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677 The Food You Cook Is Tastier Than Mine

 While Ling Hong was dumbfounded, Wu Hai took this chance and charged like a thunderbolt toward Yuan Zhou.

"Compass, give me one more set of Tangyuan. This will be my last set. How about I do a trick for you like acting cute or doing a backflip?"

Act cute?


For the sake of food, he was trying to do Broth's part?

Yuan Zhou was speechless.

His eyes twitched and with his back facing Wu Hai, he patted his chest in shock.

"Director Jiang, you are treating me to a meal yet I am not full. As the boss, what should you do in this situation?" Yu Chu ignored Wu Hai and spoke to Jiang Changxi.

"I really want to help, but there's nothing I can do. It's not like Boss Yuan will be giving me face just because I'm a beauty," Jiang Changxi said helplessly while flipping her hair.

"I told you, young man. You are too young," Chen Wei said, behaving like an experienced senior.

Ling Hong then concluded, "He is the only one shameless enough to scam a newcomer like this. Wu Hai will be totally shameless whenever food is involved."

"Boss Yuan will never change his mind. Not even Sister Jiang can change his mind," Wei Wei kindly reminded.

"But I have only eaten one," Yu Chu seriously stated.

"Um. I will take you here next time to have your fill," Jiang Changxi answered after nodding her head.

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself after your vile conduct earlier?" Ling Hong denounced Wu Hai.

"Of course not," Wu Hai naturally answered while stroking his mustache.

At this time, everyone looked at Wu Hai in disdain. Wei Wei was the only one who was paying attention to something else.

She looked at Wu Hai's face and what he was wearing and suddenly asked, "Uncle Wu, why is your mustache always so neat?"

Wei Wei was feeling very curious.

Wu Hai was wearing a blue coral woolen house clothes with a pair of cotton slippers while his hair was neither too long nor short. He looked completely like someone who had just got out of bed, looking extremely lazy.

Although Wu Hai kept himself clean, he wasn't exactly neatly dressed.

On the contrary, the two swirls of mustaches on Wu Hai were very neatly trimmed. It was evident that the mustaches had been given great care. This did not match Wu Hai's overall image at all.

One ought to know that in the past, Wu Hai's mustache was incredibly mysterious. It would be long or short at times. Yet after two months, his mustache was now so neat.

"If Father wants it to be this neat, he has to shave daily." Wei Wei made herself even clearer.

Because of this, everyone looked at Wu Hai curiously.

"Since someone likes my mustache, it is natural that I have to give it some care. After all, I look smarter with a neat mustache," Wu Hai earnestly said in an extremely shameless manner.

"Hehe. You must have eaten way too much food here. Even the way you speak resembles Boss Yuan now." Ling Hong was the first to berate him.

"Is it because of that girl?" Jiang Changxi suddenly recalled the girl.

That was the girl that had once told Wu Hai his mustache gave off a sense of security.

The moment the other customers heard this, they instantly understood what's going on. As such, nobody bothered to say anything else.

"Tsk." Wu Hai did not reply. Rather, he made a noise that did not answer anything.

"Lazy painter." Ling Hong gave Wu Hai a glance and did not say anything much.

"It's rare for me to be this handsome." Wu Hai stroked his mustache, looking like someone being resentful after being interrupted while acting cool.

"It's nearly nine. I need to go on my night jog now," Sister Wan suddenly said after looking at the watch on her wrist.

"Yeah, it's getting late. After filling my belly, it is time to go back and sleep," Chen Wei added.

"Wei Wei, let's go back." Mr. Wei looked at his daughter.

"Ok. Goodbye, Boss Yuan," Wei Wei politely said goodbye to Yuan Zhou.

"Um. Happy Chinese New Year," Yuan Zhou wished after nodding his head.

"Happy Chinese New Year to you too, Boss Yuan. May you grow more and more handsome," Wei Wei teased before leaving.

"Same to you." Yuan Zhou appeared indifferent, yet was inwardly overjoyed.

With someone leaving, it was as if everyone was affected by this spirit. One by one, they said their goodbyes and started heading out. They still needed to give Yuan Zhou some personal time.

Wu Hai and Ling Hong both came and left silently. Instantly, only Yuan Zhou alone was left in the restaurant.

"The snow seems to have stopped as well." Yuan Zhou looked outside from the door.

The sky was a darkish blue, and not a single star could be seen. However, the snow had indeed stopped falling.

Pa. Pa. Yuan Zhou patted off some non-existent dust from his body and muttered, "It's quite cold. I need to prepare more cushions for Broth."

Rather than closing the door, Yuan Zhou went to the kitchen and made himself a bowl of Tangyuan. Of course, he made himself a mixed bowl of sweet and salty Tangyuans.

"Um. Indeed, my own food still tastes the best." In a satisfied manner, Yuan Zhou started eating. He did not fear the heat and quickly finished his bowl of 16 Tangyuans.

Of course, he left some soup behind. The soup was kept for Broth and its girlfriend. It would be nice for them to have something hot to drink in such cold weather.

"I don't think anyone will pass by this street at this time." After feeding Broth, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and looked outside.

Currently, it was pitch black outside. Apart from the lighting from Yuan Zhou's restaurant, no other source of light was shining on the street outside. The other shops had long been closed.

With a creak, Yuan Zhou pulled the counter and walked to the door, preparing to close it.

Right at this moment, sounds of footsteps rang out from a distant. The footsteps sounded rather familiar to Yuan Zhou.

Therefore, he stopped closing the door, planning to close it after this person passed. With this, there would still be some light when that person passed by.

Ta. Ta. Ta. The footsteps got nearer and nearer.

"Boss Yuan, you're still open?" It was the grandma that usually sold steamed buns around here.

"Yeah." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Good. I have some Tangyuans that I had personally made here. Get a bowl for yourself." The grandma lifted the bag she was holding with a wide smile on her face.

During a cold New Year Eve, she came bearing Tangyuans.

"Come in first. It's cold outside." Yuan Zhou paused slightly before moving to the side and invited the grandma to enter.

"It's fine. I will leave after you eat this bowl of Tangyuans." The grandma waved her hand and pushed the bag into Yuan Zhou's hands.

"You can have a seat while I eat." Yuan Zhou took the bag and helped the grandma into the restaurant.

"Ok. I can bring the bowl back with me so you won't have to wash it." This time, the grandma did not reject his offer. She walked into the restaurant and sat on the two-person table.

"Thank you," Yuan Zhou solemnly thanked.

Then, Yuan Zhou sat in front of the grandma and opened the bag. Within the bag was a huge case and within the case were eight white Tangyuans, each of them as huge as the fist of a baby.

"You're welcome. I made these myself. I can't cook as well as you, Boss Yuan. So don't mind me and just eat it to have some festive feeling," the grandma said, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

After all, the grandma was aware of how well Yuan Zhou could cook. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many customers here every single day.

After eating one Tangyuan, Yuan Zhou said seriously, "No, your Tangyuans are better than mine."

Of course, the grandma did not take that seriously. But then, a smile still appeared on her face. She looked happy.