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669 Enjoyment And Delicacies

 "Dong Dong," The clear and melodious knock on the table attracted the attention of the man who was working at a computer attentively.

"Leave, now. It's already the holidays. Why are you still here?" Dressed in the business suit, Jiang Changxi leaned forward.

It was she who knocked on the table just now. She was now standing at the door of an office. On the door plate, there were three big characters, "General Manager".

"No need. For the discussion to be held at Chinese new year, let's go together," the man raised his head and said with his brows tight knitted.

The talking man was dressed in a well-ironed business suit with even the topmost button of his shirt buttoned up. And his hair was parted sideways, which revealed his forehead and made him appear rigorous.

The nameplate on the table read "Yu Chu", two vigorous and forceful big characters. Presumably, it must be the name of the general manager.

"Not necessary. Your overtime hours have been above limits this year. If you work any longer, I can't even afford your overtime wage." After the man finished his words, Jiang Changxi stood up straight and refused flatly with her arms crossed against her chest.

"This project isn't able to be completed by anybody alone. I trust in your capabilities, but you need my assistance," the talking man said affirmatively.

"Yu Chu, seriously speaking, you need to take a vacation. Just go out to travel, enjoy the beautiful scenery and eat something delicious. If you continue working in this way, you'll probably die of physical fatigue," Jiang Changxi said that earnestly once in a blue moon.

"Stop it. I agree with you in regards to sightseeing, but eating delicacies isn't in my scope of consideration. It's a total waste of time," Yu Chu said point-blank.

"I really don't understand what you are thinking. As is known to all, only eating delicacies and drinking good wine can make people relax. Listen to me. Go, just go." Jiang Changxi frowned and contradicted him straightforwardly.

"Eating is only for the indispensable energy required to survive. Only after we absorb sufficient energy can we work better. So eating is a deed only for survival," Yu Chu said primly.

"I'm too lazy to argue with you. Come with me to drink some wine. After drinking it, you'll understand what I mean," Jiang Changxi smacked the table suddenly and then said loudly.

"No, I won't waste my time on these kinds of things," Yu Chu said solemnly to Jiang Changxi.

Jiang Changxi suddenly became solemn and stared at Yu Chu.

"Eating requires the mouth to move about. It not only consumes much time, but also the stomach also needs time to digest. If we really have the luck to eat the delicacies, we still need more time to wait for them. It absolutely isn't an easy job," Yu Chu paused for a while and then said that.

"But..." Jiang Changxi was interrupted instantly just when she prepared to say something.

"All right, stop it. I'd rather write a few reports than waste time on waiting and eating," Yu Chu said earnestly.

"Then, what's the point of working so hard?" Jiang Changxi supported her forehead and said speechlessly.

"Of course for a better life," said Yu Chu without any hesitation.

"Then why do you say that eating is a waste of time? Do you have any prejudice against food?" Jiang Changxi said with puzzlement.

Jiang Changxi knew this general manager often worked overtime during normal days and she also knew that he ate very simple food like sandwiches or canned soup that could be consumed directly.

Of course, he also ate box lunches. However, Jiang Changxi had never known that this person had so much prejudice against delicacies.

"No, I am telling the truth." Yu Chu shook his head, indicating that he didn't have any prejudice against food.

"Don't you have fun during normal times?" Jiang Changxi looked at Yu Chu suspiciously.

She knew that this person had been to Fiji last Chinese new year. Rumor has it that there were beautiful sandy beaches and the sea there.

"Of course I need to have fun. Usually, I go traveling or climb mountains," Yu Chu said straightforwardly.

"Eating delicacies is also a kind of fun." Jiang Changxi tried to persuade him to eat the delicacies.

"I would rather lie in the hammock by the sea and enjoy the sea breeze than waste time on eating..." Yu Chu was interrupted bluntly before she finished his words.

"It's simply perfect to enjoy the sea breeze, eat the delicacies, and have a BBQ at night," Jiang Changxi continued saying that.

