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674 The Yuan Family

 Apart from Yu Chu, everyone else in the restaurant focused on eating their Tangyuans.

"My family will usually only eat Tangyuan on the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year. It's good to eat some during the New Year's Eve instead." Sister Wan suddenly recalled her family.

"Yeah." Jiang Changxi nodded.

"There is no need to limit yourself to eating certain foods during certain occasions only." Yu Chu couldn't help but voice his opinion.

"Don't talk so much. Eat your Tangyuan." Jiang Changxi shot back at him.

"Oh." Yu Chu shrugged and stopped talking.

He was still not eating, merely observing the people around him.

The Tangyuans were quite hot, but despite that, Wu Hai finished his portion shortly after it was served.

Of course, he was quite skilled in eating Tangyuans. On his first bite, he would bite off the layer of glutinous rice outside. Doing that, he could appreciate the beautiful sight of the pure black and glossy sesame flowing out of the Tangyuan. He could also smell the dense sesame fragrance contained within it.

This was a great pleasure to both the visual and olfactory senses. Stimulated by the sensations, Wu Hai could no longer hold himself back and swallowed the entire Tangyuan with a single bite.

"Wu... Hiss." Wu Hai first tried keeping his mouth shut. But he couldn't resist the scalding temperature and had to open his mouth to breath out before he continued chewing.

After he swallowed the glutinous rice, a tender feeling coursed through his throat. It did not feel thick at all, and instead felt extremely smooth to the throat. When chewing on it, the fragrance of sesame would erupt in his mouth. The sesame also made the texture of the glutinous rice better, adding another dimension to the taste of the entire Tangyuan.

This combination ensured that the taste of the Tangyuan would last longer in one's mouth.

"Holy sh*t, even your Tangyuans taste so good. Boss Yuan, you should take me as your disciple," said Wu Hai earnestly while holding the completely empty bowl on his palm.

"Not taking any disciples." Yuan Zhou first shivered before immediately rejecting.

What joke was this? Not even the system could help Wu Hai. It was better for him to stay away from Yuan Zhou's kitchen lest he brought destruction upon it.

"Fine. I want one more bowl of Tangyuan with meat," Wu Hai ordered without hesitation.

Wu Hai was a person who had the habit of keeping the best for the last. An example was the Minced Meat Tangyuan that was his favorite.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou nodded and heaved out a sigh of relief that Wu Hai was not insisting to be his disciple. He immediately turned around to continue cooking.

Whoosh. With a single scoop, Yuan Zhou fished out six Minced Meat Tangyuans and together with the soup, he poured them into a bowl, filling about 70% of the bowl.

"Tangyuan." Yuan Zhou placed the bowl in front of Wu Hai.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan." Wu Hai did not even raise his head and immediately started eating.

Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and sat down. He had been sitting down for the entire night. After all, it was the New Year's Eve tonight and he wasn't exactly making any money off them. Therefore, he was less strict tonight.

"Boss Yuan's Tangyuan is really very good. It warms the heart." Sister Wan was eating slowly and gracefully.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded with a gentle expression.

"Yeah." Wang Nan nodded in agreement.

With a "whoosh", Wu Hai suddenly stabbed out with his chopsticks and snatched one Tangyuan from Ling Hong's bowl. Without stopping, he immediately stuffed the Tangyuan into his mouth.

Ling Hong was first stunned. Then, he slammed his palm on the table and started shouting, "Are you courting death, you little mustache guy? Give me back my Tangyuan! Now!"

Wu Hai swallowed the Tangyuan after he was done chewing.

"Sorry, it's in my stomach now." Wu Hai spread his hands and spoke in a rascally manner.

"Piss off. Give me the Tangyuans in your bowl!" Ling Hong glared at Wu Hai, looking like he was about to commit murder.

"I only have the soup left in my bowl. If you are interested to drink my saliva, I don't mind." Wu Hai then personally pushed his bowl over to Ling Hong.

