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679 Giving Out Red Packets

 "Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling", the familiar alarm clock rang. Yuan Zhou suddenly sat up in bed.

"Dawn came so fast?" Yuan Zhou looked out of the window in a daze, but only saw the closed curtain.

"Hua". Yuan Zhou reached out his arm and pulled the curtain open. It was still dark outside and some street lamps were still turned on in the distance.

"Oh, time for jogging." Yuan Zhou looked out of the window for quite a while before he suddenly reacted.

He got up, went to the bathroom, and then washed up. After finishing all these, Yuan Zhou returned to his room and prepare to change his clothes to head out for a jog.

"I can wear my new clothes." Looking at the new clothes placed on the bedside cupboard, Yuan Zhou revealed a smile.

It was one of the traditional customs that all the children wore new clothes from head to foot on the first day of Chinese New Year in Yuan Zhou's hometown.

During his childhood, Yuan Zhou even requested for new socks. And now was no exception.

The new clothes had been bought in advance were kept there until the first day of Chinese New Year when he put them on.

Right now, there were two sets of new clothes on his bedside cupboard. One of them was a brand-new sportswear. Everything was new inside and outside, even the price tag wasn't taken off.

As for the other suit, it was the Han Chinese Clothing. The exquisite lotus leaves embroidered along the lower hem along with some lotus flowers partly blooming didn't make it look feminine. Instead, it looked even more exquisite. The cloth was brand new while the color was also bright and beautiful.

After Yuan Zhou put on his new sportswear, his expression became gentler and he revealed a faint smile. Then, he walked out of his own room.

"Dong Dong", Yuan Zhou knocked at the door of the neighboring room. Naturally, nobody opened the door for him.

But still, Yuan Zhou said words of fortune as usual, "Dad and Mom, happy new year to both of you. I hope both of you can be reincarnated in a decent family and can live a good life."

After saying that, Yuan Zhou directly opened the door and walked inside.

At a conspicuous place on the bedside cupboard, there were two red packets which read "make a good fortune". Yuan Zhou took it up smilingly and then expressed his gratitude before leaving.

In Yuan Zhou's hometown, unmarried men and women were all considered to be children and they could still get red packets from their parents.

And the two red packets were naturally placed over here by Yuan Zhou last night. It was merely a procedure that could make Yuan Zhou feel at ease.

"Hiss. It's so cold." Yuan Zhou opened the back door and started to run at once.

"Woof." When he passed by the back door, the dog, Broth, suddenly barked.

"Happy New Year," Yuan Zhou stopped and then said to Broth.

Broth just looked up at Yuan Zhou and continued sleeping.

"Ta Ta Ta". The regular footsteps of Yuan Zhou receded gradually.

The route was still the same as before. Yuan Zhou regulated his breath and jogged very carefully step by step.

"Happy New Year."

"Happy New Year, Boss Yuan."

The two greetings barred the way of Yuan Zhou. It was the sister and brother pair, Huang Ling and Huang Li.

"Happy New Year." Yuan Zhou stood still and nodded his head.

"Boss Yuan, this is a small token of our appreciation." While saying that, Huang Ling took out a square box and handed it to him.

And Huang Li just looked at Yuan Zhou seriously and expectantly at the side.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou received it.

"Thank you for taking care of us," Huang Ling and Huang Li thanked him together.

"Here you are." The moment Yuan Zhou received the box, he fished out two red packets from his big pocket.

"No, you don't need to do this." Huang Ling immediately waved her hand and indicated that it was unnecessary.

"It's not money. It's just a small gift for the new year," Yuan Zhou kept silent for a while and then said.

"Okay. Thank you, Boss Yuan." On hearing that it wasn't money, Huang Li got excited and immediately received the red packet.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then ran away with the box.

"Little Li, how can you accept the red packet?" Huang Ling blushed and felt quite embarrassed.

"Boss Yuan said it's not money. It might be the souvenir from his restaurant. I'm just curious. Heihei," Huang Li patted his own head and explained shyly.

