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664 Eating Habits and Yuan Zhous Humor

 At lunch, Yuan Zhou was sitting on a chair in the kitchen and bending over the countertop. He was holding his phone with one hand and a pen with the other, seemingly writing something.

"This Huado Daily is basically more influential among the older generation." Yuan Zhou was looking over the list of those who had called him for an interview recently.

He wrote down his thoughts on the interview requests.

Ever since Yuan Zhou had accepted the interview request of Chengdu Daily, it was like all the other newspapers and television stations had received a signal. Everyone called him to get an interview.

One by one, their calls came. Fortunately, Yuan Zhou kept his phone on the silent mode while working. Therefore, their calls hadn't caused much disturbance.

Since Yuan Zhou had limited energy, he wouldn't be able to agree to all the interview requests. As such, he was now analyzing the target audience of the newspapers and television stations.

The first interview he had was with Chengdu Daily. Since it covered the current trends, its target audience was mainly middle-aged men and middle-aged housewives. That was why he was asked about girlfriend during the interview.

As for Huadu Daily, it was a paper for the older generation. Because of that, Yuan Zhou decided to accept their interview as well.

Yuan Zhou had done a detailed investigation on everyone who had called for an interview, investigating their target audience.

However, the first paper to publish an article on him was Chengdu Daily. This was a paper that was quite influential even in the entirety of Sichuan.

Thus, on noon the second day, the customers all got curious about the article.

"Have you read Chengdu Daily today? I heard they covered Boss Yuan." While lining up, they started conversing.

"Yeah, I know. That is the first interview Boss Yuan has ever had. Of course I read it." The other customer nodded.

"I don't have a habit of reading the newspaper. What did they say about him?" The other customer curiously asked.

"They didn't say much, but they mainly touched on the great sense of humor Boss Yuan has." A horrified look was on that customer's face when he uttered the word "humor".

"Oh? Sense of humor? What? Boss Yuan has something like that?" before the other customer could give a reply, someone else standing further away said.

"I know, right? I wonder who wrote that article. The entire article is a bullsh*t," seeing that someone was agreeing with him, the customer nodded and said.

"That's nothing. Did you see Boss Yuan's requirement for his significant half? Sense of security. What in the world is that?" a girl asked, confusion on her face.

"Haha, you really want to know?" a different customer asked playfully.

"Of course. That's a very weird description. If the article says something like pretty, gentle, or something else, I will understand. But what in the world does the article meant by saying sense of security?" the girl answered with a nod.

"Your curiosity can be easily answered. See, the shop is opening. You can go ask Boss Yuan yourself," the customer said and laughed.

"Yeah, won't you know after asking yourself?" the other customer also added with a wide grin on his face.

"Yeah, go ask. Young lady, it's your first time here, right? Our Boss Yuan is a very easygoing person." This person was totally lying against his conscience. He was even saying it so earnestly.

"That's not what I meant. I was just curious," only now did the girl realize that they were teasing her and quickly explained shyly.

"Sure, sure." The male customers nodded, expressing their understanding.

"I told you that's not the case. I'm going in now." Then, the girl entered the restaurant with her face blushing.

Meanwhile, Wu Hai who had just entered the restaurant kept glancing over at Yuan Zhou. Each time he glanced over, he would size up Yuan Zhou.

"Are you drunk?" Yuan Zhou asked while indifferently gazing at Wu Hai.

"No, no, no. I'm trying to see where your sense of humor is," Wu Hai rubbed his mustache and said with a thoughtful look on his face.

"Don't bother. I don't need to show any sense of humor to you," Yuan Zhou gave a straightforward reply.

"Fine, I'll look for something else instead. Do you lack a sense of security?" Wu Hai nodded before following Yuan Zhou's advice and changed his question.

"Boss Yuan, was that really an interview on you?" Ling Hong asked with doubt on his face.

"Boss Yuan, do I meet the requirements to be your significant half?" Jiang Changxi flipped her hair and looked at Yuan Zhou teasingly.

Yuan Zhou ignored all the questions and answered Jiang Changxi first.

"No," he gave a concise reply.

"That's hurtful," Jiang Changxi did not seem to feel any awkwardness by the rejection and replied with a smile.

Only after Jiang Changxi spoke did Yuan Zhou answered the other question by firmly saying, "It was my interview."

"Excuse me, customers, what would you like to order today?" Mu Xiaoyun stepped forward and asked just as Ling Hong and Wu Hai were about to continue inquiring.

"Right, the restaurant is already opened. Ok, time to order," Wu Hai stopped asking and started seriously ordering his food.

No matter what, nothing has priority over hunger. Therefore, the most important thing was to first state his hunger.

"Excuse me, what would you like to order?" Zhou Jia asked the girl from earlier.

"One set of Egg Fried Rice," the girl directly answered.

"Ok. Please pay first." Zhou Jia nodded and told her the price.

Then, the restaurant started busily operating. Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and got himself busy with cooking.

"Listening to the sounds alone feels so good," suddenly, Jiang Changxi said in melancholy.

"True," Wu Hai nodded in agreement, something he would rarely do.

That's right. When Yuan Zhou was cooking, the sounds of him cooking could be heard. For example, the sound of water when he was cleaning the vegetables, the clanking sound of the pots and bowls, and the hissing sound when the dish was placed into the pot.

There was a certain tempo to it, a tempo that transformed into something that was music to the ears.

Yuan Zhou was extremely well-practiced in cooking Egg Fried Rice. Therefore, it did not take long for the girl's Egg Fried Rice to arrive.

"Your Egg Fried Rice. Please enjoy your meal," said Zhou Jia as she served the Egg Fried Rice.

"Thank you." The girl nodded and picked up her spoon.

"The golden-colored Egg Fried Rice looks so pretty." The girl first took out her phone and took some pictures before starting to eat.

"This is so good, I can't stop eating!" The girl ate extremely quickly.

After stuffing all the rice into her mouth, she immediately called out to Zhou Jia," Another set of Egg Fried Rice please."

"Ok. Please wait a moment." Zhou Jia came over, preparing to collect the payment for the second order. However, she was soon stunned.

"Sorry, we have a rule here. The food ordered can't be taken outside and must be finished. You still have something left in your bowl," Zhou Jia reminded.

"I know, but my grandpa said that if I'm ordering a second serving, I must leave some food in the bowl. This symbolizes that tasty food will keep coming." The girl nodded and explained.

"Ok. By the way, the rules of our restaurant are on the menu. You can also see it on the wall behind you," Zhou Jia reminded while checking the payment she received.

"Ok." The girl nodded, "I will finish them all at the end."

After giving Yuan Zhou the new order, Zhou Jia continued serving the other customers. However, her attention stayed on the girl.

When her new order was done, Mu Xiaoyun carried it over to her.

The moment food arrived, the girl impatiently poured the leftover rice in the first bowl into the second bowl. Then, she joyfully started eating.

This was quite an interesting habit.