, it was only 7 o'clock in the morning and it was slightly early to visit for giving New Year wishes now.

Not until they saw the red packet that Wu Hai had received for wishing a Happy Chinese New Year did they feel it was the kingly way to do the same earlier.

"Achoo." Having attracted so much attention from so many people, Yuan Zhou suddenly sneezed while he was reading a book. Then, the system came out even before he could figure out whether it was something good or not.

Yuan Zhou was a little surprised with the system coming out at that time. After all, the system didn't even answer him when he got up in the morning and said "Happy New Year" to it.

The system displayed, "Congratulations that you have finished the mission. The reward is now available to be received."