"You shouldn't have accepted it. Boss Yuan has helped us a lot." Huang Ling patted on her brother's head.

"I know, I know. I will bring Boss Yuan something else next time to thank him." Huang Li nodded his head at once.

Only then was Huang Ling satisfied. At that time, however, Yuan Zhou had ran to the front door of his restaurant.

"Hua La". The window of the second floor of the building across the street was opened and a man's head appeared.

"Yo. Morning, Boss Yuan." Wu Hai yawned and waved his hand to Yuan Zhou who was still jogging.

"Morning." Yuan Zhou stopped there.

"Happy New Year. Remember to cook something delicious. Of course, it would be better if you allowed me to eat two servings of a dish at a time." Wu Hai really wasn't a decent guy. He made a request even when he said "happy new year".

"Happy New Year. Rules can't be violated," Yuan Zhou answered neatly.

"Oh." Wu Hai was still a little drowsy. On hearing that, he just nodded his head in a daze.

"Come down to take your red packet," Yuan Zhou fished out a red packet and said to Wu Hai.

"Huh?" Wu Hai suddenly gave a start and became clear-headed instantly.

"I won't wait for you if you are late," said Yuan Zhou lightly.

"Wait for me." Wu Hai's voice was still lingering at the window when he came downstairs and appeared in front of Yuan Zhou.

One could imagine how fast he ran.

"Pa Da Pa Da". Dressed in the nightclothes and cotton slippers, Wu Hai came downstairs directly without even putting on the coat.

Yuan Zhou estimated roughly that it didn't even take more than 10 seconds.

"Here you are." Yuan Zhou handed the red packet to him calmly.

"Damn it. It's so good to live here. I can actually get Boss Yuan's red packet." Wu Hai received the red packet happily at once.

"I'm leaving." Wu Hai had opened the red packet and prepared to have a look when Yuan Zhou intended to leave.

"Wow. What exactly is in Boss Yuan's red packet?" While opening it, Wu Hai muttered.

"Si La". Wu Hai opened the seal deftly and poured a ticket out.

That's right. It was a ticket, a light brown paper 4cm wide and 8cm long. Right in the middle, it had the two characters of "meal ticket".

And on both sides, there were two lines of words arranged symmetrically. The left side read, "No replacement if missing" while the right side read, "Order meals according to the designated amount".

"Is this a meal ticket?" Wu Hai asked in surprise.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"So, that means that I can have a meal for free with it?" Wu Hai thought of that instantly.

This time, Yuan Zhou didn't say anything, but just nodded his head.

"With no limits on the amount of money?" Wu Hai confirmed again.

"Um." Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai's belly suspiciously and then nodded his head.

"Boss Yuan, what's the animal on it?" Wu Hai pointed at the animal that took up most of the space on the meal ticket and asked with puzzlement.

The meal ticket was naturally drawn by Yuan Zhou himself. It wasn't stiff like the formally printed ones made outside. However, the wolf-like animal that looked up at the sky and roared made Wu Hai feel puzzled.

"Broth," said Yuan Zhou with a manner of composure.

"Isn't Broth just a Maltese?" Wu Hai looked at the picture on the ticket and then thought of Broth's small body. He really couldn't relate that small dog to the mighty figure in the picture.

"A dog that doesn't want to be a wolf isn't a good Maltese," Yuan Zhou stared at Wu Hai for an instant and then said.

Wu Hai was quite speechless and then he lowered his head to continue looking at the meal ticket.

The back side of the meal ticket was very simple. It had only a few words of "Made In Guang By Yuan Zhou's Restaurant".

"Made in Guang?" Wu Hai was quite puzzled.

"I'm leaving to jog." Yuan Zhou turned around and left without saying anything.

"He runs so fast. But, it's surprisingly a meal ticket. Hahaha. Let me post it in Moments to let them know." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and revealed an evil smile.

As for why Yuan Zhou ran away so fast, it was very simple. He didn't know what "Made in Guang" was, either. But since there was "Made in Ri" or some other similar ones on the Internet, he figured out this one casually.

The quality of posturing was very important. That's it.