In the bowl, only the clear soup was left, not a single Tangyuan could be seen.

"I will choke you to death and bury you in a pile of snow today!" Ling Hong was about to do it.

"No, I did that for your own good! Didn't you mentioned just now that you already had your New Year's Eve dinner? I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to finish your food. That's why I helped. Instead of thanking me, you are blaming me?" Wu Hai said with disdain on his face.

"Do you believe me if I say I will make sure you have no chance to see the sun tomorrow? Don't forget I'm a very rich person!" Ling Hong said with his teeth clenched.

"What an ungrateful person," Wu Hai muttered softly.

"Hoho." Ling Hong sneered and took his phone out, about to make a call.

He looked like he was about to call someone here to beat this annoying food snatcher, Wu Hai, to death.

"Do you think I'm scared? I'm a painter." Wu Hai had an extremely rascally look on his face.

He was still trying to protect his dignity as a painter even in such a situation.

"Being a painter does not conflict with me beating you up." Ling Hong sneered.

"You don't understand. I meant I will paint a painting for you," Wu Hai glanced at Ling Hong and said seriously.

"Deal." Ling Hong immediately nodded.

"Then can I eat one more?" Wu Hai then licked his lips and asked.

As for the so-called dignity of a painter, it was gone in the face of food.

"Scram, you despicable fellow," Ling Hong said, showing no quarters.

"You would be making a huge profit off me otherwise." Wu Hai stroked his mustache with his eyes fixed on Ling Hong's bowl.

Ling Hong merely rolled his eyes at this.

"Boss Yuan, one more bowl of Tangyuan for me." Seeing that he had no hope of getting more from Ling Hong, Wu Hai switched his target to Yuan Zhou instead.

"Each person is only allowed to eat two bowls. You already had your fill," Yuan Zhou replied frankly.

"But I'm not full yet." This time, Wu Hai was not stroking his mustache. Instead, he rubbed his belly.

"Um." Yuan Zhou merely nodded but did not do anything.

"I thought you said today's meal is on you?" Wu Hai continued asking.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"No family would ever treat their guest to a meal but not allow that guest to eat their fill," Wu Hai continued.

"The Yuan Family would do that." Yuan Zhou said righteously.

Immediately, Wu Hai thought inwardly, He's too shameless. Fine, I admit defeat.

But now, Wu Hai finally understood how Ling Hong felt when he was being shameless earlier.

Wu Hai fixed his gaze at Yuan Zhou's face, but Yuan Zhou face was devoid of any expression, like someone with facial nerve paralysis.

Seeing that there was no hope here, Wu Hai switched his target to Ling Hong yet again.

"Ling Hong, I feel like you definitely won't be able to finish your Tangyuan. Can I eat two more for you?" Wu Hai said, looking every bit someone who was only trying to help.

"Scram." Ling Hong gave a one-word reply.

"Come on. It's not like you don't know the rules of Compass. If you can't finish your food, you won't be allowed to eat here anymore." Wu Hai started earnestly advising Ling Hong.

Yuan Zhou was still silently sitting on his seat.

In truth, Yuan Zhou's Tangyuan was made with a combination of glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour. Therefore, it felt extremely good when chewed on. However, glutinous rice itself was an ingredient that was hard to digest. Therefore, it would be unhealthy to eat too much.

One would have a digestion problem if one ate too much glutinous rice.

The portion of 12 Tangyuans per person he had allowed was already quite large. Even an adult man would be about 80% full after eating this much. As for an adult woman, one bowl of six Tangyuans would be about enough for them.

Of course, good food was something that everyone would never have enough of. Therefore, Wu Hai kept feeling like he was still far from full.

After all, each Tangyuan was only about the size of a baby's fist. It wasn't very small, in fact.

Wu Hai now gazed at Wang Nan as he noticed that Wang Nan was looking around everywhere, while the bowl of Tangyuans before him was left untouched.