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661 No Need For Thanks, Brother.

 "This is prepared by my brother, Sun Ming. He has practiced making it for a long time but feared that you might not like it, so he asked me to carry it to you and not to tell you about that," said Yuan Zhou naturally and earnestly.

"Huh?" Tang Yi couldn't help revealing a look of astonishment.

Once Yuan Zhou said that, other customers in the restaurant all turned to look at Sun Ming.

Nevertheless, Sun Ming just looked at Yuan Zhou with a puzzled look. Of course, his many things were ongoing in his mind at the same time.

"Damn it. Didn't I tell him to help me anonymously? What shall I do now? Do I need to say something? What's her expression like now? Does my goddess dislike it so much that she doesn't want to eat it anymore?" Sun Ming's thoughts popped out one after another like the numerous messages shown on the screen. On the surface, however, he was still stunned with his mouth tightly shut and totally didn't know what to say.

Though Sun Ming felt quite perturbed in the mind, he still let out a sigh of relief. He also wanted Tang Yi to know that the stewed soup was prepared by him. He just didn't have the courage to reveal it.

"That's it." Yuan Zhou patted Sun Ming's shoulder and then continued, "No need for thanks, brother. I never do good deeds for my own interests or fame."

After saying that, he straightforwardly disregarded Sun Ming and turned to leave immediately. As for the look of the people around, he didn't care about that more.

A real man never turns his head to watch the explosion.

"Did Boss Yuan sell out his best friend without hesitation just now?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches to calm down while asking that.

"That seems to be the case," Ling Hong looked at the two people who were lost in silence and said.

"Boss Yuan is so cool! He promised not to sell out his brother, but told others about that the next moment," a customer at the side looked at Yuan Zhou helplessly and then said.

"Exactly. Boss Yuan is really awesome. He directly pierced the window paper," a girl sighed with emotion and said that.

"That's right. Since the window paper has been pierced, what will happen next?" Another customer knitted his brows worriedly.

"Tsk-tsk. Boss Yuan really did a good job. He proved himself to be brilliant by doing that." Ling Hong added then.

"Why do you say so?" Wu Hai was looking at the astounded expression on Sun Ming's face complacently when he suddenly heard Ling Hong say so. Therefore, he asked curiously.

"That girl is so beautiful while Sun Ming is just plain-looking. If he doesn't tell her directly, she will never know about that. It's better to be forward," Ling Hong said earnestly with an expression of "I'm familiar with that kind of tricks."

"Ho Ho. I think he will probably be refused next," Wu Hai said affirmatively.

Wu Hai was a person that often bore grudges. He could still remember that Sun Ming enjoyed many privileges in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"That is not necessarily so," Ling Hong said vaguely.

Then, the customers started to discuss Yuan Zhou's behavior in whispers.

Even Tang Yi looked at the handsome back of Yuan Zhou and couldn't help muttering secretly, "This can actually happen?"

While the customers were discussing the issue heatedly in whispers, the long-haired girl seated in the middle of them felt as if she was sitting on a bed of nails.

She looked left and right and couldn't help but say, "How about we change seats?"

This was actually said to both Sun Ming and Tangyi, whoever it was. She didn't want to be the stuffing in the sandwich anymore.

Moreover, she had nothing to do with this matter.

"No need." Sun Ming shook his head frantically.

"Sure," Tang Yi suddenly regained herself and said to the long-haired girl before she turned her head and looked at Sun Ming.

"Huh?" Immediately, the long-haired girl turned to look at Tang Yi with a surprised expression on her face. Even Sun Ming at the side couldn't help stealing a glance at them.

Contrarily, Tang Yi just smiled naturally and gracefully and didn't anything more.

"Okay." The long-haired girl stood up at once and started to change seats with the bowls and plates in her hand.

"Thank you." After the two of them all got seated, Tang Yi thanked her.

After they were seated closer, Sun Ming became more nervous. He was so nervous that he didn't even know how he should act.

"Thank you for your stewed soup," said Tang Yi composedly.

"No, no, no. You are welcome," Sun Ming answered subconsciously.

"Yeah, he's right. My craftsmanship isn't good, so I didn't dare to tell you. But the stewed soup today is supposed to be good. Really, it isn't bad." Then, he explained hurriedly.

"I've never heard you can cook." While speaking, Tang Yi took up the spoon and scooped a mouthful before putting it inside her mouth.

"No, I learned to cook at the spur of the moment." When Sun Ming found Tang Yi drank a mouthful of the soup, he became so nervous that his voice became very low. He stared at Tang Yi's face earnestly for a while and turned to look at other directions as if nothing were on his mind. In less than a second, however, he turned to look at Tang Yi again.

"It's not bad," After drinking the soup, Tang Yi said smilingly.

"Really? Thank you." Sun Ming couldn't help saying thanks to her.

However, Tang Yi was really amused by that.

"Don't be so courteous. We both studied in one college and worked in the student union and now, we are friends," Tang Yi clarified the relationship between them and said openly

"Yeah, yeah. We are friends," Sun Ming nodded his head smilingly and revealed a contented look.

After all, it was the first time that Tang Yi said explicitly that they were friends. Before, Sun Ming only believed that they were friends.

And friends meant that they were closer than before. Sun Ming naturally couldn't help feeling happy.

"Tsk, what a stupid guy! If I date a girl, I can definitely make it in minutes." Yuan Zhou glimpsed at Sun Ming's performance and instantly grumbled.

At that time, he totally forgot that he hadn't even fallen in love with anyone, let alone picking up girls. Nor did he have experience in the other aspect.

"There's the sour and foul odor of love all around. I'd rather go and cook." After Yuan Zhou said that conclusively, he continued to immerse himself in the world of cooking.

"Master Yuan backed his brother up so well." Master Cheng revealed an expression of admiration.

While everything went well at Sun Ming's side, other customers quit discussing this subject and began to taste the delicacies.

Therefore, the lunchtime today passed in harmony and in happiness again. As for Sun Ming whose mood suddenly went up and down like the roller coaster, he made a gesture of cutting his own throat to Yuan Zhou.

He didn't forget that Yuan Zhou had sold him out just now. If not for the fact that he needed to accompany his goddess, he would have already taken revenge on him.

Though he made progress, this vengeance could never be forgotten.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou directly disregarded him and didn't answer him.

"Boss, we are leaving. See you at night." Mu Xiaoyun and Zhou Jia said goodbye to Yuan Zhou.

"Okay. Be careful." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and saw them off.

After everyone left, Yuan Zhou began to think about the mission. After all, there was still a mission of being "well-known throughout the province" that required him to complete it.

How shall I finish the mission? There isn't even a ranking for fame, Yuan Zhou sat on his own chair and thought carefully.

It's should be faster to accept some large public activities, but I don't see any big activities recently, Yuan Zhou went through the contents of the group chat of the chef union.

That's right. After the two exchange of pointers meetings, Yuan Zhou was invited into this group full of top-level chefs.

Various gatherings among chefs and activities were publicized in this group frequently.

Ever since he was invited inside, however, Yuan Zhou had never spoken anything. He only greeted the group members routinely at the very beginning. And during normal times, he always stayed silent but checked the contents from time to time.

Yuan Zhou was now going through the contents to check if there were any activities in Sichuan Province but in the end, found nothing.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling". The ringtone of his old-fashioned phone sounded as usual and he was reminded that it was a call from the Chengdu Daily.

Yuan Zhou knitted his brows subconsciously but got relieved very soon.

How timely. He thought.