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673 An Awkward Incident and Comfor

 "I won't be holding myself back then. Give me a bowl of sweet Tangyuan first," Chu Xiao suddenly said.

That's right. Earlier, Chu Xiao had only been silently looking at Yuan Zhou kneading the dough and hadn't ordered.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou nodded with his back facing Chu Xiao.

Yu Chu couldn't understand this. It was not his first time hearing Jiang Changxi complaining about Yuan Zhou being miserly. Even though today was the Chinese New Year's Eve, it shouldn't affect him being miserly.

After all, he had never heard of a person being miserly only on selected dates.

Therefore, Yu Chu frowned and looked at Jiang Changxi doubtfully.

"Although Boss Yuan is a miserly person, although he is extremely obstinate, although he has low EQ, but when it comes to food, he would never be dishonest." After Jiang Changxi spoke, she gazed at Yuan Zhou, seemingly expecting Yuan Zhou to show some appreciation for her praise.

Yuan Zhou turned his head and continued cooking. He pretended to not notice Jiang Changxi. Should he even react to this kind of praise?

Even though Yuan Zhou had ignored what Jiang Changxi said, everyone else resonated with what she said.

"So true. That is the only good point about Compass." Wu Hai stroked his mustache.

"I have never seen someone as unlikable as Boss Yuan." Ling Hong continued the line of discussion. However, he neglected to say that he himself was also an unlikable person. That was why he would feel somewhat empty during the family gathering and instinctively arrived here, being unknowingly attracted toward people that were similar to him.

"If Boss Yuan could change his rules and allow his customers to order two servings, I believe he would be a very popular guy."

"I agree."

Mr. Wei and his daughter said one after the other, trying to change Yuan Zhou's mind.

Chen Wei was a frank person. Therefore, he stepped out to provide a fair judgment, "Don't talk about Boss Yuan like that. Let me say something fair. If it wasn't for the fact that Boss Yuan's dishes are tasty, he would have been beaten up long ago."

Chu Xiao sat there silently while nodding in agreement.

Yuan Zhou was speechless when he saw Chu Xiao nodding. One ought to know that Chu Xiao was more unlikable than him. Was he not embarrassed to nod his head here?

"Sometimes, truth is better off not spoken. You guys will hurt Boss Yuan's heart." Wang Nan interrupted softly.

"Hahaha, your words will hurt Compass's heart more." Wu Hai laughed.

"Old pal, your heart has been hurt." Ling Hong added with a laugh.

Pig, you have two holes in your nose. Yuan Zhou started replaying the "Song of Pig" in his head. At the same time, he muttered inwardly without stop, Pig Jiang, Pig Wu, Pig Chen... Everyone is a pig, don't be angry, for a prince charming will not be bothered with pigs.

Yuan Zhou was demonstrating an impeccable self-comforting technique.

As a person who had never even kissed a girl at 25 years old, this technique was the reason why he had been able to sleep at night all these years... Oops, something was exposed.

"Actually, I think that Boss Yuan is merely someone who does not know how to express himself. He is a very nice and gentle person." When everyone was nearly done talking, Sister Wan suddenly started countering them on behalf of Boss Yuan.

Yuan Zhou's five senses had been upgraded by the system. Therefore, his hearing was very sharp. Although he was pretending not to care, he had still praised Sister Wan inwardly when she defended him.


Everyone was waiting for Sister Wan to continue. They were all curious as to how a person with a deadpan face like Yuan Zhou could be described with the word gentle. Then, Sister Wan continued speaking with a gentle tone.

"I remember the last time when I was in a somewhat bad mood after getting into a small fight with my family, I ordered the Egg Fried Rice set meal and started eating very very slowly. I could almost count the grains of rice in the bowl. At that time, my best friend found out I was unhappy and had come over to comfort me as well."

This was how Sister Wan would speak -- regardless of whether what she spoke of was a huge issue or not, she would speak gently and downplay it as if it was a small issue. If even her best friend had to come to comfort her, how could that be a small fight, and how could she only be in a somewhat bad mood?

"Although my best friend kept trying to comfort me, I was still in a bad mood. I forced myself to finish the Egg Fried Rice set meal. When I stood up preparing to leave, Boss Yuan suddenly said something to me..."

It was unknown if she was doing this intentionally or not, but Sister Wan suddenly changed the topic.

"Right, at that time, I was sitting at a seat near Boss Yuan."

"Sister Wan, stop keeping us in suspense. What did Boss Yuan say?" Wei Wei's curiosity was exploding and she could no longer wait.

"Boss Yuan suddenly said that he had never gotten a girlfriend, not even an online girlfriend, in his entire 24 years worth of life." Sister Wan repeated what Yuan Zhou said with a smile on her face.

Instantly, everyone sank into silence.

Single for 24 years, not even an online girlfriend...

In truth, if one gave it some thought, this was actually Yuan Zhou comforting Sister Wan by saying that she did not need to be sad. Although she was still unmarried at 35 years old, she at least had been in relationships before. This was unlike Yuan Zhou who had been single for 24 years. He hadn't even gotten in an online relationship before, and was much more pitiful than Sister Wan.


These words were like a stone that had been thrown into a calm pool of water. It immediately caused an uproar.

"Hahaha. That can't be the case, right? Even my nephew that is still in elementary school is in an online relationship right now."

"Cough, cough. I can't take this anymore. All this laughing is hurting my stomach."

"Boss Yuan, maybe you should try harder? It shouldn't be a problem getting at least an online girlfriend."

Wu Hai, Ling Hong, Chen Wei and a few others were laughing so hard that their stomach was hurting. Ling Hong's reaction was the most intense, he laughed until he was slamming his phone on the table.

He started talking in an extremely smug manner, saying how his ex-girlfriends were either models or stewardesses.

"Boss Yuan, do you want to think about having me as your girlfriend?" Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou and continued, "With my fair skin, good looks, and splendid temperament, I am a perfect example of a woman with beautiful face and body, clever, and also understanding."

"Yeah, Compass, you can consider taking this evil spirit with you." Wu Hai stroked his mustache.

Each word spoken was like a knife that stabbed straight at his heart. Yuan Zhou did not feel like talking to them. Therefore, he merely rolled his eyes at them.

Once again, everyone broke up into uproarious laughter.

Wang Nan was looking at the snowflakes falling from the sky outside the restaurant. Chengdu did not snow enough to have any snowflakes left on the ground. All of it would melt shortly after hitting the ground, making everywhere wet and damp.

However, the temperature was definitely cold. Before she entered this restaurant, she was wearing a down-filled garment. Even so, when the wind blew on her, she would still feel cold.

"It is still snowing outside. How is it so warm in here?" Wang Nan muttered.

Yu Chu was sitting there silently, even more silent than Chu Xiao. Therefore, he was able to overhear Wang Nan's soft mutterings. He raised his head to look at something that looked like an air vent, yet he found that no warm air was being blown out of there.

Yu Chu had not participated in the topic earlier. He was feeling quite curious. It was very rare for a person to spark an entire series of conversations by just mentioning his name.

"So weird." Yu Chu looked at everyone in the shop, his doubt growing.

This felt like the customers were all here just for Yuan Zhou. This made the entire thing seem even weirder.