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665 Hotpot for Three

 Nobody said anything about the girl's eating habit. In fact, some even approved of it.

"Yes, this is how it should be. But it has been a while since I last did that," a customer lamented.

"I remember hearing from the older generation when I was young," someone else said with a thoughtful look.

"Eating this way seems to make the food taste even better," a different person said when he glanced over at the girl who was focused on eating.

"Should we give it a try?" someone proposed.

"Jia Jia, one more Egg Fried Rice, please." Someone acted immediately on the thought.

A good eating ambiance was infectious. A proof of this was the fact that suddenly, the amount of Egg Fried Rice orders increased.

This drove those who were in the line outside helpless. After all, if the customers inside ate more, they would have to wait longer.

"I feel like this is the cruelest torture, being made to smell and not eat like this," Zhao Yingjun rubbed his belly and said with a sigh.

"Yeah, I was only a bit late and have to be subjected to this." Man Man nodded in agreement.

"We're good. After all, we're the next batch up," Liu Chen said with his neck stretched out as he looked into the restaurant.

This Liu Chen was precisely the guy who had brought a group and surrounded Yuan Zhou's restaurant requesting for a solution for one line.

"Luckily, we made our booking two days ago." Brother Jun behind Liu Chen nodded thankfully.

Inside the restaurant, the customers were eating in a lively atmosphere. Outside the restaurant, everyone waited silently. The entire scene looked rather harmonious.

Just like that, lunchtime passed.

Ling Hong, Jiang Changxi, and Wu Hai were the last diners to leave the restaurant.

"Let's go have hotpot. I'll pay for it," suddenly, Ling Hong said when they reached the door.

"It is quite rare for a stingy rich kid like you to buy us a meal. You're not thinking of poisoning us, right?" Wu Hai rubbed his small mustaches and cautiously said.

Wu Hai was still holding a grudge over Ling Hong not inviting him over for the fish banquet. However, there was no helping it as Ling Hong never ate discounted food.

And that fish banquet turned out to be holding a promotion.

"Indeed, it's quite rare. What's the occasion?" Jiang Changxi turned around and asked.

"No occasion. It will be the Chinese New Year soon and I will be away for a few days. The old man kept asking me to go back for the new year," Ling Hong shrugged and casually said.

Of course, Ling Hong automatically ignored the contents of Wu Hai's words.

"True, I will be away for a few days as well. I'm flying over to Beijing to sign a contract during the new year," Jiang Changxi nodded in agreement and nonchalantly said.

"Looks like I'm the one that is the most free here," Wu Hai said smugly.

"Hehe, Zheng Jiawei will come to look for you," Ling Hong said as he looked at Wu Hai in disdain.

"Why should I care about that?" Wu Hai said, his face indifferent.

"Of course you don't care about Zheng Jiawei. But I think the younger sister of a certain someone will come as well," Jiang Changxi teased with a smile on her face.

After all, the story of how Wu Hai was dumped into the trunk had already spread everywhere by the hardworking Wu Lin.

"Hmm, I think so as well. After all, it's the Chinese New Year." Ling Hong rubbed his chin and nodded earnestly.

Wu Hai first had a pained expression on his face. He then said smugly, "Her? She's very busy."

Looking at Wu Hai's smug expression, Ling Hong merely smiled and did not comment on that. He then suggested, "Ok, let's stop here. We'll meet during dinner."

"See you tonight." Dragging his slippers, Wu Hai returned to his own building.

"See you." Jiang Changxi waved and walked away.

Inside the restaurant, Yuan Zhou heard everything with his sharp ears.

"It's the Chinese New Year soon," Yuan Zhou sighed.

Yuan Zhou muttered in a very low voice, to the point not even Zhou Jia and Mu Xiaoyun who were standing nearby could hear him.

Today, Yuan Zhou did not take out the chair and start sculpting. Outside the restaurant, the wind was blowing and the temperature was dropping.

While not in business, Yuan Zhou's restaurant appeared rather desolate as the Chinese New Year approached. After all, a number of shops on the side street had been closed for business as the owners had returned home for the new year.

At this time, the kindergartens and elementary schools were all on a holiday. Therefore, there was no one coming to take the sculptures. Hence, the sculptures placed on the shelf outside had all turned into ice sculptures.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Some sounds could be heard from the kitchen.

This pepper tastes decent." Yuan Zhou was waving the spatula with one hand and wiping his sweat using a towel with the other hand.

The whooshing sound came from the bright red peppers rolling about in the pot. The strips of peppers had a bright color, and as the temperature increased, a tinge of gold appeared on them. At the same time, a tempting yet suffocating aroma of spiciness waffled out.

Yuan Zhou only stopped after every single strip of the peppers thoroughly turned crunchy.

"Pa!" Yuan Zhou turned off the stove and poured the peppers out before putting them into a bamboo basket, waiting for them to cool down.

When they had cooled down sufficiently, Yuan Zhou started pounding the peppers with a mortar. Slowly, he grounded them into pieces before taking them out.

"Almost done," After he was done, it was near dinner time.

"Let's go," Ling Hong called out to Jiang Changxi. Both of them were carrying a case.

"Where's Wu Hai?" Jiang Changxi asked.

"He's definitely inside already," Ling Hong confidently guessed.

"Wow, you're right." Jiang Changxi saw a stool beside the two-seated table, with Wu Hai sitting on it with his back facing them.

"I brought the chair and have ordered food," Wu Hai said as he looked at the two that were walking in carrying a case each.

"Hehe." Ling Hong sat down and started arranging the dishes he brought on the table.

"Hehe." Jiang Changxi took out two canned beers. Crystalline droplets of water could be seen on the surface of the beers. It was evident that these were frozen beers.

"I'll pay for the liquor tonight," Wu Hai said while clenching his teeth, as if he was making a huge sacrifice.

"That is only natural." Jiang Changxi nodded.

"Yeah," Ling Hong nodded in agreement.

"I thought I would have the chance to have the liquor all for myself, aiii..." Wu Hai rubbed his little mustaches and sighed.

It wasn't that he had offered his liquor because he felt guilty hiding it from them. Rather, he felt embarrassed when he saw them came bringing their own food. No matter what, he was an artist, one with a thin skin.

"Your hotpot is here. Please take your time and enjoy the meal." Mu Xiaoyun arrived timely with the hotpot.

"Thanks, Little Yun," Jiang Changxi thanked her.

"You're welcome," Mu Xiaoyun replied and started serving the other customers.

The hotpot she brought them was quite huge. Since the hotpot was boiling, splashing sounds could be heard. The red sauce painted the originally brown broth into a bright red color.

Along with the steam, a sense of spiciness rose up into the air.

"Hiss, so spicy," Jiang Changxi couldn't help but say this.

"Yeah, I feel like it's even spicier than usual." Wu Hai nodded in satisfaction.

"I think it is indeed spicier. This taste is so satisfying." Ling Hong nodded as well.

"A spicy hotpot like this will go very well with frozen beer and lemonade." Wu Hai was so satisfied his brows spread out in comfort.

"Let's dig in." Ling Hong did not bother saying anything else. He immediately picked his chopsticks up and start eating.

"Yeah, let's start eating." Jiang Changxi did not need to watch her weight. Therefore, her first target was the beef.

Since the weather was cold, there was a layer of translucent glaze on the beef, making it look as beautiful as marble. The beef was rolled up, and the moment it entered the broth, it rolled out.

The sight of the red-and-white beef entering the red broth immediately triggered Ling Hong's and Wu Hai's appetite.