"Not really. Just let me have a good sleep and put some glucose at the side," Yu Chu said naturally.

He wasn't kidding.

"Others put fresh and sweet coconut milk while you put glucose. You definitely need to go with me and look around at a new world," With a speechless expression, Jiang Changxi said resolutely.

"Of course the glucose is better. It could be easily absorbed by the blood. Doctors, sports fans, and most people often use it to obtain energy quickly and effectively. People can take in the energy required by the human body easily and conveniently to maintain the functions of the human body." Yu Chu explained the functions of glucose quickly.

"No need to explain that to me. I just want to save your terrible taste," Jiang Changxi shrugged and said earnestly.

"It's 7:20 in the evening now. You'll need a total of 20 minutes to tidy up the documents, 20 minutes to get to the destination, 5 minutes to go downstairs, 5 minutes to wait until Master Bai comes to pick you up and 10 minutes during the process to deal with some trifles. There isn't much time left. Goodbye." Yu Chu raised his wrist and looked at his watch directly.

"Okay, but promise me to have dinner together next time," after Jiang Changxi said that, she turned around and left immediately.

Jiang Changxi's high-heeled shoes emitted a crisp and speedy sound of "Da Da Da" upon knocking on the ground.

"Goodbye." Looking at Jiang Changxi's back, Yu Chu neither agree nor refused. Instead, he straightforwardly said goodbye to her.

"Weird people are everywhere. Such a highly-paid person is surprisingly careless about food." Jiang Changxi indicated that she really couldn't understand that. As a three-lost woman, she was considered to have experienced life. However, it was the first time that she saw such a person like Yu Chu.

Having tidied up the documents, Jiang Changxi headed quickly for Yuan Zhou's restaurant to drink a pot of Bamboo Liquor. As it was the last pot of Bamboo Liquor in this lunar year, she was naturally very proactive.

When she arrived, however, it was just 8:20 p.m. on the dot, exactly as what Yu Chu estimated. There were ten minutes left before the pub time commenced.

"Well, nice timing." Wu Hai looked up at Jiang Changxi.

"Of course." Jiang Changxi nodded her head.

"It's going to be the Chinese New Year soon. The street is becoming more and more deserted," Fang Heng shook his head while saying that.

"Only you haven't gone back." Once Fang Heng finished his words, a middle-aged man beside him suddenly said.

"Dad, aren't I bringing you here now?" Fang Heng said with a helpless expression on his face.

"Humph," the middle-aged man snorted coldly and answered his son contemptuously.

"But I don't see the people in line become lesser," Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said discontentedly.

That's right. Wu Hai didn't feel any difference, the people in line were still as many as before.

"No, no, no. There are far fewer people now. Look, the street isn't so crowded as before. I guess there won't be many people on Chinese New Year's Eve and the first day of Chinese New Year," Jiang Changxi said objectively.

"Boss Yuan, is your restaurant going to be opened for business on those two days? I want to come and pay a New Year's call," Wu Hai suddenly asked Yuan Zhou at the side.

"I don't have red envelopes for you," answered Yuan Zhou subconsciously.

"It doesn't matter. Just cook a meal for me like Melt-In-The-Mouth Chicken Feet, Silk Twined Rabbit or Translucent Beef Slices. I'm not picky about food." Wu Hai revealed a manner of "I'm an easy person."

"Wu Hai, people must have a sense of shame, sometimes," Fang Heng couldn't help smiling and saying that.

"Hey, watch out your mouth." On hearing that, Wu Hai became slightly angry. He looked at Fang Heng and said to him, "Where did you get the impression that I have such a thing like a sense of shame?"

Fang Heng was instantly speechless.

"In regards to shamelessness, Wu Hai has never been defeated by anyone else," Jiang Changxi added at the side.

Wu Hai naturally nodded his head and agreed. Then, the restaurant fell silent directly...