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663 The Unique Interview

 The two-seat table at Yuan Zhou's restaurant was made of wood and wasn't particularly big. Therefore, when two people sat opposite each other, they weren't actually that far from each other.

At first, Shu Hui did not notice Yuan Zhou's sitting posture. After all, she was busy preparing for the interview.

But after she was done with her preparation, she was immediately shocked by Yuan Zhou's sitting posture the moment she raised her head.

Sitting on the wooden chair, Yuan Zhou had a very serious-looking posture. His back was perfectly straight, one of his hand rested on his thigh while the other was rested on the table, and his eyes were gazing forward.

The layers of Han attire on him were perfectly neat, not even a crease could be found.

Affected by Yuan Zhou's upright and serious sitting posture, Shu Hui unknowing straightened her own back as well.

"Boss Yuan, I will start the interview. If you don't feel like answering any of the questions, feel free to let me know," Shu Hui said.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Let us start with the first question. Boss Yuan, you will reach 25 years old this year, an extremely young age. Can you tell me how have you gotten such excellent cooking skills at a young age of 24 years old?" Shu Hui took out her script and got straight to the point.

"Hard work," Yuan Zhou answered concisely.

"Do you mean you had worked harder than an ordinary person would?" Shu Hui added after being slightly stunned by his answer.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ok. Let us move on to the next question." Shu Hui prepared to ask the next question.

"Everyone knows that to reach a certain degree of success in any field at such a young age, it won't be easy. What advice do you have for other young men?" Shu Hui asked again.

"Hard work," Yuan Zhou gave it some thought, yet the same answer came out.

"Can Boss Yuan give some details about that?" Shu Hui tried urging him to said more.

"Wake up at five every morning, wash up, exercise, prepare the food ingredients, start the business day, practice using the knife, and finally, experiment on new dishes," suddenly, Yuan Zhou started listing his daily schedule.

"Doesn't that mean you have very little time to rest?" Shu Hui was somewhat astonished.

With Yuan Zhou's schedule, apart from cooking, it was practicing to cook. There was no room for entertainment or other activities.

"I sleep six hours per day," Yuan Zhou answered, as if that made everything right.

"No wonder you had credited your cooking skills to hard work. You have indeed worked very hard." Shu Hui nodded in admiration.

Then, Shu Hui continued asking many other questions, including asking about Yuan Zhou's girlfriend.

However, Yuan Zhou would always give the same type of answer -- simple and concise, without a single unnecessary word.

With this, Shu Hui gained a thorough understanding of how little Yuan Zhou spoke.

"The following questions are what I gathered from our online friends. You can select some of them to answer," Shu Hui said after reaching the final segment on her script.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"The first question touches somewhat on your privacy. But everyone is really curious, even me," Shu Hui said with a wide smile on her face.

Yuan Zhou stayed silent and looked straight at Shu Hui while waiting for her to ask the question.

"Everyone knows that you have no girlfriend. The internet is very curious as to your requirements when looking for a girlfriend." Shu Hui looked at Yuan Zhou, curiosity filling her face.

Yuan Zhou did not give an immediate answer. He sank into a short silence, his brows started frowning.

Just as Shu Hui thought Yuan Zhou would opt out of answering this question, he answered.

"Sense of security," Yuan Zhou said, his tone powerful and firm.

"Huh?" Shu Hui was somewhat confused.

"What do you mean by a sense of security?" Shu Hui probed.

"The literal meaning of it," Yuan Zhou gave a concise answer.

"I thought the sense of security is supposed to be provided by the man to the woman? Or perhaps, Boss Yuan has a different preference in gender?" Shu Hui muttered to herself, images of Yuan Zhou standing together with some pretty boys appearing in her mind.

"Hiss, so cold." That image gave her goosebumps. She rubbed her hand and suppressed the odd thoughts from surfacing in her mind.

As for Yuan Zhou, he sat there with his usual expression and waited for the next question. He was personally very satisfied with his answer, especially the one he gave regarding his girlfriend preferences.

Yuan Zhou's thought on it was in fact quite good. After all, his working hours were too long and he wouldn't have much time to spare for his girlfriend. Therefore, he needed a girlfriend who could provide herself with a sense of security. That was the only way they could be happy together for the long term.

"I'm really smart," Yuan Zhou silently praised himself.

He had never expected that Shu Hui had reached a completely different conclusion from the answer he gave.

"Boss Yuan, let's move to the next question. Your restaurant is located at a remote location. However, it is still doing very well. Your cooking skills must have played a crucial role in this success. We live in a society where even good wine is afraid of being in the deep alley. May I ask how you have accomplished this feat?" This question was quite long, but it was still very straightforward and simple.

Before Yuan Zhou could answer, Shu Hui continued speaking to avoid getting the same short replies from Yuan Zhou.

"Can you give us a detailed description on how you did it? For instance, your marketing, or other strategies." Shu Hui was hoping that Yuan Zhou could give a more detailed answer.

"Personal charm. My personal charm alone supported the entire restaurant. But it's not easy to reach this level by relying on personal charm alone. I don't suggest anyone to try imitating me," finally, Yuan Zhou gave a somewhat long answer.

Despite the longer answer, Shu Hui couldn't feel any sense of joy. What in the world was personal charm? She had no idea what he's talking about.

"Do you mean those customers are all here for you?" Shu Hui pondered on her question for a bit before asking.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded with a solemn look on his face.

As a self-proclaimed Prince Charming, Yuan Zhou had enough confidence to believe that this was the case.

"You're a funny person." Shu Hui smiled.

"Mhm." Yuan Zhou was slightly stunned. But he eventually nodded his head seriously.

Wow, I am even equipped with humor, one of the traits a Prince Charming must have. I probably do have it, but I didn't know how funny I am, Yuan Zhou thought to himself.

"Ok, this is the end of our interview. Thank you for your cooperation, Boss Yuan," Shu Hui leisurely gathered her stuff and said after standing up.

"You're welcome," Yuan Zhou stood up and replied.

Ta, ta, ta. Shu Hui walked a few steps and stopped at the door.

"Goodbye, Boss Yuan." Shu Hui then walked out the door and waved her hand at Yuan Zhou.

"Be careful on the way back." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

With her back straight, Shu Hui walked out of Taoxi Road road before letting a long breath out.

"Hu. Finally, it's over. I felt like my waist was going to snap soon." Shu Hui raised her hands and checked her own waist.

"Boss Yuan will stand as straight as a pole every single day yet doesn't feel tired. He really is quite a traditional person." Shu Hui turned around, couldn't help but to give the distant restaurant another look.

That's right. The reason she was this tired was because when she saw that Yuan Zhou was seated so upright, she did the same as well. That lasted about half an hour, causing her to feel exhausted.

She had only been sitting that way for half an hour. However, that was something Yuan Zhou did on a daily basis.